Balloon Park
Connect the lines to fill up the balloons with gas. Once a balloon is connected it will fill up and fly away, leaving room for new connections.
8 / 10
Spin Mania
Play away the falling blocks in this tetris pipeworks game by using them to create a pipeline. When all ends are closed off those blocks will disappear.
8 / 10
Loop Way
Lead your creatures through the maze using the arrows and the teleporters. Grab all the other items on the way for bonus points. Watch out for the bad guys.
0 / 10
Lay out all of the right segments of the waterpipes so that the water flows into the drain. Make sure there are no other open endings, or the water will flow out at the wrong end.
8 / 10
The Plumber
The plumbing in this house is a total mess. You have to rearrnage all the pipes by rotating them so that when you open the tap it will flow in the right direction.
8 / 10
Insect Walk
Look at what each of your ants is carrying and send them to the right storage space. To direct the ant you have to rotate the arrow at the intersection to send them the right way.
8 / 10
Pipe Pang
Rotate the pipes to lead the water to the dog so that it can drink something. Once you've arranged all the pipes as you want them turn the tap open to get the water to flow.
8 / 10
Pirate Treasure
In this German beach game you have to help the pirate find the right way to the treasure. Collect the key to open the gate and use your henchmen to help you clear the way when necessary.
8 / 10
In this game you have to knock away the blocks under Daruma, but make sure Daruma isn't whacked out to the field, or doesn't topple over onto his side, otherwise you'll have to start over.
8 / 10
Finish the level by playing away all the pink dots by hitting them. You can constantly change the direction of the ball you fire to hit them all.
8 / 10
In this game you have to make combinations of five balls of similar colour. You can move a ball all through the field, as long as there is a path to roll that way. For every ball you move three new ones appear.
0 / 10
Short Path
Find the short path to your buddy in every one of the 100 levels in this game. Are you up for the challenges of Short Path? Find the shortest path but mind the obstacles.
8 / 10
Toon Shift
In this game you must arrange all the arrows to lead the aliens the right way. Make sure they don't go in the wrong direction or fall in Toon Shift.
8 / 10
Connect the pipelines and make the longes loop possible right across the field for the highest score. You must complete a number of connections to move on to the next level.
8 / 10
Hamster Race 2
Build a tunnel for Harry the hamster to get him to the other side of the room, to the box marked with a house. Make sure the cat doesn't get him!
8 / 10
Knut has lost the way to his beachchair. Place the arrows in the field to direct him and help him find his way back past all of the obstacles in the field. Click and drag the arrows into the field and click on GO when you are done.
0 / 10
Confuse Box
In this game you must solve the puzzle by connecting all the wires so that every bulb is lit. The power source is the lightning icon, the yellow wires are powered.
8 / 10
Pipol Lemmings
Dig a path so that the Pipols can find the way home safely. This is a simple and easy to finish variation of lemmings.
8 / 10
Bomb Chain
In this game you must place extra bombs in the field and then choose which one to detonate to create a chain reaction of explosions which will blow up every explosive in the field.
8 / 10
Red Bugs Puzzle
Clear the path of obstacles so that your little creature can get from the starting point to the little orange flag. Remove the obstacles in it's way.
6.7 / 10

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