Want to develop some extra skills?

Or are you just eager to show yours off? Play games where you need to rely on your speed and skills to stay on top of the game, like bubbles, bubble shooter, or marble line games. Do you want to learn how to run a company, store, or hotel? Try our service games and learn the ins and outs of the trade. Or would you rather practice your steady hand and specialize your skills in the various surgery games we've collected for you? Whether you want to test your memory, improve your reaction speed, or just learn how to park a car, what you'll need is skill, and you'll improve it with these games!

We like these games:Knife Hit, Pizza Cafe, Space Frontier Online,, Fall Ball, Golden Acres,, Chilly Snow Ball, Moving Up, Wothan the Barbarian

Blosics 2 Level Pack
Aim and shoot and try to hit all of the blocks. Can you get the star and enough points to buy some good upgrades? You can buy bigger and better bullets, for instance.
8 / 10
Bloons 2 Christmas Pack
Aim and shoot all the balloons in this X-mas edition of Bloons. Help the monkey through the darts and pop all the balloons. Grab the extra darts to complete the levels.
8 / 10
Imperfect Balance
The blocks are balanced and symmetrical. You have to bring them out of balance and make them all fall from the platform by stacking them in a way that will make them tumble down.
8 / 10
Shoot enough of the green blocks to get a score of 100 points or more. This will allow you to go on to the next level. Aim well and choose the size of your projectile by holding down the mouse button.
8 / 10
Ragdoll Catapult
Drop the ball to launch the ragdoll with the catapult and send it flying through the level. Can you aim so that the ragdoll lands in exactly the right place?
8 / 10
Crash Christmas
Accompany Santa on his nightly trip to deliver the Christmas presents. Throw the presents into the houses, but watch out for obstacles and hostile pets.
0 / 10
Fairy Island 2
More and more coloured blocks keep falling down. Keep them from reaching the top by clicking away combinations of three or more blocks of the same colour.
0 / 10
Find a Way
Can you lay the road to create a path from one side of the level to the other? Get around the obstacles and complete the road before the car comes.
8 / 10
Crazy Squirrel
Run around with the squirrel to catch all the nuts falling out of the trees. You need to collect enough nuts to get through the winter. Can you get them all?
0 / 10
Puru Puru 2
Can you get the creatures to the landing area? In this version of Puru Puru you can click away the blocks like before, but you can also draw lines to roll down!
0 / 10
X-Mas Stars
Collect as many stars as you can in every level. Shoot accurately and keep an eye on the status bar to keep it filled up.
0 / 10
The Last Winged Unicorn
Run and jump as far as you can with the last unicorn. Jump at the right moment to prevent the unicorn from falling. Take good care of it, it's the last one!
8 / 10
Boo Doo Spidrix
Try to make all the creatures disappear by letting the water droplets fall in the right place. Can you get rid of all of them?
0 / 10
Chef Training
Train to become a good chef and improve your cooking skills in this game. You can learn to cook by following the instructions on how to prepare the food.
8.2 / 10
Orc Slayer
Try to get as far as you can in this game filled with obstacles. You'll have to run and jump over them as well as you can manage. How far will you get?
0 / 10
Crazy Plates
Catch all of the presents. In order to catch them you'll need to spin all of the plates on the sticks. How many presents will you manage to collect?
0 / 10
Asterisk 2
Pull in all the seastars by pressing the coloured shapes to exapnd the contours. Everything within them will get sucked in. But make sure you don't hit the shells!
0 / 10
Bomber Chomp
Choose a bomb and use it to jump as high as you can. You can keep going higher and higher by hitting other bombs on the way and making them explode. How high can you get?
0 / 10
Romantic Stories
Rotate the pieces and put them in the right place to complete the puzzles and play your way through all of the levels of this romantic story.
0 / 10
Baby Chameleon
In this game you're a baby chameleon. Try to lap up insects with your long tongue. Catch the insects and eat them, but don't let them crawl and fly about and get to close to you!
0 / 10