Hop Quest

Make your way through the castle in Hop Quest and guide your jumping knight across all of the precarious platforms. Some platforms will collapse after you jump on them, while others will trigger a deadly trap. Can you slay the combat robots and collect the coins to unlock all the different characters? How far can you hop before all the murderous machinery in this castle converges on you?

0 / 10
Color Magnets

Run through the levels in Color Magnets and try to get both the blue magnet creature and the red one safely past the obstacles and to the finish line. You mustn't let either magnet get caught behind the blocks and platforms in this side-scrolling game, or they'll be swept off-screen. Try to keep an eye on both magnets and jump at just the right moment to dodge the roadblocks.

0 / 10
Unpark Me

Your cool sports car has been totally boxed in by the other cars in the lot the puzzle game Unpark Me. Look carefully at each puzzle and figure out the quickest way to get to the exit. The fewer moves you use the more points you score. Roll the other cars and the long trucks aside to clear a path to the exit.

0 / 10
Ariel and the Mysterious Perfume

Ariel has desperately been trying to catch Eric's eye in the makeover game Ariel and the Mysterious Perfume. Unfortunately, so far Eric hasn't taken much notice. Help Ariel and her pal Anna brew a special perfume. They want to tailor the scent to Eric, so that they can draw him away from his friends, the other princes. Can you mix the right ingredients? Ariel doesn't want ALL the princes to come running after her...

0 / 10
Line Biker

In the moto trial game Line Biker, you'll have to conquer the steepest slopes with your bike. Jump, flip, and tilt your bike to come down perfectly on both wheels. A botched landing can kill your driver and bust your bike. The green platforms act as lifts, but the terracotta ones will crumble beneath your wheels. Make sure you don't lose your balance!

0 / 10
7x7 Ultimate

Move the blocks through the grid in 7x7 Ultimate and try to make combinations of four or more. You can combine blocks and clear them away by making horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. Try to keep enough space to maneuver, because you can only move blocks to cells that are accessible without having to hop over other blocks. If the route to a particular cell is blocked, you cannot move your blocks there. For each turn you play, new blocks will appear in random cells of the grid!

0 / 10
Hanger Online

Make your way through the tunnel in Hanger Online. Your ragdoll stickman is just like Spiderman. He can fling rope-like webbing that sticks to the ceiling and use it to swing through the air with giant swoops and leaps. He's also really tenacious. The tunnel is filled to the brim with all kinds of dangerous obstacles that'll cost you your limbs if you touch them, like the spinning buzz saws, for instance. But don't let that stop you. Even if you lose a leg or an arm -- or even most of your body! -- you can still keep going!

0 / 10

Fly at your opponents in Skyfight.io and shoot them down with your plane. In this game, you'll be challenging other players live in the .io arena. Can you stay ahead of your opponents and make it to the top of the leaderboard of this multiplayer plane game? Fire bullets at your opponents while dodging their shots.

0 / 10
Geometry Tower

Drag and drop the blocks to build a tower in the stacking game Geometry Tower. You have to continue building until you reach the top level. Along the way, you'll pass various checkpoints indicated by a dotted line. Once you pass these checkpoints, your tower below stabilizes, and a new platform appears, giving you a little bit more space to build on. Can you figure out what to do with some of the awkward shapes you get?

0 / 10
Basketball Line

Catch the balls in Basketball Line. Draw lines to intercept the basketballs and make them roll into the hoop. In many of the levels, you'll have to catch more than one basketball at the same time. To complete the levels, you mustn't let a single one drop. However, if you see a bomb, don't let it fall into the hoop. Be sure to drop it or draw a line to deflect it.

5.3 / 10
Paper Racer

Complete all the unique, silly, and downright crazy trial tracks of Paper Racer, an exciting motor trial game with a special design. All the levels look like pen and pencil line drawings. The design may be simple, but the levels are not. Can you make your way past an array of strange and comical obstacles without crashing your bike?

0 / 10

Flick the arrows off the guideline in Arrozoid and try to hit all the words and letters. There's a message written to you in each level. You have to erase all the words by hitting the letters with the arrowheads. Tap to send the arrowheads shooting off the guideline. They will move straight in the direction in which they are pointing, so wait until they reach just the right point in the curve!

2 / 10
Super Robo Fighter 3

Build a robot in Super Robo Fighter 3 and fight in the arena. By winning fights, you can earn coins. Save up enough to unlock new blueprints for even more powerful robots. To build a robot, move the parts to the corresponding section of the blueprint. Line up all the parts with the drawing to assemble your battle-bots!

0 / 10
Sketchman Gun

Try to stay alive in Sketchman Gun while the obstacles and enemies come at you in droves. Leap over the spikes and crates, duck under the buzz saws and mines, and make sure you dodge the enemy bullets. Fire back at the other stickmen to eliminate them and try to collect enough coins to purchase some helpful upgrades.

0 / 10
Princesses at Met Gala Ball

Princesses at Met Gala Ball is the highlight of the social season, and you are the stylist for three princesses – Snow White, Belle and Cinderella. Give each princess her own glamourous look with a stunning gown, hairstyle and accessories, then bask in glory as they show off your creations on the red carpet.

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Ten Game

Ten Game is like the puzzle game 2048, but with easier numbers: 1 - 10. Combine the matching blocks to make a new block that is one point higher in value. Can you create a block marked 10? The more different blocks you get in your 4 x 4 grid, the harder it becomes to slide the blocks around. New blocks will appear after every move.

0 / 10
Crazy Cabbie

Your Crazy Cabbie had lost his mind. He's suddenly turned around and is driving the cab right into the oncoming traffic. To avoid dying in a terrible crash, you'll have to leap over the other cars, vans, and trucks coming down the road. There are green gems scattered all over the deck. Can you collect them all?

0 / 10
Free Kick Online

Take penalty shots in the soccer game Free Kick Online and try to hit the red targets floating in the goal. Wait for the goalie to move aside so that you can get a clear shot at the target. Try to collect the stars if you can. When you have collected 100 of them, you can play the wheel of fortune game to unlock different balls, backgrounds, and other items.

0 / 10
Legendary Warrior Goblin Rush

Take down the monsters in Legendary Warrior Goblin Rush and try to advance through all 63 levels of this funny archery game. Use your bow and arrow to aim and release your arrows at the right moment to hit the bobbing and jumping monsters. Can you score a perfect round in each level?

0 / 10
Watercraft Rush

How far will you get in the exciting racing game Watercraft Rush? Try to reach the finish line before you run out of time. Try to keep your jet ski within the boundaries of the race track. If you shoot beyond the buoys you will start to lose speed very quickly, so stay within the lines!

0 / 10