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Jane's Hotel 2

In this sequel to the fun management game Jane's Hotel you must keep your customers happy by providing fast and accurate service. With the money that you make you can slowly move up to furnishing your hotel with all kinds of luxuries.

8 / 10
Bookworm 2

Play Bookworm 2 now!

8.3 / 10
Gold Rush Deluxe

Click away the adjacent blocks of the same colour before the rows stack up too high and fill the screen. Collect the golden blocks to get to the next level.

8 / 10
Lost in Reefs

In this game you own a big aquarium. Decorate it so that it becomes a nice place for your fish to live, and take good care of your fish to keep them healthy.

8 / 10
Making Burgers 2

In this game you have to prepare some delicious hamburgers for your customers. Make sure you grab the right ingredients to prepare the right orders.

8 / 10
Mortimer Beckett and the Time Parad

Help Mortimer Beckett return the lost objects and solve the puzzles by travelling through time in this extensive point and click game. Can you find and return all the objects?

0 / 10

Zylom Games!

Zylom, part of RealNetworks, is a Dutch company that develops online computer games. Zylom is really good at developing \"casual games\". Here you\'ll find an extensive overview of the games developed by Zylom. Card games and dice games, or would you rather try some Bubbles games? There are Zylom games for every player!

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