Feel like you could use some company? You don't have to play these games by yourself. Ask some friends over and play these games together to introduce some friendly competition. Team up to do better at games like Bubble Trouble and Boxhead Zombies, or play a game of golf or pool against one another. Of course, you don't have to have friends handy to play multiplayer games. You can also play against other people all over the world. Enter upon battles and online puzzle competitions, or play card games or darts against any available player. With these mutliplayer games you'll never be in need of gaming company again. Check the left-hand tag bar for a quick overview of the most popular multiplayer game categories for easy navigation. Enjoy!

We like these games:Bomb It 6,, Battle for the Galaxy, Bomb It 5,,,, Kogama: Jurassic World, SkyRama, Bomb'Em

Bomb It 6
Drop of your bombs and destroy all the enemies in Bomb it 6!
0 / 10 is a fun multiplayer building game! Collect wood, stone and other materials to make your village safe and prosperous. You can raid other players’ villages, but make sure to defend your own!
0 / 10
Battle for the Galaxy
Play the epic space war game Battle for the Galaxy for free! Download and play together with friends and defeat all space enemies!
0 / 10
Bomb It 5
Play Bomb It 5, a nice Action game for free!
0 / 10
Play now with a lot of different fidget spinners in!
10 / 10
Play, a nice .io game for free!
6 / 10
In this dodgeball multiplayer game you have to run through the arena and collect dodgeballs to hurl at other players. Run round, dodge enemy attacks, and take out as many players as you can!
0 / 10
Kogama: Jurassic World
Kogama: Jurassic World is another cool 3D game from Kogama, this time based on the Jurassic Park movies. Break into the dinosaur theme park and set out to explore all the stands, shops, plains, and forests!
10 / 10
Get ready for takeoff and build your own online airport! Air traffic controllers, flight attendants, ground crew - in SkyRama you're responsible for them all! Build your own airport and take over command - you've got plenty of passengers to tend.
0 / 10
Bomb'Em is a cool multiplayer game in which you have to blast your way through a 3D maze to blow up your opponents. Break through the walls and collect useful power-ups. Chase down your enemies and trap them with your bombs!
0 / 10
Play against lots of other players in the strategy .io multiplayer game! Build your fortress and surround it with defences. Attack others but make sure you don’t get demolished!
0 / 10
Throne: Kingdom at War
Throne: Kingdom at War is an MMO strategy game in which you can build your own medieval city. Recruit and train an army of your own so that you can heroically ride into various PvE and PvP battles to protect your kingdom and show your might!
0 / 10 is a fun multiplayer target game! Shoot arrows at other players and avoid the ones that are heading your way. You can shoot one single arrow, or a whole barrage to defeat your opponents!
0 / 10
World of Warships
Play now the war on the seven seas in World of Warships for free! Download the free client for this massive online multiplayer game now!
0 / 10
In you can fly your drone through a hilly arena. Dodge all the bullets and try to take down the other drones. Make sure you land carefully, because crash landings will damage your drone!
0 / 10
Seek out other players to knock out with your magic attacks in the arena of Each attack had a short reload time, so try to level up your character and earn more attacks as you go!
5 / 10
Explore the desert in You’re a poisonous scorpion. Try to collect all the gems to score power-ups. This will eventually make you the strongest scorpion in the sandy arena – if you make it that far!
0 / 10 is a fun multiplayer game that will have you on the attack! Your goal is to protect your color’s corner, shoot other players, and stay on the board. Don’t get bumped off first!
0 / 10
Send your troops into battle strategically and defeat all the other players in the strategy multiplayer .io board game! Protect your own general and capture your enemy’s commander!
0 / 10 is a competitive .io platform game. Run and jump through the level, squeeze through the tunnels. Squish other players by jumping on them, but make sure you don’t get squashed yourself!
0 / 10