Want to develop some extra skills?

Or are you just eager to show yours off? Play games where you need to rely on your speed and skills to stay on top of the game, like bubbles, bubble shooter, or marble line games. Do you want to learn how to run a company, store, or hotel? Try our service games and learn the ins and outs of the trade. Or would you rather practice your steady hand and specialize your skills in the various surgery games we've collected for you? Whether you want to test your memory, improve your reaction speed, or just learn how to park a car, what you'll need is skill, and you'll improve it with these games!

We like these games:Farmington, Knife Hit, Pizza Cafe, Don't Miss! Online, Pinball Breakout, Golden Acres,, Space Frontier Online, Hanger Online, Flappy Dunk

Geo Dash 2
Geo Dash 2 is an awesome platform game that sends a little block on a big adventure. Help him negotiate a hazard-filled world, jumping, ducking and dodging his way past spikes and other obstacles. Complete each level to unlock new worlds. Collect power-ups along the way to unlock new abilities for your block.
0 / 10
Knight Jump
Maybe there's a princess trapped at the top of the tower, or maybe there's a treasure chest hidden up there. Either way, in Knight Jump, you need to climb up there - even though the tower is on fire! Leap from platform to platform and avoid the fires. How far can you get?
0 / 10
Missiles Master
In the free game Missiles Master, you have to dodge the missiles locked onto your plane. They keep circling back, so you will have to come up with a strategy to blow them up. Hurry, because you're being targeted by multiple missiles!
0 / 10
Sliding Bricks
Tap the right bricks to match the colors and eliminate each line in the reaction game Sliding Bricks. If you thought that was tricky enough, just you wait! The block will randomly change color once in a while. Stay focused and adapt quickly!
0 / 10
Play Wire, a nice Skill game for free!
0 / 10 is a fun multiplayer eating competition! Your main goal is to eat everything in sight, including hammers and keys that will become useful later. But be careful, don’t get “jammed” or eaten by other players!
10 / 10
Snowball Fast
Fling the snowballs at the floating snowman crossing your path. The more you hit, the longer you can play for!
0 / 10
Jelly Escape Online
Jelly Escape Online is a fast and fun skill game! Get the little jelly cube through all of the levels while collecting as many stars as you can. But if you hit one of those spikes, you have to start all over again!
0 / 10
Flappy Color Birds
Flappy Color Birds lets you test your reflexes as you try to guide a bird through the right section of a barrier made up of bright colors. Once you get your bird through, be ready, because he changes color instantly and there are new bars just ahead.
0 / 10
Steven Universe: Goat Guardian
Steven Universe: Goat Guardian is a fun journey through the mountains! Help Steven rescue his pet goat, Steven Jr., from the temple and collect crystal gems as you go.
0 / 10
Jump to the Core
Can you make it all the way down to the center of the earth in Jump to the Core? Drop down the platforms and try to jump on the monsters. Watch out that you don't get hit by the subterranean creatures, buzz saws, and falling boulders!
0 / 10
Bouncing Hell
Stay out of the flames in Bouncing Hell, a fun jumping game. Jump up from one platform to the next fast enough to escape the hellfire! The falling anvils will knock you down, so be careful!
0 / 10
Stay within the limits of the screen as long as you can in het fun multiplayer game! Can you complete the game’s objective and be the last player left? You can even design your own levels, and test other players’ designs!
0 / 10
Dino Jump
Jump from one platform to the next in the cute jumping game Dino Jump. Make your little red dinosaur hop one or two paces ahead, but make sure you don't fall into the water. Try to get as far as possible before you run out of time!
0 / 10
Castle Dash
Castle Dash is a fun run and dodge game in which you have to make it to the top of a dangerous castle full of deadly obstacles. Can you jump past all the flying axes and dodge the dragons and their fiery breath? Good luck!
0 / 10
Space Jumper
In the jump up game Space Jumper, you’re a brave astronaut who jumps among the stars! You have to keep jumping, because space is too big to linger on any particular piece of rock. Laugh in the face of gravity and stare down alien dangers while you bounce through the galaxy without ever looking down (seriously, don’t look down!). Grab the blue crystals, rack up a decent score, and see how far you can go!
0 / 10
Balloon Crazy Adventure
Soar through the sky with your hot air balloon and touch all the stars to collect them in Balloon Crazy Adventure. You can propel the balloon through the level by using the fan. Can you steer the balloon safely past all the spiky obstacles?
0 / 10
The Galactic Maze
Swerve from left to right and zip through the openings in The Galactic Maze. You have to keep dodging the walls to prevent your spaceship from crashing. Sometimes it's better to fly directly toward the next tunnel, but sometimes sliding off-screen on one end and emerging from the other is the fastest way.
0 / 10
Color Stars
Fly around the planets with your star and change color to match the other stars in orbit. In the fun reaction game Color Stars, you can only pass the other stars if the colors match, otherwise the stars will explode when they touch. Complete the orbit and unlock new planets. Can you collect the full planetary gallery? In your gallery, you can find out more about each new planet you collect.
0 / 10
Tap Tap Parking
In the parking game Tap Tap Parking, you have to stop the cars at the right moment. Hit the brakes and make the cars skid to a halt inside the green parking space. The cars are driving way too fast, so you'll have to stop them quickly!
0 / 10