Olympic Challenge

A realistic sailing game. Keep an eye of the direction of the wind and rig your sail to make the best of it. The game stores your personal best, so after one try you can race against yourself. Keep your sail at the right angle to move forward. This might take a couple of tries.

7.9 / 10
Captain Chaos

Sail against the red boat in this sailing race game. Avoid the giant squids, whales and whirlpools, and keep between the buoys in order to make good time.

8 / 10
Tall Ships Sailing Challenge

Are you the new Zac Sunderland? Sail around the world in your sailboat in this fun sailing game. Keep the wind in your sails because there is a time limit to your adventure! You also lose time off the counter for every rock you hit.

7.4 / 10
Stu's Coin Quest

Help Stu collect the coins. His friend is controlling the speed boat, and Stu is being dragged along behind. Dive underwater and grab the coins, but dodge the spiky fish!

0 / 10
Shark Attack

Sail around the islands and pick up the drowning swimmers. But make sure to stay clear of the rocks and stay ahead of the great white shark, otherwise it might sink its teeth into your boat!

8 / 10
Sailing Boat Competition

Pass between all the buoys in this sailing game. They are placed failry close to one another, so you will have to aim well. Every time you hit a buoy your ship takes 20% damage.

8 / 10
Sailing Match

Can you overtake all the other boats in this sailing race? Pass the other boats, but try not to crash into them. Watch out for boats trying to overtake you too!

8 / 10
Tubin' on Lake Tyler

Go tubing. Let yourself get towed across a lake by a speedboat. Avoid all of the obstacles and collect the stars. If you hit an object you lose points. It might even result in a wipeout.

8 / 10
Introduction to Sailing

Learn how to sail a sailboat in this introductory sailing game. Learn about the boat and the different sails, and how to sail upwind and downwind. Learn in what order to pass the buoys in a race, and then put your new knowledge to the test in a race. Good luck!

8 / 10
Jet Ski Rush

Race across the water with your jet ski. hit the ramps and make huge jumps. Grab the stars while you fly through the sky and make sure you don't fall into the water and go under.

8 / 10
Raft Wars

Your baby brother has found treasure on the beach, but pirates have heard the news and are coming to steal it. Defend the treasure that is rightfully yours with a tennis ball cannon from your inflatable rafts.

8 / 10
Docking Perfection 2

It's difficult to manoeuvre your ferryboat in this small haven. Take passengers to the dock s indicated without crashing and sinking your boat. It will take some practice!

8 / 10
Pet Sports

Pet Sports is a cute and fun skills tournament between animals! There are three sports: running, swimming, and motocross. First, you need to train to get fit and earn coins. Then you can buy power-ups. Compete and sweep the games!

0 / 10
Treasure Diving

Dive into the sea to search for treasure in this game. Swim down, but watch out for all kind of undersea menaces and dangers such as fish, stingrays, coral reefs, and sharks.

8 / 10
Boat Survive

How long will you and your speedboat last on the open sea? Hopefully longer than the Titanic, because these icebergs are pretty dangerous too. Get your speedboat past all the obstacles and score points!

8 / 10
Jet Ski Racer

Try to overtake all the other jetskis. Can you stay ahead of your opponents and take the first place? Follow the arrows around the islands to win the race.

9 / 10
Kayak King

Become the Kayak King. Navigate the dangerous rapids and kayak through all the gates in the right direction. Make the turns at the right moment and don't hit the rocks.

8 / 10
Wakeboarding XS

In this game you are a wakeboarder. Surf over the waves and do all kinds of dangerous stunts. Make sure you don't fall. You are being pulled by a boat. Jump over the ramps and other obstacles.

8.3 / 10
Global One Water

Help all the kids pump up the water by turning the wheel. It's hard work, so the kids get tired. Have new children come and help them out. You can have 5 people working on one wheel at a time.

8 / 10
Water polo

Take part in a water polo tournament. Choose a country to play for and became the world champion! Swim with the ball and throw it in your opponent's goal.

8 / 10
Sail Voyage

Sail through the buoys and make some quick turns in this sailing race game. Maybe you'll spot some dolphins on the way.

8 / 10
Ballistic Biscuit

Lead Counselor Bob in his inflatable tire past all the obstacles in his way.

5.5 / 10

Sail around the buoys and avoid the swimmers and other floating objects in the water. Try not to hit the buoys, the beach, or sail out of the screen. See how far you get in this sailing game.

8 / 10
Buoy Ahoy

Collect all the buoys in this sailing game. Clear the level of buoys and then move on to the next. Sailing in the direction of the wind is easiest.

6 / 10
Wave Jumper

Help the waterskier cover as much distance as possible and set a record jump. Set the right angle and power and try to hit as many bouncy balls to boost your jump.

8 / 10
Waterski Challenge

In this game you have quite a challenge to live up to: control the boat as well as the waterskier. Not only do you have to keep from crashing, but you also have to try to collect the stars as you go. Can you do it?

0 / 10

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Play a watersports game here. There are all kinds of water sports you can try. Try different sports on a lake, and in the sea or ocean. Sail in a sailing boat, or go rowing in a rowing boat, kayaking or canoeing. Waterskiing and being dragged behind a boat on a giant yellow banana or in a tyre are all water sports too. Take a look at this overview of online water sports games and see all the fun games you can try. You won\'t even have to get soaking wet!

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