The Amazing Spiderman!

Peter Parker is a student who finds he has developed amazing superpowers after he was bitten by a radioactive spider. He uses his power to fight crime and all kinds of supervillains who want to take over the world. By day he's a reporter for the Daily Bugle, but when there's trouble in the city he pulls on his red and blue suit and swings between the sky-scrapers on sticky threads of webbing with which he also traps bad guys. In these Spiderman games you have to swing and climb through the city and stop crime. Chase the Green Goblin, save Mary Jane, or try to make a Spiderman puzzle in one of these Spidey games.

Spiderman Dead Bike
Build bridges between the platforms so that Spiderman can keep cycling without falling down.
7.5 / 10
Spiderman Puzzle
Click on the red button for a new piece of the puzzle. Piece together this cool Spiderman picture.
7.8 / 10
Spiderman coloring picture
Colour Spiderman in his original colours or give him a completely new look in this Spiderman colouring picture
8.6 / 10
Spiderman City Raid
Play a spiderman ragdoll game. Sling your spiderman ragdoll from one platform to the next. how far can you get
8.9 / 10
Double Wires
Try to get as far as you can by shooting the wires at the right moment and slinging like a ragdoll spiderman
8.6 / 10
The Amazing Spiderman
Collect all the outfits by slinging through the city with the amazing Spiderman.
9.2 / 10
Shackle Man Dark Side
Shackle Man swings from one platform to the next. At least, that's the idea. Don't drop him!
7.6 / 10
Bendy Spidey
Sling from one beam to the next with Spideman. Don't fall down! Can you make it to the end of the level?
9.2 / 10
Rescue Mary Jane
Save spiderman's girlfriend Mary Jane by slinging your webs from roof to roof.
10.0 / 10
Obama Spiderman Puzzle
Can you piece together this picture puzzle of Obama and Spiderman?
9.7 / 10
Spiderman Memory
Play a game of memory with Spiderman. Find the identical pairs of pictures. There are three levels.
6.0 / 10
Swing from webbing to web with Spiderman. He may be tough, but make sure you don't fall!
7.0 / 10
In this spiderman themed slot machine the Spidey icon is the scatter symbol. 3 or more unlock special features
10.0 / 10
Spider Challenge
Can you help the spider escape from the web? It sounds very easy, but it isn't! Give it your best shot.
10.0 / 10
Spider Stickman in Flappy Bird Worl
Swing through the green pipes in this game, but not with the flappy bird. Instead, it's spiderstickman's turn.
10.0 / 10
Spiderman Dark Side
Sling and swing to the other side of the level with your Spiderman ragdoll.
10.0 / 10
Natural Selection
Can you catch the flies in each level and roll them all up in your web? Look carefully to see how!
6.0 / 10