Welcome to! We, the team behind, have built a website where you can play all sorts of online games. You don't have to download any software to do so. You can play these games right away in your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and others). Our website is for everyone who enjoys online games, and all our games are free. Read on for answers to our frequently asked questions.

Help! The game doesn't work. What do I do now?

We offer three types of games: Flash, Java, and Shockwave games. Your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) needs a so-called plug-in to display the Flash and Shockwave games. Sometimes games will not work properly if you do not have the latest version of the plug-ins installed on your computer. You can download the latest plug-ins here:

Does playing games cost money?

No, all the games that you can find at can be played for free. However, some games do offer the possibility to play for real money in addition to playmoney. This is never obligatory. If you are underage we advise you to discuss this with your parents or guardians before playing such games for real money.

How many games do you have? When will new games be added?

We have great amount of games! All the way at the bottom of our front page, to the left, you can see how many games are currently available. We add new games every day. You can also subscribe to our RSS-feed so that you are notified whenever new games are added. Of course, you can also just look under the category 'New' on our homepage.

What's 'My games'?

If you like a game, you can click on 'Add this game' in the left hand bar, the second box from the top. When you do this, the game will always be mentioned in the left hand menu under 'My Games'. This way you always have your favourite games at your fingertips. When you click on the X next to it the game is removed from your list. The list is emptied whenever you remove the cookies from your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox).

I can't find a certain game! What do I do now?

Our front page is built up again and again to feature the newest and most popular games. Maybe this is why you cannot find your game anymore. You can find your game back by using the search bar in the top left of the page, or you can try browsing the category pages and searching under the most appropriate tags.

I want to put games on my own website. Can I?

We'd love it if you put links to our games on your website. However, it is not possible to load the game-files directly off our server. At the moment we are working on making it possible for you to put the games on your own website. Read more about that soon!