Do you like a challenge?

Not satisfied when things are to easy? Are you the kind of person who needs a challenge now and then? Try one of our puzzle games! In this overview you'll find challenging puzzles, brain teasers and brain breakers, quiz games, card games, strategy board games, and many more! Test your observational skills, find ways out of locked rooms using found objects and your own ingenuity, investigate cases lke Sherlock Holmes, work out strategies for chess and card games, or play one of the many variations on Mahjong we've collected for you. These must be the most addicting computer games, because there's nothing like a good puzzle to keep your mind sharp!

We like these games:Krismas Mahjong, Jewels of Arabia, Gummy Blocks, Gun Builder 2, Winter Mahjong, Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker, FunGamePlay Pyramid Solitaire, Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost, Tiles, The Maze HD

Backgammon Go
Backgammon Go is the online multiplayer version of the ancient board game backgammon! Play with someone you know in a private session or square off against an unknown player the game picks for you. Roll the dice, move your checkers to your side, and then clear them off the board before your opponent does the same. You need a little bit of luck, but don’t forget to apply some strategic action too!
0 / 10
Mahjong Digital
Make pairs with the identical blocks. Look carefully to see which blocks are free and connect them using a line that makes only two 90 degree turns. Can you play away all the tiles?
2 / 10
Lucky Tiles
How many lucky stars can you score in the tile popping game Lucky Tiles? Pop combinations of three or more tiles to clear them away. Tiles with bonus icons can be clicked even if there is nothing to match them with. These are the lucky tiles! Add precious seconds to the timer with the clock icon, or blow up a whole bunch of tiles with the bombs!
0 / 10
Neon Wordsnew
Link up the letters to form all the words on the list in Neon Words. Can you guess all the right words and score the maximum amount of stars? You will need the stars to unlock the later levels with even longer words!
0 / 10
Monster Cafe
Make match-3 combinations by shooting the Halloween bubbles against one another in the bubble shooter game Monster Cafe. Launch the Halloween monster bubbles into the air with your cannon and try to hit the identical ones to pop them. Don't let the bubbles come down to the dotted line!
0 / 10
Zippy Pixie
Zippy Pixie is a fun match-3 bubble shooter game in which you have to help the pixie collect fruit and nuts. Make match-3 combinations to clear away all the pixie food. Don't let the berries and nuts sink down to the bottom of the screen!
0 / 10
Goose Game Online
Goose Game Online: Try to dodge the traps and gather up some extra turns in this fun edition of Game of the Goose. Overtake your opponents and make it to the finish. The most dangerous tile in this board game has to be the tombstone that sends you back to the start! Other traps include the water well, the thorny bush, and the prison cell!
0 / 10
Sweet Jelly
The little Jell-o sweets in the puzzle game Sweet Jelly are very slippery. Try to slide them onto the tiles with the stars, but watch out, because if nothing blocks their path they'll just keep sliding until they slip off the playing field. Can you collect three stars in each level?
0 / 10
Swap Tycoon
Pop as many tiles as you can in the puzzle game Swap Tycoon. You can make any two tile swap places to create 3-in-a-row combinations, or you can slide the tiles one position up, down, left, or right. Try to clear away as many tiles as you can with your matching combinations, because once the grid completely fills up with tiles you'll be out of moves!
0 / 10
Kitty Quiz
Do you love cats and kittens? In the fun quiz game Kitty Quiz, you can try to identify the breed and professions of all the different cats. Click on the right answer and try to remember them all in this adorable game.
0 / 10
Word Crush
Use the letters in the grid to spell the right words in the word search game Word Crush! Find the letters and draw a line between them to link them up in the right order. The letters will vanish and new letters and words will appear. Keep finding words to add more time to the clock!
0 / 10
Gun Builder
Gun Builder is a fun and detailed gun game! Build the gun to the provided specs: choose the right frame, barrel, and grip
0 / 10
FunGamePlay Solitaire
Play FunGamePlay Solitaire, a nice Solitaire game for free!
0 / 10
Cube Escape: The Cave
Cube Escape: The Cave is the ninth installment in the popular Cube Escape Series! Rusty Lake is a spooky, quirky town that only a David Lynch fan could love. Gather the clues and unlock its secrets!
4.7 / 10
Marble Blast
Play Marble Blast, a nice Brain game for free!
0 / 10
My Adventure Book 2
My Adventure Book 2 is a world of puzzle solving fun online for free!
10 / 10
Brain For Monster Truck
Play Brain For Monster Truck, a nice Puzzle game for free!
0 / 10
Jungle Gems
Play Jungle Gems, a nice Puzzle game for free!
0 / 10
Smash the Blocks Online
Break all the blocks in Smash the Blocks Online! Each block displays a number. This is the number of times you have to hit it with one of your bullets to break it. Try to collect more bullets as you go. Can you smash the blocks before they reach the bottom line?
0 / 10
Christmas Gifts HD
Play Christmas Gifts HD, a nice Puzzle game for free!
0 / 10