Cool Buck

Spin the reels and see if you can pull some big bucks out of the Cool Buck slot machine. Will you score the winning combinations? The dollar symbol is wild!

0 / 10
Slots Farm

Choose the win lines you want to bet on and spin the reels of this amazing slot machine game by SlotsFarm. Is today your lucky day and will you win the jackpot prize? Good luck!

8 / 10
Crazy Crocs

Spin the reels and score the winning combinations! The crocodile symbols are the best, because not only do three crocs make a winning combo, the crocodiles are also wild!

0 / 10
Top Deck

Play multiple different games on this extensive slot machine. Pick your lucky games to increase your chances of winning.

8 / 10
The Love Machine

Spin the reels and try to find true love in order to win the big prizes. You can also come across free spins, scatter multipliers, and minigames with lots of big profits!

0 / 10
Runner Unlimited

A classical! The crown symbols make sure you win criss cross as well!

8 / 10
Governor of Poker Blackjack

Can you score 21 and beat the house in the fun card game Governor of Poker Blackjack? Consider the total points your cards amount to and decide whether you want to hit, stand, or split your hand. Do your chances look pretty good? In that case, you might want to double down on your bet and increase your winnings

0 / 10
Crimes Scene

You're at the scene of the crime. Line up the suspicious objects along one of the 15 paylines to hit the jackpot and win big prizes. Spin the five reels and play this awesome slot machine game!

0 / 10
Hiscore slotmachine

Show your slotmachine skills by playing this slot and save your hiscore.

8 / 10
Jackpot Giant Casino

zRegister for free now via and play the best online slots games by Giant Jackpot Casino! A selection amazing slot machine games with great bonuses and secret features! Unlock them all!

2 / 10
Cash Boom

Every spin is a free bonus spin in this great slot machine! Don't miss your chance to hit the big prize, the Cash Boom!

0 / 10
Casino Joker

With Casino Joker you can play the slot machines and roulette in one game!

8 / 10
gold rush

The top game of Gold Rush consists out of a gamble game, super fruit game and a lucky 7 bonus!

6 / 10
Big Top

Try to win the money and reel in the cash with the slot machine game Big Top! Maybe today is your lucky day! Spin the reels and win!

8 / 10
Lotus Slots

Increase your winning chances with the six win lines on this handsomely designed slot machine.

8 / 10

With a three roll basic and a four reel top game, Supertron find a balance between the most popular slot machine systems!

8 / 10
Club Gold

Everybody dreams of hitting the jackpot every now and then. Maybe this slot machine will see your winning streak! Give it a try!

8 / 10
Step Timer

Can't get enough of slot machines? Try your hand at Step Timer!

8 / 10
Steptimer Jackpot F4R

Use five or more credits per spin and play up to five winlines. You can also up the credits and play with three extra nudges. Score up to 400 points per spin!

8 / 10

Three Fire symbols criss cross give a mystery bonus in this hot gamble machine - Inferno.

8.2 / 10

Do you like slot machines?

You might have seen slot machines and fruit machines in the local snack bar or pub, or know them from the movies set in Las Vegas and Atlantic City (where slot machines are also known as one-armed bandits). Normally slot machines have a number of reels with symbols depicted on them such as cherries, the number 7, or the word "BAR". Fruit machines are another type of slot machine with only fruit depicted on the reels. In an ordinary slot machine you can insert coins for points or credits which allow you to play. Pull the lever or press the buttons to make the reels spin and stop. You win if you manage to get three identical symbols to line up next to one another along the payline. All slot machines and fruit machines feature a payout overview where you can see how much you win for every different row of three identical symbols lined up. Some machines also have a doubling bonus, in which case you will see a coin and must click at the right moment to get heads or tails.

There are many different variations on the classic slot machines

These days players can choose from a wide offer of slot machines and fruit machines. With this broad variety of available games you can choose to play for free or you can deposit money by credit card, but we advise taking part in these games with free playmoney. Online slot machines are extremely popular because they often provide far more extensive games than offline slot machines do. Many online slot machines feature extensive options for multiple paylines so that you can choose on how many lines to play. This way, even if your symbols form a diagonal rather than a line, you still win points! The sound quality and special effects are also a lot better in online slot machines than for many of the offline ones. Moreover, the top games in online slotmachines are often far more expansive and may be linked to a progressive jackpot!

100% safe

When you do choose to play with real money it's improtant to know you are doing so via trustworthy game providers. At we only place slot machines in our overviews from providers who are 100% worthy of your trust. Should a problem arise with a games provider despite of the precautions we have taken, please check the FAQ or help pages of the game providers where you will often find instructions on how you can still access and use your credits. If the problem persists, please contact us. We wish you the best of luck and lots of gaming fun!

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