Battle Solitaire

Play Battle Solitaire in this fun multiplayer game. A game of solitaire in which you must be faster than your opponents in working your way through the deck.

8 / 10

This is the time to prove to your friends that you're good with letters!

8.1 / 10
Big Barney Chase

Play a version of The Game of the Goose with the famous modern Stone Age family, the Flintstones.

8.1 / 10
Backgammon Arena

In Backgammon Arena you can play the challenging game of backgammon with players from all over the world. It's part luck and part strategy! Can you collect experience points and play your way into the more advanced backgammon rooms? Use the eyes you roll wisely and advance across the board. Can you knock out your opponents in this skill-based board game? Have fun!

5 / 10
Table Football

Play Foosball or Table Football against the pc or against each other! Nice graphics, and just as fast and tricky as the real thing!

7.8 / 10
Checkers Fun

Draughts or checkers is a classic abstract strategy board game in which you move diagonally across the board and jump over the opponent's stones to capture them. The game developed from the Middle Eastern board game Alquerque.

Tweak the game to your preferences in difficulty, perspective, and what colour stones you would like to play. Brush up on the game rules in the instructions, if necessary, and enjoy!

7.9 / 10

Zwok is a type of worms game with great background designs. Play Zwok and team up with people from al over the world to defeat another team of players.

8.2 / 10
Tank Ball 2

Play people all over the world in this nicely designed 3D Multiplayer.

8 / 10
Gold Miner - Multiplayer

Play the classic Gold mine together now in this Chinese multiplayer game! You can also control both miners by yourself, which speeds up your gold finding rate.

8 / 10
Tic Tac Toe

You no longer need pen and paper to play Tic Tac Toe, also known as Naughts and Crosses. Play the online game with a friend or against the computer.

8 / 10

Speed around the .io multiplayer arena with your brightly colored block in and look for other players to attack. Gather the pips and swing your lance by twisting and turning around. Try to hit your opponents while staying clear of their lances. Any player who gets hit with a lance will immediately pop and vanish. If you're the victor in any confrontation your lance will grow a little longer, giving you an advantage over other players. If you are under threat you can try to sprint away, but bear in mind that you only have limited energy for sprints...!

0 / 10

Play a tetris match against other tetris players from all over the world. Create a free login name and password and show off your tetris skills worldwide.

8 / 10 is a fun multiplayer building game! Collect wood, stone and other materials to make your village safe and prosperous. You can raid other players’ villages, but make sure to defend your own!

0 / 10
Fleabag vs. Mutt

Hurl bones and cans at each other and play out the eternal battle between cats and dogs. When you play alone you play the dog, but with two players you can also choose to play the cat.

8 / 10

Conquer as much territory as you can in this multiplayer chomp game. The amount of territory you manage to grab will determine your position on the leaderboard. The area that is marked with your color is your safe zone. Loop in and out of this area to draw a line and add additional cells to your territory. The moment you re-enter your home zone, all the free cells caught within the loop you have drawn will become yours. You can eliminate other players and take away their territory by cutting through their lines when they move outside of their home zone. The moment a player is cut off like that, they lose all of their land and respawn elsewhere in the level. Other players may target you as well, so make sure you don't venture too far beyond the safe confines of your home zone!

6 / 10
Backgammon Multiplayer

With this multiplayer game you can play backgammon against people from all over the world. Although some of it is luck, there is enough of a margin for you to impress players worldwide with your strategy.

7.6 / 10

You can play this bomberman game on your own, or with up to four players all seated at one keyboard. Place bombs around the maze and collect the bonus items. These can help you trap and blow up your opponent.

8 / 10

Play darts against real opponents with WebDarts! Play against people from all over the world and show how good you are at this great pub sport.

8 / 10
Mahjong Duels

Play a fun game of multiplayer speed mahjong against players from all over the world. Can you make lots of speed Mahjong combinations and clear away the tiles before your opponent can clear their own Mahh-jong layout? By making quick Mah-jongg tile matches, you can send all kinds of tricky obstacles your opponent's way. Gain experience points to get into the more advanced Mahjong player rooms! Have fun playing!

10 / 10 is a competitive .io platform game. Run and jump through the level, squeeze through the tunnels. Squish other players by jumping on them, but make sure you don’t get squashed yourself!

0 / 10

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