Pou Halloween Clean Up

Pou took a long time piecing together his Halloween costume, and now the house is a big mess. Can you help Pou clean up the house before the Halloween party starts? Have fun playing!

0 / 10
Pou Halloween Slacking

Pou feels really bored at the Halloween party. Help Pou amuse himself with other things to do at the party. Just make sure the other guests don't catch you!

0 / 10
Pou Jelly World 2

Aim carefully and fire off Pou the jelly. He's very soft and wobbly. Can you get Pou to land in exactly the right spot?

0 / 10
Pou Like Candy

The pieces of candy are swinging on pieces of string. Can you cut all the strings to make the candy drop into Pou's mouth? Aim carefully so that the candy always lands on Pou.

0 / 10
Pou Thanksgiving Day Slacking

Pou has to prepare the turkey for the family Thanksgiving dinner. Pou doesn't really feel like doing it though. Can you help Pou slack off without getting caught? Watch out that nobody suddenly walks into the kitchen. Pretend to be hard at work.

8 / 10
Pou Tooth Problems

The funny little creature Pou has taken very bad care of its teeth. That's what you get when you can't hold a toothbrush and brush your teeth... Can you help Pou by fixing his teeth?

0 / 10
Pou at the Farm

Help Pou work at the farm for a day. Make sure Pou completes all the tasks. Can you sow the seeds in the field, harvest the corn, and take care of the animals? Have fun playing!

2 / 10
Pour the Fish

The poor fish was sucked out of the water through a drain. Can you find a way to get the water the flow toward the fish? Dig tunnels and remove the obstacles!

8 / 10
Pour the Fish Level Pack

Shoot the water through the level so that it reaches the fish each time. Can you aim well and waste as little water as possible?

8 / 10
Power Jumper

The parrot is not that good at flying. It can jump though, so with some good timing and precision you'll still be able to grab all the fruit and score three stars in each level. Good luck!

0 / 10
Power Mahjong

Solve all the mahjong puzzels with Paul the Panda in Power Mahjong the Journey. Travel the Great Wall of China while making combinations with the matching tiles to complete all the fun mahjong levels along the way!

0 / 10
Power Rangers Defence Academy

You're in the training facility of the power rangers. Can you last one minute each round while you block the shots the Rangers fire at you with your laser stick?

0 / 10
Power Shovel

Use the shovel to dig up enough rocks to power the city with electricity. Aim for the rocks. The grey rocks will result in the most power.

8 / 10
Powerfox 4

Powerfox is called to India by a friend. The gods are going on a crazy and violent rampage in the city. Can you stop them from destroying everything?

0 / 10
Powerpool 2

Are you a real master of the game? In this edition of powerpool, you have to play away all the balls on all the different pool tables as fast as you can. Good luck!

8 / 10
Precious Spaghetti

There's no cooking in this cooking game, but you do get to design your own spaghetti dish. What do you think it should look like?

0 / 10

Don't let the egg cell get fertilized in this game. The objective is to avoid getting pregnant.

8.1 / 10
Prehistoric Archer

Help the caveman shoot as many bubbles as possible. The bubbles come floating up from the waterfall. Can you get the volcanic explosion bonus bubbles?

0 / 10
Present Hunting

Collect presents with your helicopter. Land on the ice to collect the presents, but make your landing gently enough not to crash the heli. Watch out for the icebergs too. If you want to fly over them, keep an eye on your altitude.

8 / 10
Pretentious Game 2

In this game you will have to try to guide the blue block to the pink block. Can you make your way past all of the obstacles in every level?

8 / 10

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