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Sokoban games!

Sokoban is a puzzle in which you must push blocks, boxes or crates through a maze to get them in a certain position. Watch out! You can only push one box at a time, and the boxes can't be pulled, so when you work them toward a corner you have to be very careful not to get stuck. Think carefully, and have fun with these challenging sokoban games!

These are our recommendations: Silversphere, Gold Panic

Funny Quest
Push the keys towards the locks to open them and move on to the next level.
7.4 / 10
SVG Sokoban
This Sokoban game was built with scalable vector graphics. Help the pengiun get the crystals to the dots.
7.6 / 10
Gold Panic
As a gold digger, you should push lumps of gold into your cart. Good luck!
7.7 / 10
Wooden Path
Complete the bridges and connect the banks to explore new bits of land on the map. Try the tutorial first.
9.1 / 10
Sokoban 3
Sokoban with orbs instead of blocks. Push the orbs onto the green area.
5.3 / 10
Push the crates to the right tiles in this sokoban game. It's sokoban with a c.
8.5 / 10
Play sokoban with an insect in this sokoban game. Push the bulbs into the holes.
7.2 / 10
Sokoban 2
Try another fun sokoban game. Here is a Polish version of sokoban. Push the blocks onto the squares marked X.
1.0 / 10
Push all of the diamonds to the right spots, indicated by the squares, in this sokoban game.
7.8 / 10
Develop brain creativity in this brain training game. Shift the ball with the blocks.
9.2 / 10
Puzzle Boy
Solve all kinds of small puzzles in every level of Puzzle Boy to get him to the stairs.
7.3 / 10
Push all of the stones to the X marks in this piramid sokoban game, Pyramics.
4.7 / 10
Isometric Sokoban
A simple sokoban game. Push all of the red squares to the green areas.
8.1 / 10
Galactic Sokoban
Play this sokoban game in space. Solve all of the levels by pushing the objects to the right places.
8.0 / 10
Ply one of the 30 levels in this sokoban game, or design a level of your own!
8.0 / 10
Open Doors
Open the right doors and open them in the right order to reach the X mark in every level.
7.7 / 10
Find your way to the end of the maze in every level of Milo.
8.3 / 10
Need a Hero
Help the hero mouse fly around and save all the trapped mice. Collect the cheese and use the catapult!
9.0 / 10
A simple sokoban game. Help the dragon push all of the boxes onto the right squares.
10.0 / 10
Phantom Mansion 7: Violet Vault
Hector is still underground in the Phantom Mansion, this time it's the violet vault you're exploring.
6.0 / 10
You get to the exit of each level by pushing the blocks and using your dynamite.
5.5 / 10
Phantom Mansion 4: Green Gallery
Enter the doors with Hector and make your way through the different levels of the Green Gallery.
10.0 / 10
Phantom Mansion: Black Sea
Hector is sailing the seven seas in search of treasure. Can you push the boxes and unlock the doors?
6.0 / 10
My House
Make sure all the little crabs can get to their houses. Use the walls and don't fall into the sand.
10.0 / 10
Phantom Mansion 8: Black Sanctum
Hector has finally reached the last room of the Phantom Mansion: The Black Sanctum. Can you find the way out?
6.0 / 10
Master Miner
Grab all the diamonds in the mine, but watch out or a stone might fall on your head while you dig around.
10.0 / 10
Phantom Mansion: Arabian Sea
Hector has escaped the Phantom Mansion. Now it's time for a new, fun puzzle adventure at sea.
6.0 / 10
Phantom Mansion: North Sea
Hector is exploring a cave on an island in the North Sea. Push the crates and open the doors.
6.0 / 10