Sudoku Challenge HD

Sudoku Challenge HD is an engaging game for sudoku veterans. Choose between hard, expert and challenge modes, and start filling each row, column and bold section with numbers from 1 to 9.

0 / 10
Sudoku Deluxe

Sudoku Deluxe is a fun sudoku game played on a wooden board. Fill in the numbers 1-9 and avoid repetition creeping into any of the individual rows and columns. Each number must appear only one time.

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Libelle Sudoku

Libelle Sudoku is an online sudoku offering three difficulty levels. Are you looking for a fun, easy sudoku, or would you prefer a challenge? Choose your difficulty and print the numbers 1-9 in every nine cell line and section.

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FunGamePlay Sudoku

FunGamePlay Sudoku is an exciting version of the famous Sudoku game! To play, choose a difficulty, and click on a cell for a choice of numbers from 1-9. Fill in each row, column and 3x3 section correctly to finish!

0 / 10
Quick Sudoku

Quick Sudoku is a sudoku game where your only opponent is time. Race against the clock to fill in every square (per row, column and 3 by 3 block) with numbers from 1 through 9 before time runs out!

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Cliff Diving Online

Leap into the sea in the funny skill game Cliff Diving Online. Grab your knees and spin in the air to execute a perfect flip, but make sure you let go on time to straighten out and dive in head-first. It's really painful to bellyflop or hit the water flat on your back, especially when jumping into the water from a height. If you land a good dive you'll get to climb higher up the cliff, but if your dive is a failure you'll have to come down a little. The most important thing, however, is to jump clear of the rocks!

0 / 10
Bus With Suitcases

The bus is crammed full of suitcases in the puzzle game Bus With Suitcases. You can't let them pile all the way up to the ceiling or new passengers won't be able to load their stuff on board! Slide the suitcases across the screen to drop them down into the gaps. Complete the rows to clear the cases and create more space. For each move you make, new suitcases will appear at the bottom of the screen, so make sure not to waste any moves!

0 / 10
Frolic Car Parking

If you want to get some practice parking your car, try the game Frolic Car Parking! The parking lot is quite cluttered with old tires and traffic cones, and whoever came up with the layout should rethink all the separating walls and trees they put in. Can you guide your car to the tight parking space without accidents? Parking your car is one thing, but can you get it out of the parking spot as well once you've reached your target?

10 / 10
Dot Adventure

Bounce the ball over the platforms to reach the exit in Dot Adventure. Along the way, you'll have to collect three stars and often one or more keys as well. The keys will unlock the blocked passageways to the exit. Can you bounce your way past the spiked walls and platforms, and the unstable platforms that crumble after a single hop? Good luck!

0 / 10
Money Movers 2

The money moving brothers are on it again! help them collect as much coins as possible!

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Ado Cars Drifter

Skid through the bends with screaming tires in Ado Cars Drifter, an awesome 3D drifting game. In this cool Ado Cars game, you'll have to level up your driver to unlock new cars and racing tracks. There are three awesome tracks to gain access to. Start in the docks and gain drift points to open up the snowy mountain track and the forest track. The longer you drift, the more points you add to your counter!

0 / 10
Head Shot

Blast the massive floating head out of the way in Head Shot, a hilariously weird shooter game. There's a giant head floating around on the other end of each level. While you often won't be able to get a direct shot at this wacky monstrosity, you can use other elements in the levels - platforms, arrows, portals, etc. - to redirect your bullets and work your way around the obstacles. You have a single bullet to blow up the levitating noggin, but you can retry each level as many times as you like.

0 / 10
Mahjongg Candy

Try to find all the matching pairs in Mahjongg Candy, a fun mahjong puzzle game with sweet candy! Match up the lollipops, hard candy, taffy, chocolates, and gumdrops to clear the tiles away. Can you clear the whole board before your time is up? If you can't find any more pairs to play, you can hit the reshuffle button, but you will have to sacrifice 20 seconds off the clock to do so!

0 / 10
Instagirls Dress Up

Choose a model to dress up for your fashion blog in Instagirls Dress Up. You can choose a model who resembles you, or pick one that looks completely different. Now you can take your model to the shops and find trendy items for her to wear. Once you're done and your shopping budget has run out, you can take a picture for Instagram. Let's see how your followers respond to your fashion sense. The more likes they give you, the more money you earn for the next round of shopping. Don't worry if a particular look doesn't go down well. You can always change it up. Even a modest accessory can make a huge difference. Can you save up enough money to buy even the most expensive items of clothing?

6 / 10
Stickman Archer Online

You're being attacked by armed opponents in Stickman Archer Online! String your bow and let your arrows fly true. Kill your opponents with a headshot before they can turn you into a pincushion. A single headshot is also enough to kill your stickman, so make sure you fire off your arrows and hit your opponents first!

0 / 10
Agent Gun

Run up the stairs with your secret agent, Agent Gun, and shoot the bad guys. On each new floor, a bad guy will jump out at you. Let Agent Gun wave his weapon around and click to shoot at exactly the right moment to hit the crook. Make sure you don't miss. If you give them the chance, the bad guys will shoot back!

0 / 10
Sling Drifter

Make sharp turns in the car game Sling Drifter by casting your cable at the red pillars positioned at each turn. The real trick is figuring out exactly when to let go. Don't hang on too long, or your car will skid into the wall. If you let go too soon, however, your car won't make the turn. Try to keep to the middle of the road to collect as much cash as you can!

0 / 10
Kardashians Graduation

Who'd have thought it? In the game Kardashians Graduation, four of the Kardashian sisters have finished college and they are all graduating at the same time. This calls for a huge party! Make sure the girls are all wearing their party dresses and pretty shoes under their graduation gowns, because they'll be heading straight to the party as soon as the ceremony is over. You can give the girls ribbons with funny graduation slogans, and a glass of wine or champagne to toast to the occasion!

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Ado Stunt Cars 2

Race through an awesome 3D stunt park in Ado Stunt Cars 2 and test your cars on all the different ramps - twisted launch ramps, vert ramps, quarter pipes with spines to skid across - and the huge super loops! Tear around the park in a number of different vehicles of your choice, from clunky jeeps to slick sports cars, and try out every dizzying jump. You can gain enough height on the vert ramps to look over the full park. There are a number of different parks to explore and loads of different cars to experiment with!

0 / 10
Apple Shooter Remastered

Shoot the apple off your buddy's flat head in the archery game Apple Shooter Remastered. The two pals have decided to reenact the legend of William Tell, but even William Tell had a second arrow ready in case he missed... Unless you help out, this game is bound to end in tears for one buddy, and in grievous bodily harm for the other. Draw the bow and loose your arrow. You don't have to land a hit in one go, so start conservatively to spare your pal. Split the apple, not your friend!

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