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Fever Frenzy 2

Everybody has suddenly fallen victim to a mysterious disease! Can you stop the outbreak and cure all of your patients? Put them in the beds that match their pyjamas and make sure you diagnose them and bring them the right antidotes.

8.1 / 10
Pandemic 2

Choose whether you want to play a casual or the longer realistic game. Then you get to choose whether to be a virus, bacteria, or parasite. Each has their own perks and their own downsides. Keep an eye on the world and breaking news to see how your virus spreads. Gain points for your disease's progress and use those to buy new upgrades for your disease.

7.9 / 10

The grey blocks are afraid of a new disease: it'll turn them orange and happy. It's highly infective. Use the orange ball to hit all the gray blocks and spread this so called disease.

0 / 10
Infectonator World Domination

Try to infect the whole world with the zombie virus. Make sure the whole world population becomes infected. You have to figure out how to do it successfully though. You don't want the virus to die down.

8 / 10
Choose Your Weapon 2

In this game you have a great array of weapons to choose from. Help the Glowmonkey kill all of the mutated computer viruses and get to the portal to go to the next level after the every level is cleared.

8 / 10
Virus Wars

In this game you have to try to infect all the other cells with your virus. Make sure the other virus doesn't take over! What is the best strategy?

8.7 / 10
Vanquish Those Viruses

In this Dr Mario-like game you musat defeat the viruses by stacking the right coloured pills on top of them or horizontally alongside. You have to wipe out all of the viruses in every level, but there are more and more of them...

0 / 10
Virus 2

The object of this strategy game is the cover as much of the field as possible with the green virus. The atoms rotate clockwise, so in addition to what chain to set off, you must also consider if the atom can be rotated that way in a single turn.

8.3 / 10

In this game you play a virus. The goal is to infect the world within 200 days, before the humans can develop a cure. You can gain points by killing humans, allowing you to evolve into a more deadly strain of the virus.

8.2 / 10
Choose Your Weapon

Destroy all of the viruses on their way to your computer by placing all kinds of cannons and towers along the path they will need to travel. You can also upgrade your towers.

8.2 / 10
Infection Wars

Help your army of antibodies keep the body healthy. Fight off the bacteria and viruses. Take over the towers, gather upgrades, and drive all the bacteria out.

8 / 10
Phage Wars

Choose a bacteria and infect as many other cells as you can. If your infection is most widespread, or if you manage to kill off the other infections in the field you are the dominant species.

8.2 / 10
Go Virus

Try to get the virus to spread as far as possible in as few moves as possible. Can you take over all the cells? Sometimes you will only have to do it within a certain number of turns, but sometimes you will have to battle the computer too.

0 / 10
Infectonator Christmas

Not at all crazy about Christmas? Not looking forward to spending time with your family in the holiday season? Play this not so jolly Christmas game and infect everyone with the zombie virus.

8 / 10
Mad Virus

Click on the colours on the left hand side of the field and your virus will spread to all the adjacent cells of that colour. Try to infect all the cells in the field this way, but watch out: you only have a limited number of turns.

8 / 10
Virus Game

Drive around your computer with your mouse and hit the approaching viruses. Don't let them get into your computer. If it catches too many viruses it will die.

5.8 / 10
Kill H1N1

Michael has invented a miracle cure to save his beloved Marianna from the grip of the H1N1 flu. Help him find her and save her. On the way to Marianna you'll meet many other people who need to be cured too. You control the blue miracle potion cells. Send them to the diseased white blood cells.

8 / 10
Croco Microbe

Destroy all of the Croco microbes that try to attack and infect the call. Zap them with your gun. Use the lens to magnify your targets.

8 / 10
Red Extinction

Defeat all the red cells. Can you hit them all with your weapons? Save up for new weapons and upgrades! You get to choose a new weapon after each level. How far will you get?

8 / 10
Virus Panic

Choose the right potion for every virus that threatens your cell. Circel the virus with the potion to destroy it, but you'll have to be quick, before it moves out of range. If your cell has been hit you can help it recover with medicines, but you'll have to be fast in doing this too!

8 / 10

You control the red anti-virus and must grab the virus that looks like a bug. Watch out for the elecrtic orbs. If you hit them you run out of life. Try to catch as many of the viruses as you can.

8 / 10

Spread a virus or stop it!

A virus is a quantity of genetic material (this could be RNA or DNA) usually encapsuled in a coat of protein called the capsid. It is an infectious agent that lives in other organisms. Virus can also refer to a computer virus, a type of damaging software (malware). In most games the virus is bad and must be stopped from spreading and destroyed. However, in other games you are the virus, and must save yourself by spreading as far as you can. Try playing a virus game here!

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