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Or are you just eager to show yours off? Play games where you need to rely on your speed and skills to stay on top of the game, like bubbles, bubble shooter, or marble line games. Do you want to learn how to run a company, store, or hotel? Try our service games and learn the ins and outs of the trade. Or would you rather practice your steady hand and specialize your skills in the various surgery games we've collected for you? Whether you want to test your memory, improve your reaction speed, or just learn how to park a car, what you'll need is skill, and you'll improve it with these games!

We like these games:Knife Hit, Space Frontier Online,,, Tunnel Rush, Chilly Snow Ball, Golden Acres, Flappy Dunk, Pizza Cafe, Wothan the Barbarian

Barbie Puzzle 12
Here is another challenging Barbie jigsaw puzzle. Can you complete this picture of Barbie by putting the pieces back in the right places.
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 9
Here is another fun Barbie puzzle for you to solve! Can you put all the pieces back into the right place and complete the Barbie picture?
2 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 10
Complete this picture of Barbie by putting the pieces in the right place. Can you find where all the pieces go? Have fun!
0 / 10
Jake and Neytiri
Pay attention to who's watching, and when nobody is looking you can make Jake and Neytiri from Avatar kiss. Make sure nobody sees them, because otherwise they'll be in trouble!
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 7
Can you put all of the pieces of this Barbie puzzle back in the right place to complete the picture? Move the pieces around and find out where they go.
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 8
Complete this Barbie puzzle and put all the pieces back into their place to make the picture whole again. Can you figure out where the pieces go?
8 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 5
Piece together this colourful picture of Barbie. Can you complete the picture and put all the pieces back in the right place? It's lots of fun!
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 6
Can you piece together this fun Barbie puzzle? In this picture Barbie is making some music. Can you complete the picture by putting the pieces back in the right place?
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 4
Here is another fun picture puzzle of Barbie for you to complete. Can you put all the pieces in the right place? Have fun with Barbie!
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 2
Are you good at piecing together jigsaw puzzles? Put the pieces in the right spot and complete this puzzle with Barbie. Can you do it?
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 3
Are you good at solving jigsaw puzzles? Then try this puzzle with Barbie. Can you put all the pieces of the puzzle in the right places and complete the picture?
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 1
Make this puzzle with Barbie. Can you find the right place to put each piece of this puzzle and complete the picture? Try this fun Barbie puzzle!
0 / 10
LA Traffic Mayhem
Make sure all the cars can drive along and the traffic runs smoothly in Los Angeles. You control the traffic lights. Make them red or green at the right moment so that there are no accidents.
8 / 10
Gravity Sling
Sling from orb to orb in this game and try to make it all the way to the top of the level. Allow yourself to be flung to the highest point.
0 / 10
Help the Jolls heads rolls around the level and pick up their own babies. Match the coloured adult Jolls to the baby Jolls and pick up all the babies with the right parents.
8 / 10
Too Match Two
Match up two identical tiles in the grid. This may seem easy, but only vertical matches count. Horizontal matches won't do anything. Can you clear all the special tiles to make them grey?
0 / 10
In this game you have to help the little creature eat all the bits of fruit as fast as possible. Every background is always the fruit you are eating. Have fun!
0 / 10
Fly Catcher
Jump at the flies with the frog to grab and eat them. Try to get all of the flies before the time is up. Get as many as you can to make it to the next level.
0 / 10
Fire Work Out
Try to make all of the fireworks explode. Click on them and make them blast in the sky faster and faster because more fireworks are on the way!
8 / 10
Flipped Out
Try to find the two matching cards each time. Wait until you've seen the cards and then act as fast as you can. You will only get to see the cards briefly. Good luck!
0 / 10