Do you like a challenge?

Not satisfied when things are to easy? Are you the kind of person who needs a challenge now and then? Try one of our puzzle games! In this overview you'll find challenging puzzles, brain teasers and brain breakers, quiz games, card games, strategy board games, and many more! Test your observational skills, find ways out of locked rooms using found objects and your own ingenuity, investigate cases lke Sherlock Holmes, work out strategies for chess and card games, or play one of the many variations on Mahjong we've collected for you. These must be the most addicting computer games, because there's nothing like a good puzzle to keep your mind sharp!

We like these games:Monster Cafe, FunGamePlay Pyramid Solitaire, Classic Solitaire Deluxe, Parking Fury 2, Krismas Mahjong, Gummy Blocks, Gun Builder 2, Jewels of Arabia, Unpark Me, Candy Time

Backgammon Go
Backgammon Go is the online multiplayer version of the ancient board game backgammon! Play with someone you know in a private session or square off against an unknown player the game picks for you. Roll the dice, move your checkers to your side, and then clear them off the board before your opponent does the same. You need a little bit of luck, but don’t forget to apply some strategic action too!
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Ten Game
Ten Game is like the puzzle game 2048, but with easier numbers: 1 - 10. Combine the matching blocks to make a new block that is one point higher in value. Can you create a block marked 10? The more different blocks you get in your 4 x 4 grid, the harder it becomes to slide the blocks around. New blocks will appear after every move.
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Gravity Soccer
Gravity Soccer is a fast-paced and challenging game in which you use momentum and timing to move a soccer ball and score goals. Click the right blocks at the right moment to propel the soccer ball into the goal. As your skills improve you can move to new levels with more challenging elements you can use, like springboards.
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Master Chess
Master Chess is a challenging and enjoyable online version of chess! It comes in three difficulty levels. You have the option to play against the algorithm or against another player. Can you capture the queen?
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Geometry Tower
Drag and drop the blocks to build a tower in the stacking game Geometry Tower. You have to continue building until you reach the top level. Along the way, you'll pass various checkpoints indicated by a dotted line. Once you pass these checkpoints, your tower below stabilizes, and a new platform appears, giving you a little bit more space to build on. Can you figure out what to do with some of the awkward shapes you get?
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Play Backgammonia, a nice Brain game for free!
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Mahjong Digital
Make pairs with the identical blocks. Look carefully to see which blocks are free and connect them using a line that makes only two 90 degree turns. Can you play away all the tiles?
2 / 10
Park a Lot 3
Find the right parking spot and park the cars before the owners return in the fun game Park a Lot 3! Be sure not to damage the cars or you might lose your job as a parking valet. It's a race against the clock!
0 / 10
Parking Panic
Parking Panic pits you against a mass of parked cars as you try to clear a path out of the car park for your little red sports car. Move the other cars around until you’ve found an exit pay for your car. But the clock is ticking, and if you can’t find your way out before the timer runs out it’s game over.
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Candy Match
Connect the candy in the game Candy Match! Your objective is to reach the necessary number of candy pieces to pop in each level. You can see the level objective displayed in the bar at the top. You'll also see you have only a limited number of moves to complete each level, so be on the lookout for lengthy and smart candy connect combinations to make.
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Jigsaw Puzzle: Snowy Scenes
Jigsaw Puzzle: Snowy Scenes lets you test your skills to solve ever more complex puzzles and set new high scores. Move the puzzle pieces around the board until you find a match. The piece will lock in place when you’ve found where it belongs. When you finish a puzzle you can move on to more complex and challenging puzzles.
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Superheroes 1010
In the challenging game Superheroes 1010, you have the place the superhero and supervillain blocks in the grid and make full rows and columns. Complete rows will vanish, leaving more space for new blocks. Make sure the grid doesn't become too full!
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Cheese Route
Cheese Route is a funny puzzle game in which you have to try to feed the mouse. Mice love cheese, so find the chunk of cheese in each level and draw a line to the mouse. Roll the cheese across the line and bring it to the mouse.
0 / 10
Jigsaw Puzzle: Easter
Jigsaw Puzzle: Easter pits your puzzle skills against a wide range of puzzles in Easter themes that will challenge your puzzle solving abilities. Pick your puzzle and try to fit the pieces together while the clock ticks. The quicker you solve the puzzle the more points you earn. Solve puzzles to unlock challenging new levels.
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Jungle Gems
Pick up the Jungle Gems and move them to the right slots. Match the shape of the gem and the shape of the slot. You have to fill all of the slots on the reels before you run out of time. If none of the gems in your tray fits, you can hit the 'shuffle gems' button to get a new set.
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Plumber Puzzle
Play Plumber Puzzle, a nice puzzle game for free.
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Moorhuhn Solitaire
Moorhuhn Solitaire brings back the original Crazy Chicken. This time you can play the classic card game 3-card draw solitaire. Can you clear away all the cards?
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Cube Escape: The Cave
Cube Escape: The Cave is the ninth installment in the popular Cube Escape Series! Rusty Lake is a spooky, quirky town that only a David Lynch fan could love. Gather the clues and unlock its secrets!
4.7 / 10
Sugar Mahjong
Make pairs with the playable tiles in Sugar Mahjong, a fun mahjong game with sweet pictures of sugary candy! Find and match up all the matching pairs to play way the mahjong layouts. In this mahjong game the tiles will fall down. Don't let them fall too far!
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Snakes and Ladders
Now you can play Snakes and Ladders online for free with players from all over the world! Use the ladders to take a shortcut toward the finish line. Watch out for the treacherous snakes though!
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