Want to develop some extra skills?

Or are you just eager to show yours off? Play games where you need to rely on your speed and skills to stay on top of the game, like bubbles, bubble shooter, or marble line games. Do you want to learn how to run a company, store, or hotel? Try our service games and learn the ins and outs of the trade. Or would you rather practice your steady hand and specialize your skills in the various surgery games we've collected for you? Whether you want to test your memory, improve your reaction speed, or just learn how to park a car, what you'll need is skill, and you'll improve it with these games!

We like these games:Knife Hit, Space Frontier Online, Fall Ball,,, Brick Breaker: The Ultimate Challenge,, Magic Piano Tiles, Chilly Snow Ball, Tunnel Rush

Flappy Shooter
Flappy Shooter is part flappy bird game, part block shooter. Fire at blocks coming at you sideways while at the same time keeping your canon flying. Each block has a number that tells you how many shots it will take to destroy it. Aim to block up at least one so you can pass through the gap it leaves behind.
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Nut Rush 1
Play Nut Rush 1 for free!
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Tiny Town
Build a town hall, factories, shops, and power plants in the fun game Tiny Town. Your goal is to turn your small village into a big city. You'll have to offer good jobs and services to continue attracting new inhabitants.
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Car Crossing
There's a dangerous crossing in town where accidents keep happening. In Car Crossing, you've been assigned the task of directing traffic past this dangerous intersection. Each time multiple cars approach the crossing, you can tap one or more cars to speed them up. Pick the right ones though, otherwise you'll just cause more collisions!
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Jetpack Rusher
Jetpack Rusher is a fast-paced and challenging game in which you must use a jetpack to propel you through an obstacle course, dodging missiles, lasers, and other hazards. Collect hearts and shields to help protect your character, and try for the engineering box especially and the extra help inside!
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The Impossible Dashnew
Cross through the dangers in The Impossible Dash. Speed past all the spikes on the dangerous obstacle course with your block. Some spikes will stay stationary, but others will move suddenly. Keep an eye out for the different types of spikes and act accordingly. Dash to the other side, or stay put. Can you make it to the finish?
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Block Up!
Slide the block left and right to match the colors and clear the line in the reaction game Block Up! Watch out, because the block will change colors every couple of seconds. Can you adapt accordingly and keep the blocks from dropping all the way down to the bottom of the screen?
0 / 10
Rolling Panda
In the reaction game Rolling Panda, you have to jump when the swiveling arrow is pointing at the next bamboo shoot. Leap from side to side with your panda, but don't miss the next branch or you'll fall all the way down!
0 / 10
Stick Running
Run across the platforms with your stickman in Stick Running and jump over the gaps. Avoid hitting any of the blocks as well. The game will become increasingly difficult, with tilting platforms and deadly missiles heading your way!
10 / 10
Tap Touch Run
React quickly and help the fox get through the maze in the free game Tap Touch Run!
0 / 10
BrickOut Online
Break all the bricks to clear the levels of BrickOut Online, a great arkanoid game with lego blocks. Bounce the ball between the walls and the blocks to cause as much damage as you can. You'll have to hit some blocks twice or more to break them!
0 / 10
Brick Out HD
Play Brick Out HD for the classic arkanoid experience! Hit the ball the right way and break every brick to get to the next level. Grab as many bonus items as you can to speed up the destruction or add to your points. Start with 2 minutes and 3 tries, and see how far you and your paddle can go!
0 / 10
Geometry Neon Dash Subzero
Keep your cool and dodge all the spikes and buzz saws in the challenging reaction game Geometry Neon Dash Subzero. Collect the glowing white orbs to unlock various other blocks to play with.
0 / 10
Find the Candy: Kids
Play Find the Candy: Kids, a nice Skill game for free!
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Neon Dunk
Bounce the ball left or right by tapping the left or right side of the screen. You have to bounce the basketball through the hoops in Neon Dunk. If you miss or if the ball gets punctured, you lose the round.
0 / 10
Slither Birds
Fly around with your freaky Angry Bird-Snake in the .io multiplayer game Slither Birds. Force your opponents to bump into your body. This will pop them and turn them into delicious eggs to gobble up. The longest snake takes the lead spot on the scoreboard!
0 / 10
Thrill Rush 3
Thrill Rush 3 is back again! This time with another crazy roller coaster that's falling apart while you ride it. Will you be able to survive? Dodge the falling obstacles and don't get knocked out of your roller coaster cart!
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Go Robots 2
Play Go Robots 2, a nice Skill game for free!
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Soccer Skills Runner
Soccer Skills Runner is a fast and furious running and jumping game! Duck and dodge the obstacles as you log meters on the field. Collect as many coins as possible.
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Color Pin
Play Color Pin, a nice Skill game for free!
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