In this game, inspired by Transformers, you can transform into a car or a robot in order to defeat your enemies. Shoot as a robot of race as a car. Choose the extended game for more characters to play.

8 / 10
Total Recoil

Total Recoil is a super-fun and fast-paced shooting game in which you must defend yourself against an onslaught of robots loose in a factory. Fire to destroy the robots as they attack, and watch out for that recoil! Collect coins and stars to get new fighters.

0 / 10
Flappy Gunner

Flappy Gunner tests your aim and reflexes as you struggle to keep your armed bird in the air while at the same time firing at oncoming columns. Click to keep your bird aloft (it’ll be a bumpy flight, we warn you), and fire to blast holes in the columns big enough for your bird to pass through. There are booby traps as well, and you can't destroy all of them!

0 / 10
Flipping Gun Simulator

Fire down to flip your gun up in Flipping Gun Simulator, a challenging skill game in which you mustn't run out of bullets. The recoil will propel your gun upward when you shoot down, so make sure you only fire when your gun is not pointing upward! How far can you climb?

0 / 10
2112 Cooperation

Work together with your partner to get past all the security and into the enemy base. Can you get in and steal what you came for?

8 / 10
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Play Pen Pineapple Apple Pen and shoot all the pens into the fruit to create appel pens and pen pineapples. Can you puncture the fruit without hitting the comical internet hype song's singer with your pens?

0 / 10
Creative Kill Chamber

Use the items you find to kill the guards and escape from the cell. Can you be creative and find the way out? There are plenty of weapons to be found in the military base.

8.1 / 10
Gun Blood Remastered

Gun Blood Remastered is an exciting dueling game in which you must win all of the Wild West gunfights. Hover your mouse over the barrel during the countdown and whip out your gun to shoot your opponent and become known as the quickest draw. You can further hone your skills in the bottle-shooting bonus games!

0 / 10
Champion Archer

Keep the enemy at bay with your stickamn archer until the soldiers arrive to back you up. Make sure your troops reach the other side of the screen to win the battle.

8 / 10
Turret Defense 2

Defend your tower from enemy forces in Turret Defense 2. Keep up your defence against rocket launchers, tanks, helicopters, and more, and log your HiScore.

8 / 10
Stickman Archer Online

You're being attacked by armed opponents in Stickman Archer Online! String your bow and let your arrows fly true. Kill your opponents with a headshot before they can turn you into a pincushion. A single headshot is also enough to kill your stickman, so make sure you fire off your arrows and hit your opponents first!

0 / 10
Snakes on a Plane

Are you still tired of these %&#@$ snakes on this @#$%$ plane? Shoot them all to pieces with Samuel L. Jackson, just like in the film. You need to take out 100 snakes before they can bit you.

8 / 10
Granny Garden

Bubble Trouble with Granny and a swarm of frogs. Help Granny keep the frogs out of the garden by blasting them with her gun. Keep the frogs from pouncing on Granny while shooting them and collecting the bonus items to help Granny along.

8 / 10
Dead Zed 2

In this game you have to shoot all the zombies heading for your house. Can you stop them before they get too close. Try to find other survivors and weapons in town in between rounds.

9.3 / 10
Sniper Assassin 5 Final Mission

Aim carefully with your sniper and take out all of your targets to carry out your missions. Make sure you don't hit the wrong people though. Watch carefully!

8.3 / 10
Stickman Archer 2

Shoot your opponents before they shoot you in Stickman Archer 2, a fun online archery game. Draw your bow quicker than your opponent and kill them with a single shot to the head. How many stars can you win to unlock new backgrounds and characters?

10 / 10
Hitstick 2

Make sure you down get shot down while infiltrating the enemy HQ. Can you take down your opponents before they get a chance to shoot you?

8 / 10
Hitstick 3

In this game you're a hitman. Try to complete all of the missions by shooting the right objects with your gun in this stickman game.

8 / 10
Sift Heads 5

In this Sift Heads game you actually get to make your way around town by searching the slum buildings and driving around in your car. The game is far more extensive than before. Talk to people you come across on your missions and discover new objectives you can try on the side for extra cash.

8 / 10
Rambo the Revenge

Hide out in the jungle with Rambo and wait for the enemy soldiers to attack. Shoot them as they come at you. Be quick, because they will shoot back!

8 / 10

Bang bang, I shot you down

Snipers and archers please step forward, here are just the games for you. Speed and good hand-eye coordination are the keys to playing these games. As a sniper you must lay in wait to carry out your missions. Assess the situation within a flash, use your telescopic sight (or scope) for accuracy, and eliminate your targets. We've collected the best archery games for you, and great tactical shooters, platform shooters and 3D shooters. Battle horse of zombies, monsters, aliens and enemy soldiers. Collect guns or raze cities with tanks and planes. Protect humanity, or set out to destroy it. Oppose the law or be the law. Whatever you choose to do, keep your guns and cannons handy in these great shooting games.

We like these games:Phosphor Beta, Long Range Shooting, Hit the Jackpot 2, Metal Slug 3, Jelly Cannon 2, Alien X, 13 Days in Hell, Road of Fury, Masked Forces 3,