Do you like a challenge?

Not satisfied when things are to easy? Are you the kind of person who needs a challenge now and then? Try one of our puzzle games! In this overview you'll find challenging puzzles, brain teasers and brain breakers, quiz games, card games, strategy board games, and many more! Test your observational skills, find ways out of locked rooms using found objects and your own ingenuity, investigate cases lke Sherlock Holmes, work out strategies for chess and card games, or play one of the many variations on Mahjong we've collected for you. These must be the most addicting computer games, because there's nothing like a good puzzle to keep your mind sharp!

We like these games:Monster Cafe, Classic Solitaire Deluxe, FunGamePlay Pyramid Solitaire, Parking Fury 2, Krismas Mahjong, Gun Builder 2, Gummy Blocks, Jewels of Arabia, Unpark Me, Candy Time

PuzzleGuys Hearts
PuzzleGuys Hearts is a challenging card game in which you have to avoid collecting tricks. Pass on three cards at the start of each round. Get rid of high cards that are likely to force you to take tricks, like the ace, king, and queen. Try to keep your total score as low as you can.
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Slice Food
Dividing the food into equal pieces is a work of great precision in the brain game Slice Food. You can only cut the food a limited amount of times. The number of pieces you have to create is listed at the top, along with the number of cuts you are allowed to make in each level. Can you score 100% accuracy?
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The Nest
In the silly puzzle game The Nest, your Angry Bird can change shape to roll or topple into the boxy 'nest'. Pop the block to make the pigs fall onto the floor while only your birds land safely in the nest.
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Money Movers
These two criminals need your assistance to escape from this maximum secured prison! Collect as much money as you can and try not to get caught by the guards. Enjoy!
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Christmas Shooter
This fun Bubble game has been given a colorful overhaul for Christmas! Can you aim carefully with the bubble cannon and pop the baubles in Christmas Shooter? Make match-3 combinations to play away all the baubles before they reach the bottom of the playing field!
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10x10 Hawai
Complete the fun 10x10 Hawai puzzles and drop all of the tiles into the grid. Find a place for each tile and make full rows and columns to pop the blocks and create more space for the next round!
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Gun Builder
Gun Builder is a fun and detailed gun game! Build the gun to the provided specs: choose the right frame, barrel, and grip
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Lucky Blocks
Lucky Blocks is a fun and challenging 10x10 puzzle game. Drag and drop blocks of different shapes into the grid. When you complete a row or column, the blocks disappear and make room for more. But be careful where you place the blocks. If you find yourself with a block you can’t find space for on the board, it’s game over.
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Word Crush
Use the letters in the grid to spell the right words in the word search game Word Crush! Find the letters and draw a line between them to link them up in the right order. The letters will vanish and new letters and words will appear. Keep finding words to add more time to the clock!
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Blue Mahjong HD
Break your own record in the solitaire mahjong game Blue Mahjong! You can play on a variety of boards, and pick your preferred tile pattern! Beat the clock and try to resist the “hint” button! How fast can you match all the tiles?
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Solitaire Master
Solitaire Master uses the same rules as standard solitaire to challenge you in single combat against the deck. The goal of the game is to clear the board by arranging cards in order and suit from the bottom up. Choose from three modes of play, Solitaire, Freecell or Spiderette.
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Goose Game Online
Goose Game Online: Try to dodge the traps and gather up some extra turns in this fun edition of Game of the Goose. Overtake your opponents and make it to the finish. The most dangerous tile in this board game has to be the tombstone that sends you back to the start! Other traps include the water well, the thorny bush, and the prison cell!
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Make sure the marbles don't reach the end of the line in the zuma game Frogtastic. Aim new marbles at the line with the frog in the middle and try to create combinations of three or more marbles of the same color. Sometimes the jungle canopy will cover part of the line so that you cannot see the marbles. Aim carefully and get the timing just right!
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Pearl's Peril
Pearl's Peril is an exciting hidden objects game in which you have to help the aviatrix Pearl solve her father's murder. Somebody on the island is guilty! Collect clues and evidence to unmask the killer!
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Super Robo Fighter 3
Build a robot in Super Robo Fighter 3 and fight in the arena. By winning fights, you can earn coins. Save up enough to unlock new blueprints for even more powerful robots. To build a robot, move the parts to the corresponding section of the blueprint. Line up all the parts with the drawing to assemble your battle-bots!
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Hide Online 3D
Hide yourself somewhere in the building in Hide Online 3D and make sure nobody finds you. During the next round, you will have to seek the other players in this cool 3D hide and seek game!
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Icy Purple Head 2
Icy Purple Head 2 requires you to move a purple block along a series of tilted platforms until it lands in the delivery box. Your only tool – and your nemesis – is gravity, so you must turn the block to ice when you need it to slide down a platform, then turn it back into a purple block when you need traction to stop it moving.
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Make Me 10
Make Me 10 is a fun numbers game! Begin by pairing up the numbers that add up to 10! The further along you go the trickier it gets. Don’t let the circle of numbers get too full or you will lose the game!
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Jewel Explode
Jewel Explode is the fun and challenging matching game in which your goal is to match at least three jewels of the same color to make them explode. Match more jewels for extra points, and earn special stones that will explode large patches of jewels when you make a match. Achieve the goals to complete all levels.
10 / 10
Parking Panic
Parking Panic pits you against a mass of parked cars as you try to clear a path out of the car park for your little red sports car. Move the other cars around until you’ve found an exit pay for your car. But the clock is ticking, and if you can’t find your way out before the timer runs out it’s game over.
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