Want to develop some extra skills?

Or are you just eager to show yours off? Play games where you need to rely on your speed and skills to stay on top of the game, like bubbles, bubble shooter, or marble line games. Do you want to learn how to run a company, store, or hotel? Try our service games and learn the ins and outs of the trade. Or would you rather practice your steady hand and specialize your skills in the various surgery games we've collected for you? Whether you want to test your memory, improve your reaction speed, or just learn how to park a car, what you'll need is skill, and you'll improve it with these games!

We like these games:Knife Hit, Space Frontier Online, Fall Ball,, Brick Breaker: The Ultimate Challenge,,, Chilly Snow Ball, Tunnel Rush, Golden Acres

Space Tunnel
Speed through a dangerous tunnel full of traps in Space Tunnel, a high-speed 3D reaction game. Avoid smashing into the barriers by steering your ship through the openings. Grab the coins and swerve quickly to keep your ship from crashing. The game keeps picking up pace. How many barriers will you be able to clear?
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Doctor Acorn 2
Doctor Acorn 2 just never gives up. He’s lost his headlamp again, this time courtesy of a sneezing fox. Help him roll his way through multiple platforms (he’s an acorn so, you know, he has no legs) as he searches for his headlamp and tries to evade the bird who won’t let him pass.
0 / 10
Robbers in Town
Help your two robbers escape the police by running across the rooftops in Robbers in Town. The flat rooftops are littered with crates and other obstacles. Make sure both thieves clear each jump to make it to the finish. Grab the bags of money you come across along the way.
0 / 10
Temple Dash
Temple Dash is an adrenaline-packed ride as you try to help this treasure hunter in his headlong rush toward the exit and safety. Help him navigate the twists and turns of the temple path, jump gaps and other obstacles and dodge boulders barreling down on him. Can you help your treasure hunter make it out alive?
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Air Wolves
Fly up and down to scattering a spray of bullets and dodge enemy fire in Air Wolves. Duck under the other planes and fly over the bullets fired by your foes. Make sure you don't get hit, because even a single bullet may prove fatal to your aircraft!
0 / 10
Royal Rush
In Royal Rush, you've made a right mess of the kingdom, and now the hungry peasants are furious. They're at your castle gates with dogs and pitchforks, so hop onto your one remaining sheep and dash through the fields to escape the mob. Jump over the obstacles and collect coins along the way. Buy handy boosters to stay ahead of the bloodthirsty crowd!
0 / 10
Fruit Slicer
Slice and dice the fruit in the fun reaction game Fruit Slicer. The fruit is flying through the screen. Chop by swiping with your mouse or finger and slice all the pieces of fruit in half. Watch out for the bombs! You'll lose lots of points if you hit any explosives!
0 / 10
Arkanoid For Painters
Arkanoid For Painters is a devilishly challenging and very creative take on the Arkanoid arcade game. This time there's no paddle to move around: you’re drawing the paddle whenever you need one to bounce back the ball. Draw a line under the ball to launch it toward the colourful blocks. Try to draw the line to create a perfect path that lets the ball bounce against the blocks multiple times and stay in play.
0 / 10
The Galactic Maze
Swerve from left to right and zip through the openings in The Galactic Maze. You have to keep dodging the walls to prevent your spaceship from crashing. Sometimes it's better to fly directly toward the next tunnel, but sometimes sliding off-screen on one end and emerging from the other is the fastest way.
0 / 10
Cube Dash
Cube Dash is a fun and challenging obstacle course in which you must move your cube safely to the exit past a series of spikes and other hazards. Jump to avoid spikes, duck to dodge buzz saws and weave your way through a load of other obstacles as you try to make it to the exit and unlock new levels.
0 / 10
Plane Go
Loop around the plains and collect the stars and coins in Plane Go. Watch out, because there are large rocks and hills blocking your path. Can you dodge them with your plane and open the portal to the next level? Good luck!
0 / 10
Beer Rush
Beer Rush is a fast-paced fun way to see how you’d fare as a real bartender. Your job is to serve beers to every customer who comes down the bar, then collect the empties. If you fail to serve a customer or collect an empty mug before they reach the end of the bar, it’s game over.
0 / 10
The Floor is
Play The Floor is, a nice .io game for free!
0 / 10
Zombie Shooter Online
Zombie Shooter Online is a funny shooter game in which you have to blast away all the zombies with your bullets. Let your bullets ricochet off the walls, beams, and planks. You can also crush the zombies by dropping beams, cannonballs, and crates on them!
0 / 10
Christmas Challenge
Father Christmas has to deliver presents to all the kids in the big house in the game Christmas Challenge. Wait for the children to appear at the windows and throw a present at them. Make sure you don't lob your carefully wrapped packages against any of the closed windows. You might break something!
0 / 10
Angry Checkers
Angry Checkers. The name says it all. Throw one of your checkers at the opponent’s pieces, trying to knock as many of them off the board with one shot as possible. Whoever has pieces left on the board at the end wins. There are three modes to choose from – Single Player, Multiplayer or Hot Seat.
0 / 10
Save The Planet
Save The Earth pits you against a mighty asteroid field as the Earth revolves around the Sun. Prevent the asteroids from hitting Earth as it rotates. You get three lives. If you lose them all, the dinosaurs will be wiped out and it’s game over. How long can you last?
0 / 10
Fidget Spinner Online
Play the new Fidget Spinner Online game by Ketchapp! A game in which you have to tap the fidget spinner at the right moment to keep it going and win coins to unlock spinners in all kinds of cool new shapes!
10 / 10
Berry Jump
Play Berry Jump, a nice Skill game for free!
0 / 10
Warrior Jump Toad Mix
Jump from one column to the next in Warrior Jump Toad Mix. Try to set the right angle and power for your jumps, otherwise you'll miss your target and your toad warrior will fall to his death!
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