Do you like a challenge?

Not satisfied when things are to easy? Are you the kind of person who needs a challenge now and then? Try one of our puzzle games! In this overview you'll find challenging puzzles, brain teasers and brain breakers, quiz games, card games, strategy board games, and many more! Test your observational skills, find ways out of locked rooms using found objects and your own ingenuity, investigate cases lke Sherlock Holmes, work out strategies for chess and card games, or play one of the many variations on Mahjong we've collected for you. These must be the most addicting computer games, because there's nothing like a good puzzle to keep your mind sharp!

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Guess The Kitty
Guess The Kitty is not a game for the kind-hearted cat-lover. While it's true you can avert cruel disasters by getting all the answers to the pop quiz questions right, the cats will suffer terrible consequences when you get it wrong. For the violence-free, child-friendly edition of this game, try browsing our site for the title "Kitty Quiz".
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Ninja Arena
In the clever puzzle game Ninja Arena, you always have to weigh the advantages of attack and defense. Place a shuriken with high damage points on the board and clear away lots of other ninja stars. The downside is that you will now have to clear this star as well, and its high attack power corresponds to a strong defense. Look carefully and use your throwing stars efficiently.
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Paper Blocks Hexa
Experience hours of fun puzzle challenges with Paper Blocks Hexa! Choose the right pieces and fit them into the shape. You won't necessarily need all the pieces, so be sure to pick the right ones. These colorful puzzles are completely made up out of hexagonal tiles!
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Swap Tycoon
Pop as many tiles as you can in the puzzle game Swap Tycoon. You can make any two tile swap places to create 3-in-a-row combinations, or you can slide the tiles one position up, down, left, or right. Try to clear away as many tiles as you can with your matching combinations, because once the grid completely fills up with tiles you'll be out of moves!
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Lucky Tiles
How many lucky stars can you score in the tile popping game Lucky Tiles? Pop combinations of three or more tiles to clear them away. Tiles with bonus icons can be clicked even if there is nothing to match them with. These are the lucky tiles! Add precious seconds to the timer with the clock icon, or blow up a whole bunch of tiles with the bombs!
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Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost
Caveman Adam is very good at roaring loudly and making scary faces. Can you scare the tourists, kids, nuns, and other people in Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost? Help Adam sneak up on them by removing the obstacles in his path in this funny point and click game.
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Candy Time
Pop as much candy as you can in Candy Time. Make two pieces of candy swap places to create combinations of three or more identical sweets. You have to make at least one match with each move. How many points can you scrape together before your time is up?
10 / 10
Kitty Quiz
Do you love cats and kittens? In the fun quiz game Kitty Quiz, you can try to identify the breed and professions of all the different cats. Click on the right answer and try to remember them all in this adorable game.
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Zippy Pixie
Zippy Pixie is a fun match-3 bubble shooter game in which you have to help the pixie collect fruit and nuts. Make match-3 combinations to clear away all the pixie food. Don't let the berries and nuts sink down to the bottom of the screen!
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Sea Party
Sea Party is a cute match3 game with all kinds of little sea creatures. Even though there is a timer, you get quite a lot of time, so the gameplay doesn't feel rushed and stressful. Relax, play, and see how many points you can amass.
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Plumber Soda
Help the kids get the fizzy soda from one bottle to the other in the free online pipeline game Plumber Soda. Rotate the pieces of the pipe to connect the right ones. You might not need all the pieces, so make good use of your limited amount of turns!
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PuzzleGuys Hearts
PuzzleGuys Hearts is a challenging card game in which you have to avoid collecting tricks. Pass on three cards at the start of each round. Get rid of high cards that are likely to force you to take tricks, like the ace, king, and queen. Try to keep your total score as low as you can.
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Doodle God: Fantasy World of Magic
In Doodle God: Fantasy World of Magic, you get to unlock new elements to populate the world of legend. Now that you've unlocked the realm of humans and science, try your hand at that of wizards, elves, and demons.
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Bubble Pop Story
Play Bubble Pop Story, a nice Brain game for free!
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Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker
Adam has taken to sleepwalking in the game Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker, and that's a real problem in the dangerous prehistoric world. Can you guide sleeping Adam past all the deadly obstacles and lead him back to his wife Eve? Good luck!
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Classic Backgammon
Can you move all 15 of your checkers to your home board in Classic Backgammon? Try to protect your pieces by placing at least two checkers on each point you pass along the way. The dice determine how many places you can move, but you have to be strategic about splitting the numbers and picking the best checkers to move.
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Gummy Blocks
Play Gummy Blocks, a nice Puzzle game for free!
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Adam and Eve: Zombies
Help Adam escape the zombies in the funny game Adam and Eve: Zombies! This time, Adam is chased by a horde of cat zombies as he searches for his true love, Eve. In each level, you will have to clear the obstacles so that Adam can keep moving. Take a good look at each situation and use the various objects in the right order to clear a path for Adam
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Jigsaw Puzzle: Bahamas
Play Jigsaw Puzzle: Bahamas, a nice Puzzle game for free!
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Jungle Gems
Pick up the Jungle Gems and move them to the right slots. Match the shape of the gem and the shape of the slot. You have to fill all of the slots on the reels before you run out of time. If none of the gems in your tray fits, you can hit the 'shuffle gems' button to get a new set.
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