Zombie Days 3D

Zombie Days 3D is a great game in which you have to escape the forest full of zombies. Choose a number of perks to start your run with. Complete the missions to unlock better weapons!

0 / 10
City Heroes

Play City Heroes, a nice Fighting game for free!

0 / 10
Medieval Rampage 2

You are the only warrior standing between the world and the army of monsters. Upgrade your bow and arrows and your melee weapons after every wave. Make sure to kill all the monsters and don't die!

6 / 10
Last Turkey in Town

Can you find the last turkey in town? Search the whole town for the turkey, and when you find it, chuck a snowball at it.

8 / 10
The Strangers 3

Kill all of your enemies by shooting them in this online game. Make sure you don't get hit. Use your three different weapons to win the game.

8 / 10

In this fun shooting game you have to break all of the targets. Shoot the targets as fast as you can to get to the next level.

8 / 10

In this game it is your task to defend your city against the attackers. Shoot down the missiles coming at you and make sure you don't get hit either.

8 / 10
Fox Fyre

Destroy your opponents from your bunker. Buy upgrades with the money you make with a successful campaign and defeat all opponents.

8 / 10
Sniper Specialist

Shoot lots of people with your sniper and make sure you don't get hit. Aim quickly and accurately and make sure you get everyone you need to get to finish the levels.

8 / 10
You Slime!

In You Slime the purpose is to spit slime over as many people as possible. Eat the toadstools to make more slime balls and earn enough slime points to move on to the next level.

8 / 10
Tough Love

You've crashed on the most loving planet in the universe. But you're not a lovey-dovey person at all. You loathe all this love! Blast the cute creatures out of your way with your flame thrower.

8 / 10
Elona Shooter

Protect your castle against all kinds of creatures coming for you. Aim at them and shoot them down. After each level you can buy all sorts of bonuses.

8 / 10
Monster Shootout

In this game you have to protect the city. Shoot down all the monsters that are trying to attack the city from the sky. You have only one cannon. Use it well!

8 / 10

Aim and shoot in this shooter game. hit all your targets. Aim well, because you only have a limited amount of ammunition. How far will you get in this game?

8 / 10
Rise of the Castle

Use your cannon to shoot everyone and everything that has it in for your tower. Shoot them all to pieces. Aim well and upgrade your cannon to survive.

8 / 10
Panda Cannon

Launch the panda all the way across the level with the cannon. His friends are on the other end of the level. Can you help the panda fly over there? Aim and shoot the panda with the cannon.

8 / 10
Crazy Nails

Use the nail gun to shoot the apple off the head of the character. If you shoot the apple you go on to the next level, but don't hit your friend!

8 / 10

In this game you have to shoot all of your enemies. There is, however, a hitch. You only have one bullet. Use it wisely. Shoot your only bullet is such a way to create a chain reaction and take everyone out.

8 / 10
Xross Fire

Shoot one stickfigure. As they fall this figure will spray bullets in all directions. Can you kill all the stickfigures in the field with your one shot?

8 / 10
La Revoluntionz

Blast everyone off their feet or knock them down out of the sky with this revolutionary chicken. Walk around and try to hit everyone you come across.

8 / 10

Bang bang, I shot you down

Snipers and archers please step forward, here are just the games for you. Speed and good hand-eye coordination are the keys to playing these games. As a sniper you must lay in wait to carry out your missions. Assess the situation within a flash, use your telescopic sight (or scope) for accuracy, and eliminate your targets. We've collected the best archery games for you, and great tactical shooters, platform shooters and 3D shooters. Battle horse of zombies, monsters, aliens and enemy soldiers. Collect guns or raze cities with tanks and planes. Protect humanity, or set out to destroy it. Oppose the law or be the law. Whatever you choose to do, keep your guns and cannons handy in these great shooting games.

We like these games:Phosphor Beta, Hit the Jackpot 2,, Long Range Shooting, Pixel Battle Royal, Time Crisis 4, Metal Slug 3, Masked Forces 3,, Heroes Empire