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This is the time to prove to your friends that you're good with letters!

8.1 / 10
The Impossible Quiz 3

The Impossible Quiz is back, with more silly and tough answers, puns, and trick questions for you to tackle. The right answer isn't always the right answer! How far will you be able to get?

7.4 / 10
Spelling Scramble

Two kinds of scrabble game in one! In the one game you have to make as many words as you can before time runs out. In the other you have to try to win extra points by using certain letters.

8.4 / 10
Crossword Casual

How good is you command of English vocabulary? In Crossword Casual, you can train your brain with entertaining crossword puzzles and improve your knowledge! Just choose a theme and try finishing the puzzle in the shortest possible time. You can add some useful words to your vocabulary, learn the names of world cities, and more! To help you out, Crossword Casual crosses out the lines which are correct. Now, you can focus on the ones that are still green!

0 / 10
Word Strip

In this game you have to help out the girls. They dressed up way too warm for this weather. Type the letters indicated and help them shed some layers of clothing.

8 / 10
Airballoons Wordsearch

Find all the words hidden in this wordsearch puzzle with airballoons in the background. Can you find them all? The words may appear in the puzzle horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

8 / 10
Alpha Assault

Make words with the adjoining letters in the field. Keep the red tiles as far away from your castle tile as you can. With the coins you earn for spelling words you can buy more letters to place in the field. (Click on the letter and then click on where you want in the field.)

0 / 10
Halloween World Dig

Try to find all the words on the list that are hidden in the grid of letters in this Halloween word finder puzzle. Can you spot all the hidden words?

6 / 10
Word Crush

Use the letters in the grid to spell the right words in the word search game Word Crush! Find the letters and draw a line between them to link them up in the right order. The letters will vanish and new letters and words will appear. Keep finding words to add more time to the clock!

10 / 10
Samurai Typing

In this game the keyboard is you weapon. You re the running samurai and you are attacked by your many ninja enemies. Type the right letters to defeat them and destroy their bombs and other weapons. How long will you last?

8 / 10
Word Cookies Online

It's time to show off your vocabulary and spelling skills! Make words with these scattered letters!

0 / 10
Moon Type 2

Are you good at blind typing? Defend your moon base by typing all the words as quickly as you can. This way you can blow up the enemy spaceships and their bombs.

8 / 10
Treasure Dive

You're diving for treasure underwater, but suddenly you are surrounded by sharks. Quickly type the words on the sharks to blow them out of the way. When you find the treasure you get to solve a puzzle to determine how much of it you get to take.

8 / 10
Finger Frenzy World

Where are your typing skills at? find out now in this game. Type out the alphabet as fast as you can and compare your score to that of your friends. The clock starts as soon as you start typing.

8 / 10
Waffle Words

Can you find all the hidden words in the grid? Try to cross them out as fast as you can. You can play this fun work game in multiple languages! Have fun!

0 / 10

Play with words in this game. Run over or under them. Jump on or off of them. And push the letters around to solve the hints and find a way past the many obstacles.

0 / 10
Words and Physics

Can you solve all the puzzles? The words spell out the hints. Can you figure out what they mean? Try out different solutions until you crack the code.

0 / 10
Word Search Europe

Can you find all the names of European countires hidden in this word search puzzle. The words that are hidden can be horizontal, vertical, and back to front.

8 / 10
Spider Typer

The letter chameleons are on their way to eat the cute red spider. Help the spider climb up out of their reach by typing the letters stamped on the chameleons.

8 / 10
Word Up

Choose your language and look carefully at all the letters in the grid. Can you find all the hidden words? Complete the level objectives by clearing as many letters as you can. Good luck!

0 / 10
Drop a Block

Don't let the columns grow too high. Keep them lower by making words out of the letters dropping down. Unfortunately using the mouse is the only way to control the game, which is quite annoying.

8 / 10
Bunny Boom

There are lots of green bunnies coming after your carrots. Quickly type the letter above the bunny to get rid of it. When all your carrots have been eaten the game is over and you lose.

8 / 10
Free Words

Free Words is a fun and fast-paced word game! In thirty seconds, you must assemble words out of the unintelligible jumble of words given to you. You’ll be surprised by what can come up!

0 / 10
4 Images 1 Word

Play 4 Images 1 Word, a nice Brain game for free!

0 / 10

Play the letters as you can in this language game. Can you find all the words? Pick the right letters to switch the letters in the vertical columns and form a famous sentence.

8 / 10
Letter Twist

In this game you have to swap two or more letters around between the top and bottom row to make the letters in each row spell out different words. Can you find out which letters to swap before the time is up?

6 / 10
Type for Gold

Help your athlete win the race by typing out the words that appear at the top of the screen quickly and accurately. If you type the word right your athlete runs faster. If you make a typo you lose your word and your athlete trips.

8 / 10

The robots are all ill! They've got roboflu! the treatment is for you to use the letters and spell words with them. This will heal the sick robot cells!

8 / 10
Animals Hangman

Can you find all the secret words? Guess the letters that might be in the word. Don't guess too many wrong, or you will lose the game. Can you guess the word soon?

8 / 10
Monkey Go Happy Guess

Can you guess all the words? Look carefully at the clues and figure what the hidden word is. In the Roman bonus round you have to write out the numbers in Roman numerals.

8 / 10
Redbeard's Treasure

Collect Redbeard's treasure by clicking on adjacent letters in the grid. Use these letters to spell out the words you see to the right of the grid one by one.

8 / 10
Battle Scripts

Select the letters in the right order and make words. The longer the words the more points. Can you help the knight win the word game tournament against many different opponents?

8 / 10
Alphabet Hunter

In this game you must find the letters very quickly. They're milling about on the screen. The letter displayed in the middle is the one you need to click. Are you fast enough?

8 / 10
Letters Master

Can you do touch typing? Do you know where all the letters are on the keyboard? Then you are a real Letter Master! Test your skills in this game. When a letter appears on screen, hit the corresponding key on your keyboard as quick as you can.

8 / 10
Roboflu 2

The robots have contracted all kinds of viruses. Use the corrupted letters in their system to spell words, this will make the letters green again and cure the robots. You can use the green and the red letters to spell words. Press the red button to submit them. Press scramble to scramble the letters on the board when you run out of words to spell.

8 / 10
Animals Word Search

Can you find all the words hidden in the grid? Look carefully at the letters and you'll soon spot them! The words you must find are hidden below the grid.

8 / 10
Airballoons Hangman

Play a game of hangman in this fun puzzle game with airballoons in the background. Can you guess the letters and find the secret word? Don't make too many mistakes! When the background picture is fully faded, it's game over!

8 / 10
Kriss X

How good are you with letters and words? Make words in this scrabble game to make the letters disappear. How many points will you be able to score?

0 / 10
Onomastica 2

In this great sequel to Onomastica you can move around the letters and play with words to clear the obstacles. Look at the letters carefully. Can you solve the hints?

0 / 10
Neon Words

Link up the letters to form all the words on the list in Neon Words. Can you guess all the right words and score the maximum amount of stars? You will need the stars to unlock the later levels with even longer words!

0 / 10
Words Family

Words Family is a puzzle and word game all rolled into one. In each level you are presented with sets of tiles combined in different shapes, and each tile has a letter on it. You must fit the tiles on the board in just the right way to spell words. Every time you complete a level, the puzzles become more difficult.

0 / 10

Play with words!

Are you good at anagrams, or at making words out of jumbled letters? Play one of our fun word games here. These games make spelling fun, and good spelling skills become cooler when you can outscore your friends with them in these games! Make short words or long words with all the letters of the alphabet. How quick can you think up words with the given letters?

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