Bang bang, I shot you down

Snipers and archers please step forward, here are just the games for you. Speed and good hand-eye coordination are the keys to playing these games. As a sniper you must lay in wait to carry out your missions. Assess the situation within a flash, use your telescopic sight (or scope) for accuracy, and eliminate your targets. We've collected the best archery games for you, and great tactical shooters, platform shooters and 3D shooters. Battle horse of zombies, monsters, aliens and enemy soldiers. Collect guns or raze cities with tanks and planes. Protect humanity, or set out to destroy it. Oppose the law or be the law. Whatever you choose to do, keep your guns and cannons handy in these great shooting games.

We like these games:Road of Fury: Desert Strike, Stickman Archer 2, Sniper Ultimate Assassin 2, Aim Clash, Archerry, The Last Ninja, Big Hunter Online, The Spearman Online, Stickman Shooter, Earth's Final Hope Quadron

Ranger vs Zombies
In Ranger vs Zombies, you must protect your borderlands town against the zombie invasion. Use your gun, your jetboots, and your three extra powerful attacks: lightning, ice spikes, and fireballs. Can you kill off all the marching zombies?
0 / 10
Wasteland Warriors
Kijk uit voor de zombies in Wasteland Warriors! Jij hebt een wapen, maar zij ook! Knal alle zombies overhoop terwijl je zelf steeds dekking neemt als er op je geschoten wordt. Werk samen met de andere spelers!
0 / 10
Bottle Shoot
Smash the bottles using your bullets in Bottle Shoot. Slide your gun up and down and shoot quickly to break every bottle. The red bottles are especially tricky, because you have to hit them twice. Whatever you do, don't shoot the grenades!
0 / 10
Spearmen Hunter
Skewer your opponents with your spear in Spearmen Hunter. You have to get the first strike in, because your opponents will throw their own spears back at you if given the chance! It's kill or be killed in this exciting spear battle game!
0 / 10
Viking Battlenew
Play Viking Battle, a nice Fighting game for free!
0 / 10
Kogama: D-Day
Kogama: D-Day is a cool multiplayer game in which you must defend your flag or weave your way through the dangerous arena to capture the opposing team's flag. Grab a weapon and seek cover. Leap out and shoot your enemies. Make sure you don't get targeted from above!
0 / 10
Battle Tank
Upgrade your tank and fire a shower of cannonballs to crush your opponents in Battle Tank. In this turn-based game, you get to shoot first, and then it's your opponent's turn. Try to get a devastating first hit in to avoid being blown up!
0 / 10
Spear Toss
Do you have a strong set of arms and shoulders? See how far you can toss the spear in the athletics game Spear Toss. Run through the forest and tip the spear point up to the right height. Toss the spear as you hit the right angle. Release before you cross the line. Can you find the optimal speed and angle?
0 / 10
Moorhuhn Shooter
Moorhuhn Shooter is a shooter with a twist! Shoot all the chickens in site and reload with the spacebar. Discover the little Easter eggs and twists planted in the game.
0 / 10
Kogama: Counter Strike
In Kogama: Counter Strike you can enjoy a fun multiplayer shooter battle set in a 3D Kogama world loosely based on Counter-Strike. Explore your maze-like surroundings and find the best weapons. Can you defeat the opposing team?
0 / 10
Bazooka Monster
Hit all the monsters in the fun online game Bazooka Monster! Take aim and shoot. You can hit even the monsters hidden behind obstacles if you can figure out how to make your bullets ricochet at just the right angle!
0 / 10
Alien Hunter Online
Alien Hunter Online is the exciting fighting game where you have to kill the many aliens in your path. An army of toothy bad guys has descended on your planet and it’s up to you to destroy them before it’s too late. Shoot your way through the city with the help of a boss plasma gun and one of the fancy weapons you reload automatically during your high-speed chase. Deploy your rocket boots to avoid enemies that come too close!
0 / 10
Tank Fury
Tank Fury is a hilarious shooting game with tanks. Take on lots of other players in the battle arena. Fire bombs and bullets at them, or punch them with the giant boxing glove affixed to the front of your tank. Use the portals to escape sticky situations!
0 / 10
Sky Knight Online
Play Sky Knight Online for free!
0 / 10
Knife Shooter
Take the perfect knife shot in the reaction game Knife Shooter! Your knife never stays still and your target keeps changing position and size. Can you keep your cool and wait for the best shot every time?
0 / 10
Kogama Clash Royale
In Kogama Clash Royale you can take part in an exciting arena battle. Choose your weapons and head to the arena through the magic portals. There are lots of other players, so run for cover and shoot back!
8.4 / 10
Shooting at Buddies
Palooka Clint has had another great idea in the archery game Shooting at Buddies. What could possibly go wrong if Clint tried to shoot apples off the heads of his best buddies? Make sure this silly game of Clint's doesn't end in tragedy. Take aim, but make sure he doesn't perforate Floyd and his other pals!
0 / 10
City Heroes
Play City Heroes, a nice Fighting game for free!
0 / 10
Moorhuhn 360
Shoot the flying chickens in Moorhuhn 360, a free online game based on the Moorhuhn classic shooter. As usual, the closest chickens are worth 5 points, the furthest 25, and anything in between is worth 10 points. Reload your gun when you run out of bullets.
0 / 10
Forest Wars
Play Forest Wars, a nice Skill game for free!
0 / 10