Hexa Blocks
Hexa Blocks is an addictive 10x10 game with hexagonal tiles, allowing you to form horizontal and diagonal lines. Use the three tiles displayed below the board to form complete lines from one end of the board to the other. The tiles will pop, and the red bar at the top will begin to fill up. In each level, you only have a small number of moves. Can you lay enough lines to fill the meter? You will only receive three new tiles once you have placed the previous three tiles on the board. The fewer moves you use, the higher your score at the end of the level.
0 / 10
Block Craft 3D
Explore a floating island in Block Craft 3D and build your own world. Collect 3D blocks (voxels) to craft buildings with. You can dig out areas to collect stone and dirt (but don't dig too deep or you'll mine your way through the bottom of the island!) and start constructing the walls of a house or castle. Plant trees and search for flowers to create a castle yard, or just build a huge forest full of trees. In this game inspired by Minecraft, you can build anything you like!
0 / 10
Masked Forces 3
Enter the multiplayer battle arena in Masked Forces 3 and make your way through the war-torn cityscape without getting shot. Try to find the Ability Boosters to give you the upper hand in a confrontation with other players and sneak through the alleys to ambush your enemies. Other players will appear on your radar as red dots, but remember that players can also hide out on top of the containers, canopy roofs, fire escapes, and rooftops.
0 / 10
Speed around the .io multiplayer arena with your brightly colored block in and look for other players to attack. Gather the pips and swing your lance by twisting and turning around. Try to hit your opponents while staying clear of their lances. Any player who gets hit with a lance will immediately pop and vanish. If you're the victor in any confrontation your lance will grow a little longer, giving you an advantage over other players. If you are under threat you can try to sprint away, but bear in mind that you only have limited energy for sprints...!
0 / 10
Pixel Battle Royal
Fight to survive in Pixel Battle Royal, a great 3D Battle Royale game in which you have to fight for your life on a small, hilly island covered in grassland and occupied by 20 hostile bots. Run around and search for weapons and a wall to cover your back. Parachute down from the military plane and try to get away from the open plains as soon as your feet hit the ground. The game ends when you die, or when you've managed to eliminate all of your enemies! Good luck!
10 / 10
Conquer as much territory as you can in this multiplayer chomp game. The amount of territory you manage to grab will determine your position on the leaderboard. The area that is marked with your color is your safe zone. Loop in and out of this area to draw a line and add additional cells to your territory. The moment you re-enter your home zone, all the free cells caught within the loop you have drawn will become yours. You can eliminate other players and take away their territory by cutting through their lines when they move outside of their home zone. The moment a player is cut off like that, they lose all of their land and respawn elsewhere in the level. Other players may target you as well, so make sure you don't venture too far beyond the safe confines of your home zone!
6 / 10
Vikingheim Halloween Slots
Spin the reels with the spooky slots game Vikingheim Halloween Slots and compete to win amazing Halloween-themed prizes, such as a trip for two to Dracula's Castle in Transylvania (Romania)! This amazing 5-reel slot machine game doesn't play when it comes to staying true to the Halloween theme!
0 / 10
Draw and Guess
Draw pictures and guess the words in the multiplayer game Draw and Guess. The game is a little bit like Pictionary. Players take turns at drawing a picture, and the rest of the participants in the room have to try to guess the right word in the group chat. If a player guesses the right word, this will not be displayed. Instead, you'll see a notification saying a certain player guessed the answer. This means that other players still have a chance to guess the picture and score some points, too. If you don't want to draw, you can skip your turn. The game automatically skips inactive players.
0 / 10
Shape Matcher
Shape Matcher is a fun online swap game. Your goal is to clear the black bricks to advance a level. Swap adjacent shapes to form a group of three, and keep your eyes on the clock! Can you score three stars?
0 / 10
Word Cookies Online
It's time to show off your vocabulary and spelling skills! Make words with these scattered letters!
0 / 10
Kogama: Kizi Adventure
Kizi has crashed his spaceship on an unknown planet in Kogama: Kizi Adventure. Unfortunately, Kizi hasn't been able to return home, because the pieces of his spaceship are scattered all over the place. The planet is full of dangerous monsters, mountain ranges, toxic lakes, and other challenging obstacles, so Kizi has been unable to collect the machine parts he's lost. That's where you come in. Surely a seasoned adventurer like yourself will be able to journey through all the different areas of this creatively designed Kogama world and retrieve the pieces Kizi needs! Follow the trail of coins and stars, and don't forget to use the checkpoints to save your progress.
0 / 10
Tip tap 2
A new lane always appears alongside the street. The creature quickly runs back and forth. Turn the new lane at the right moment without shooting over the edge. Keep going, because after a while the walls on the sides will not keep it anymore!
0 / 10
City Stunts
Race through the alleys in the Ado game City Stunts and search for the ramps and super loops hidden between the buildings. In this awesome game by the makers of Ado Cars Drifter and Ado Stunt Cars 2, you can perform the craziest stunts in a densely-packed urban environment. Leap over the vert ramps and soar over the buildings. Try to land on the rooftops and see how far you can ride your vehicles across the mansard, gambrel, and gable roofing. From up high, you can easily spot the next looping or ramp you want to try. Now, can you find you way there? Test out 8 cool vehicles: 6 sports cars, a jeep, and a bus!
0 / 10
FGP Plumber Game
Alright, so you're not the most efficient plumber in town. But in FGP Plumber Game, that's okay - as long as the first piece and the end piece of the pipeline are connected you will pass the plumbing test! Can you do it?
0 / 10
Sudoku Challenge HD
Sudoku Challenge HD is an engaging game for sudoku veterans. Choose between hard, expert and challenge modes, and start filling each row, column and bold section with numbers from 1 to 9.
0 / 10
Sudoku Deluxe
Sudoku Deluxe is a fun sudoku game played on a wooden board. Fill in the numbers 1-9 and avoid repetition creeping into any of the individual rows and columns. Each number must appear only one time.
0 / 10
Libelle Sudoku
Libelle Sudoku is an online sudoku offering three difficulty levels. Are you looking for a fun, easy sudoku, or would you prefer a challenge? Choose your difficulty and print the numbers 1-9 in every nine cell line and section.
0 / 10
FunGamePlay Sudoku
FunGamePlay Sudoku is an exciting version of the famous Sudoku game! To play, choose a difficulty, and click on a cell for a choice of numbers from 1-9. Fill in each row, column and 3x3 section correctly to finish!
0 / 10
Quick Sudoku
Quick Sudoku is a sudoku game where your only opponent is time. Race against the clock to fill in every square (per row, column and 3 by 3 block) with numbers from 1 through 9 before time runs out!
0 / 10
Bus With Suitcases
The bus is crammed full of suitcases in the puzzle game Bus With Suitcases. You can't let them pile all the way up to the ceiling or new passengers won't be able to load their stuff on board! Slide the suitcases across the screen to drop them down into the gaps. Complete the rows to clear the cases and create more space. For each move you make, new suitcases will appear at the bottom of the screen, so make sure not to waste any moves!
0 / 10