Castle Clout 1

Choose the stones you want to hurl at the castle and try to hit all of the little puppets. Make the castle collapse and try to score lots of points.

8.1 / 10
Warfare 1917

Travel back in time and witness the trench wars of the First World War in Warfare 1917. Join the fight and try to stay alive.

8 / 10

Conquer as much land possible in Warlords. Defeat the army of the enemy by strategic thinking.

8 / 10
Stickman Sniper

In this stickman sniper game you must complete a number of sniping missions to fight international crime. Free a prisoner, shoot a drug lord, kill poachers, and more!

8 / 10
Gun Blood Remastered

Gun Blood Remastered is an exciting dueling game in which you must win all of the Wild West gunfights. Hover your mouse over the barrel during the countdown and whip out your gun to shoot your opponent and become known as the quickest draw. You can further hone your skills in the bottle-shooting bonus games!

0 / 10
Snakes on a Plane

Are you still tired of these %&#@$ snakes on this @#$%$ plane? Shoot them all to pieces with Samuel L. Jackson, just like in the film. You need to take out 100 snakes before they can bit you.

8 / 10
Gun Mayhem 2

In this game you have to shoot your opponents off the platforms before they get you. Be quicker and grab the upgrades before your opponent does!

8 / 10
Tainted Kingdom

The first levels in this game will instruct you how to use the tools at your disposal to win. In this game the objective is to invade other countries and defeat their military forces in order to seize control of the land. Train your units and deploy them against specific targets.

8 / 10
Viking Battle

In the turn-based game Viking Battle, you have to knock out your opponent first. Collect coins to buy better armor and helmets by hitting your opponent in the head with your battleaxes. Toss them at your opponent from your Viking ship. Watch out, because the sea winds can change at the drop of a Viking helmet...

6 / 10
Die for a Lie

The insects have eaten the baby's cake and lied about it to you. You're baby-sitting, so you will have to take revenge. Shoot them with the cat and his laser cannon.

8 / 10
SWAT Team Overkill

In this game you have to react fast and gun down all the SWAT agents. Be quick, because once they have taken their positions they will start firing back at you!

8 / 10
The Spearman Online

The Spearman Online is an exciting battle to the death. You must survive an attack by a man with a spear. You also have a weapon: your bow and arrow. Can you outsmart the spearman? You'll have to fight hard to survive!

0 / 10
Stalingrad 2

Defend Stalingrad from the Nazi invasions. Build turrets and factories to shot the enemy forces and send tanks and other vehicles onto the road to destroy them.

8 / 10
Road of Fury

In this game you have to drive through enemy territory with your convoy of cars and reach the end of the road. Can you save up for great power-ups? How far can you get?

8 / 10
Gibbets 4

Quickly cut through the ropes with your arrows and save the people from choking to death. Shoot and kill the executioner as well!

9 / 10
Crossbow 3D

Shoot the crossbow and try to hit the target. Try to hit the middle of the target for the highest score. Can you keep an eye on the wind and still hit the target on a higher difficulty setting?

8.4 / 10
Finish Bin Laden

Try to defeat Bin Laden in all four missions. Choose your weapon and try to kill Bin Laden.

8 / 10
Most Wanted

Shoot all the bandits in Cowtown in this great cowboy shooting game. Keep a close eye on your 3D surroundings and shoot the bandits as soon as you spot them.

8 / 10
Mad Scientist Defence

Can you stop all the monsters and zombies flocking to the laboratory? They are out to kill Professor Altus. Stop them so that he can invent a cure.

0 / 10
Siege of Troy

Defend Troy against the Greek army with your archer. Save up for more powerful upgrades. Defend the city against the soldiers and their increasingly powerful weapons.

8 / 10

Bang bang, I shot you down

Snipers and archers please step forward, here are just the games for you. Speed and good hand-eye coordination are the keys to playing these games. As a sniper you must lay in wait to carry out your missions. Assess the situation within a flash, use your telescopic sight (or scope) for accuracy, and eliminate your targets. We've collected the best archery games for you, and great tactical shooters, platform shooters and 3D shooters. Battle horse of zombies, monsters, aliens and enemy soldiers. Collect guns or raze cities with tanks and planes. Protect humanity, or set out to destroy it. Oppose the law or be the law. Whatever you choose to do, keep your guns and cannons handy in these great shooting games.

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