Cupid Bubbles

Shoot all the bubbles with Cupid before they reach the bottom. You can pop the bubbles by making combinations of three or more of the same colour.

0 / 10
Cupid's Quest for Wings

Help Cupid find his wings back. Jump from cloud to cloud to bounce higher. Collect the golden winged hearts and the red hearts, but watch out for the grey and broken ones!

8 / 10
Cure My Baby Animals

Can you take good care of the sick baby animals and cure them all? Use the right medication and pick the right instruments to use.

8 / 10
Cursor Attack 2

Hit all of the gray spheres with your cursor in this game. Watch out for the other objects. You will have to find out if you can touch or shoot them.

0 / 10
Cursor Attack 3

Shoot the orbs and collect the green pips. You can also shoot some of the other items in the field, but watch out what you shoot, because not every item has desirable effects when hit.

8 / 10
Cursor Chaos

Can you finish all of these cute and well-designed microgames? You'll have to be pretty fast, especially beyond the easy levels.

8 / 10
Cursor Run

In this game you must be faster than your PC. Can you get your cursor into the circle before the computer can do the same? Test your reaction speed!

8 / 10
Curve Ball

Try to stop the ball and get it past your opponent in this game. Use the mouse, or use the webcam. Move around to block the ball and bounce it back to score. Use your hands. Wave them around in front of the camera to play.

6.7 / 10
Cut and Shine

Try to cut through the wood and the cables in the right order to get the sun to the other side of the level. Can you figure out what to cut?

8 / 10
Cut the Rope 2

In this funny game you have to feed all the pieces of candy to the little green monster. Can you cut the ropes in the right order to make the candy roll in the right direction? Try to complete all the different level objectives!

8.7 / 10
Cute Bear Salon

In this game you get to dress up the cute little bear in your salon. Can you come up with a fun look for this cuddly bear?

4 / 10
Cute Care Kitten

Can you help take care of this cute but naughty kitten? Wash the cat and brush her fur to make her pretty again. You can also play games together.

8 / 10
Cute Care Puppy

This cute puppy got a bit dirty. Can you take good care of him? Wash the puppy, dry him off again and comb his pretty fur.

8 / 10
Cute Creatures in a Perfect Maze

Help the cute creatures that are stuck in the maze find their way out. Make sure you do it before your time runs out though!

8 / 10
Cute Giraffe Care

Take good care of this cute giraffe. Wash and shampoo the giraffe. Rinse off all the bubbles and dry his fur. Them brush it to make the giraffe's fur shiny and smooth.

0 / 10
Cute Hairdo

Give this girl a cute hairdo. You can wash and cut her hair. Blow dry it or dye it a different colour. Do you think curls will look good? Why not try it out?

8 / 10
Cute Kitty Pet Care

Cats don't like being bathed, but this cat has gotten itself pretty dirty. Grab the items you need without bumping into anything. Then you can start kitty's bath time.

8 / 10
Cute Owl

Make sure you wake up the sleeping owl in every level. Try to hit the gong to wake up the owl and complete the level. How far will you be able to get?

0 / 10
Cute Poodle Puppy

Take good care of this cute poodle puppy. Make this happy dog even happier by washing, brushing and feeding him, and having fun playing together.

8 / 10
Cute Puzzle Witch

Play away all the blocks by clicking on combinations of three or more of the same ones. New blocks keep appearing. Can you keep up with the increasingly quick pace? Use the power-ups and stop the blocks from stacking too high!

0 / 10

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