Do you like a challenge?

Not satisfied when things are to easy? Are you the kind of person who needs a challenge now and then? Try one of our puzzle games! In this overview you'll find challenging puzzles, brain teasers and brain breakers, quiz games, card games, strategy board games, and many more! Test your observational skills, find ways out of locked rooms using found objects and your own ingenuity, investigate cases lke Sherlock Holmes, work out strategies for chess and card games, or play one of the many variations on Mahjong we've collected for you. These must be the most addicting computer games, because there's nothing like a good puzzle to keep your mind sharp!

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E Switch
E Switch lets you test your strategy and puzzle skills as you try to move a series of blocks so that the little lines on them connect to form one long line connecting two green spheres on opposite ends of the board. Swaps blocks out or rotate one block until all the bits of lines connect and create a path between the spheres. There are loads of challenging levels to unlock.
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Super Sticky Stacker
Play Super Sticky Stacker, a nice Skill game for free!
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Lucky Tiles
How many lucky stars can you score in the tile popping game Lucky Tiles? Pop combinations of three or more tiles to clear them away. Tiles with bonus icons can be clicked even if there is nothing to match them with. These are the lucky tiles! Add precious seconds to the timer with the clock icon, or blow up a whole bunch of tiles with the bombs!
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Jungle Roller
Jungle Roller is a fun puzzle game! Are you good at solving mazes? Rotate the maze and let gravity get your ball rolling. The narrow pathways are blocked by all kinds of tricky obstacles. Can you roll over the buttons and trigger the magic portals to clear all the obstacles? Have fun playing!
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In the puzzle game Flou, you have to make the colors flow through the level. Make sure no tile is left grey at the end of each round. Swipe to send the colors streaming in the right direction to hit every last tile!
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Christmas Breaker
Christmas Breaker is a block-breaking abyss puzzle in which you must clear away all the Christmas themed blocks. Tap the combinations of two or more. Make sure you have no tiles left in the end!
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Ball Way
Ball Way is a puzzle, it’s a paddle game, and it’s a brain teaser. The object of the game is to propel the ball into the goal, but the way there is not straightforward. You must arrange a series of game pieces so that the ball bounces from one to the next and into the goal. Ready for a serious challenge? Then press play!
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Add It Up
Play away all the tiles to beat the 50 levels in the math game Add It Up. The blackboard will display a number. Add up the numbered tiles to reach that number. This will pop the tiles until they’re gone.
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Lego Nexo Knights Puzzle
Lego Nexo Knights Puzzle is a fun jigsaw puzzle! Piece together the different pictures from the Lego Nexo Knight series! The more you do, the more pieces the puzzle will have and harder it becomes!
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Mr. Journey Fox
Play Mr. Journey Fox, a nice Puzzle game for free!
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Google Smarty Pins
Stick the pins in the Google map of the world in the fun trivia game Google Smarty Pins. The quiz questions are about important cities and events. Can you mark the right locations on the map?
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Adventure Craft
Adventure Craft is a cool match-3 game with a Minecraft look! Play away the matching voxels by creating long combos. You can make horizontal, vertical, and diagonal connections!
10 / 10
Ninja Arena
In the clever puzzle game Ninja Arena, you always have to weigh the advantages of attack and defense. Place a shuriken with high damage points on the board and clear away lots of other ninja stars. The downside is that you will now have to clear this star as well, and its high attack power corresponds to a strong defense. Look carefully and use your throwing stars efficiently.
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Supermarket Count
In this arithmetic game you’re in the supermarket. Pick the right blocks and add up all the numbers to arrive at the target amount. The target will change after each combo, so stay alert!
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Swap Tycoon
Pop as many tiles as you can in the puzzle game Swap Tycoon. You can make any two tile swap places to create 3-in-a-row combinations, or you can slide the tiles one position up, down, left, or right. Try to clear away as many tiles as you can with your matching combinations, because once the grid completely fills up with tiles you'll be out of moves!
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Easter Breaker
Easter Breaker is a fun match three game for Easter!
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Going Nuts
Roll and bounce through the pachinko pinball levels with your squirrels and try to collect the nuts. You only have a few squirrels, so aim for the bumpers and platforms to grab every last nut!
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Daily Sudoku
Daily Sudoku offers a new sudoku game every day! With fresh daily puzzles and three difficulties, you can keep sharpening your skill and score. To play, fill in each nine cell row, column and section with the numbers from 1-9.
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Ninja Vital Treasure
Ninja Vital Treasure is a fun and challenging sokoban game! Use the little ninja to move the boxes over the stars
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Cha-Ching Lucky Draw
Play match-3 in Cha-Ching Lucky Draw and create long combinations of matching lucky symbols. Can you clear away enough symbols to score the points needed to progress to the next stage?
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