Shoot The Office

Shoot as many people in this office as you can. Make sure they don't hit you. Aim carefully and make sure that you stay alive. How many can you shoot?

8 / 10
Furious Killer

Shoot all the moving targets in this game. You'll have to be quick, because they move out of the open quite quickly. Can you hit them all?

8 / 10
Unreal Flash 3

Try to take out all of your enemies with your character. You will have to shoot them all down. Make sure you keep dodging all the enemy fire at the same time.

8 / 10
Tower Breaker 2: Across the Seas

Help the prince undertake a journey to find a new country for his subjects to live in. Use your cannon to blast the enemies you encounter during your trip out of the way.

8 / 10
Rumbo Rush

Shoot all of the zombies in Rumbo Rush and shoot accurately and quickly, because they're coming at you from all directions. Will you manage to survive the zombie attack?

8.3 / 10
Momentum Missile Mayhem

Shoot the advancing tanks to smithereens with the powerful gravity gun in the tower defence game Momentum Missile Mayhem.

8 / 10
Panda Tactical Sniper

As Panda's sniper you must assist Panda in his escapes and crimes from afar. Survey the scene and determin what you need to shoot to help Panda out.

8 / 10
Hitstick 4

Choose your weapons and complete the mission. You have to survive, this is what is most important in Hitstick 4. Make sure your enemies don't hit you.

8 / 10
Flaming Zombooka

Aim carefully and shoot with the zombooka. Try to hit all of the little men. Sometimes you will need to shoot some bullets to move objects out of the way before you can hit the little men. Can you finish all of the 45 levels?

8 / 10
Chaos Faction 2

In this fighting game you can choose a character to play and collect weapons during the game. These characters and weapons will be added to your arsenal. Collect them all. You can even edit the characters you have collected.

8 / 10
Kill All Weeds

Try to shoot all of the plants and weeds growing rapidly around the house in this game. The weeds are trying to destroy the house. Can you shoot them all.

8 / 10
Choose Your Weapon 3

Choose your weapons and use them well. You can collect new weapons in every level. There are ten in total and each one is a little better than the previous one. Use them to blast away all of your enemies.

8 / 10
Toy Tank Arena

Can you drive around and dodge all the bullets? Shoot the other tanks before they have a chance to shoot you. Can you survive all 20 levels of this fun game?

8 / 10
Alien Attack Team 2

Run around with the two-man alien attack team. Defeat the aliens you meet along the way and find the robot mecha suit to defeat all your enemies.

8 / 10

Nice space invader variety. Try it! Fly around in your spaceship and try to shoot down the other spaceships and get past them. Take them all down!

8 / 10
Demonic Osbournes

Shoot the flaming skulls disguised as the Osbournes. To expose the skulls press space to zoom in on them and see them from closer by. Shoot all the skulls before the clock runs out in Demonic Osbournes!

8 / 10

A good old-fashioned shooter. It's up to the Deconstructor to destroy humanity in order to preserve nature. Defend yourself against cars and tanks as the Deconstructor!

8 / 10
Trick or Treat

Trick or treat at the haunted hause, and protect your candy from skeletons, bats, and ghosts. Shoot down the approaching ghouls and collect more candy.

8 / 10

A deadly virus has spread through town turning the citizens into raging zombies. It's up to you to rescue the survivors. Blow up the zombies and make your way through the city in this gritty game, Marksmen. When it goes dark, use your night vision!

8 / 10
Sift With Shorty X-Mess

Sift Head with Shorty. Pick a suitable costume for your gunwoman, and help her shoot down all the assailants. A headshot will be most effective. Divide the experience point you win at the end of every level between the different options as you see fit. Little X-Mas spirit, lost of X-Mess mayhem.

8 / 10

Bang bang, I shot you down

Snipers and archers please step forward, here are just the games for you. Speed and good hand-eye coordination are the keys to playing these games. As a sniper you must lay in wait to carry out your missions. Assess the situation within a flash, use your telescopic sight (or scope) for accuracy, and eliminate your targets. We've collected the best archery games for you, and great tactical shooters, platform shooters and 3D shooters. Battle horse of zombies, monsters, aliens and enemy soldiers. Collect guns or raze cities with tanks and planes. Protect humanity, or set out to destroy it. Oppose the law or be the law. Whatever you choose to do, keep your guns and cannons handy in these great shooting games.

We like these games:Phosphor Beta, Hit the Jackpot 2,, Long Range Shooting, Pixel Battle Royal, Time Crisis 4, Metal Slug 3, Masked Forces 3,, Heroes Empire