Show us how well you can paint!

Are you a real artist with paint and brushes? Now you can paint pictures online in these fun painting games. Start with a blank canvas and select your tools and colours. Use your mouse to draw lines and shapes and paint a pretty picture. Now you can keep your table clear of acrylic paint, oils paints, and water paints. You won't make any mess with these painting games. And if you're pleased with you online results, you can always try it with real paper and paint.

Art Pad
Paint pictures like an artist, choose a frame and bring it to an art gallery.
7.1 / 10
Pirates Paintings
Find the differences between the original and the replica of these famous paintings.
7.8 / 10
Imagine Artist
Colour in this picture. Find just the colours you want by following the example.
8.9 / 10
Color an Easter Egg
Painting easter eggs is lots of fun. You can paint your easter egg online now!
6.9 / 10
Paint Wars
In Paint Wars you have to spray paint shapes on the wall, but you'll be thwarted in your attempt sooon enough.
6.8 / 10
Paint over all the blue squares but avoid the red ones in Valo.
2.0 / 10
Art Pad
Paint something cool. You can draw anything that occurs to you. That is, if you can draw with a mouse.
6.0 / 10