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Barbie Baby Animal Rescue
Help Barbie take care of some baby animals. Pick an animal and Barbie will try to take care of it. But she will need your help. Can you help Barbie nurse the animals back to health.
8.2 / 10
Barbie Bike
Ride the bike with the girl. It's a Barbie bike. Roll over the rainbows to jump over obstacles, and dodge the stones and the puddles of water along the path.
0 / 10
Barbie Butterfly Catcher
Try to help Fairy Barbie catch all the little fairies. If you catch enough little fairies your dress will transform into a beautiful fairy princess dress! Don't catch the insects though, only catch the fairies.
8 / 10
Barbie Fairy Tale Bride
Choose all kinds of beautiful dresses an accessories to try on. Dress Barbie up like a gorgeous fairy tale bride. Which gowns and hats and shoes do you think look best?
0 / 10
Barbie Farm Day
In this game Barbie is working on a farm. Can you help her complete all her tasks. Sow, grow and pick the corn. Feed the goat and collect the goat's milk.
8 / 10
Barbie Fashion Makeover
Can you dress Barbie up? She's participating in a fashion show! Choose between all kinds of glamorous dresses and luxurious accessories.
8 / 10
Barbie Flu Doctor
Barbie's come down with the flu and it's pretty bad! She's gone to the hospital just to be on the safe side. Can you make her all better again?
8 / 10
Barbie Haircut Creator
Can you come up with an original new hairstyle for Barbie? You can experiment with short hair, wear it long, or try some hair dye in exciting colours. Do whatever you like in this Barbie game.
0 / 10
Barbie Halloween Dress Up
Can you help Barbie make her own Halloween costume? Choose the fabric and cut the pattern. Take Barbie's measurements and sew together the pieces of her outfit.
0 / 10
Barbie Jetset Style
Barbie does a lot of travelling and has a bit of a jet-setting lifestyle. Can you try on all kinds of different outfits?
8 / 10
Barbie Moving to Manhattan
Barbie has moved to Manhattan to pursue her career and become famous. Can you help her improve her look a little first though?
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 1
Make this puzzle with Barbie. Can you find the right place to put each piece of this puzzle and complete the picture? Try this fun Barbie puzzle!
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 10
Complete this picture of Barbie by putting the pieces in the right place. Can you find where all the pieces go? Have fun!
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 11
Are you good at solving jigsaw puzzles? Then you must be able to complete this Barbie puzzle too. Put the pieces in the right place to complete the picture.
8 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 12
Here is another challenging Barbie jigsaw puzzle. Can you complete this picture of Barbie by putting the pieces back in the right places.
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 13
Another fun Barbie puzzle for you to try! Can you put all the pieces back into the right place to complete the picture? Have fun!
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 14
Can you figure out where all the pieces ought to go? Put them back in the right place and complete the Barbie picture. Have fun!
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 15
Put all the pieces of the puzzle in the right place. Can you complete the picture by finding the right place for all the pieces? Enjoy!
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 16
Can you piece this Barbie puzzle back together? Put all the pieces back in the right place until the picture is whole again.
0 / 10
Barbie Puzzle 2
Are you good at piecing together jigsaw puzzles? Put the pieces in the right spot and complete this puzzle with Barbie. Can you do it?
0 / 10