Kid Bunny

Your character is a kid in a bunny suit. At first collecting all the stars and cakes will be easy. But later on you have to deal with more difficult jumps and marshmallow monsters...

6 / 10
Joutes Navales

Shoot your opponent's boat and make it sink. You have to do this while trying not to get hit yourself. Dodge enemy fire and aim carefully.

2 / 10
Jewel Lines

Make enough lines with the marbles before the field fills up and you can make no more moves. You have to work quickly and think carefully, because for every move you make 3 new marbles appear.

8 / 10
I Love Traffic 2

Stop accidents from happening in the city by regulating the traffic lights. Make them go red or green to stop or move the cars. Can you keep traffic running smoothly?

8.7 / 10
Hulk Puzzle

Can you piece together this puzzle of these two super heroes, Wolverine form the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk? The Hulk is angry. Piece together the puzzle as fast as you can!

8 / 10
Hotel Haggling

Buy and sell the buildings at a profit so that you can buy the biggest house for yourself. It sounds easy, but it's not. You'll have to be fast and look carefully.

8 / 10

Help Drull collect all of the eyes. Move him about by clicking on the flowers and make it to the next level.

8 / 10
Donjon Bomber 3

Choose one of many cute and silly characters to play in this bomberman variation. Place the bombs to clear a path and blow up your enemies. You can play alone or together with a friend.

8 / 10
Crazy Go Nuts

Fire the chipmunks at the nuts. With every shot you have to try and gather as many as possible. You have an unlimited number of shots, but the more one chipmunk collects, the more points you score.

8 / 10
Circle Master

Use your mouse to draw circles. These turn into black holes, sucking your little astonaut towards them. Click them away on time and use them to pull him in the right direction.

2 / 10
Chute Academy

Jump out of the plane with all your little men and help them land safely on the ground. How exactly to do that is what you will have to figure out in this game.

8 / 10
Cake Quest

Grab all of the cakes and put on some weight. You'll run it off soon enough in getting to the end of the level. Use the space bar in combination with the arrow keys for a cake-powered super-dash.

8 / 10
Bomber Blastic

In this game you have to create a chain reaction of explosions which destroy all of the bombs. Light the right one to cause a complete chain reaction.

8 / 10
A Windy Day

Make sure the wind is blowing in the right direction. You can change the direction of the wind every time. Make sure the plane hits the balloons.

8 / 10

In this game you have to move around the falling blocks so that at least three of the same ones touch. You have to keep at it, because blocks keep falling down and soon there'll be too many!

8 / 10

Can you make the most delicious sandwich ever created? Use the ingredients and pile them onto each other in the right order. Can you do it?

8 / 10
Quest in the Dark

Search for the objects and find clues. Collect objects by walking around and talking to different people standing around the place.

8 / 10
Red Shadow

You're the little red guy and you have to grab the gold and make your way towards the exit without being seen. You have to watch out for the blue guys and their torches.

0 / 10
Find the Objects in Lab

Find the objects hidden in the lab. Look around and only click on the objects you need, otherwise you will lose points!

6 / 10
Super Ant

In this game you are an ant and you own a restuarant for insects. Make sure all your creepy crawly customers get the food they ordered on time.

7.3 / 10

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