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Viking Quest

A BBC game about Vikings. You have to carry out a raid. Make the right decisions and the raid will be a success. But even if you survive the raid you must still bring back enough loot to earn the king's favour. In the meanwhile you learn a lot about the Vikings and their ships.

7.2 / 10
Viking Defence

Arm yourself against Viking raids, airborne monsters and sea monsters in this tower defence game. Unlock new weapons and buildings when you complete various challenges.

7.9 / 10
Age of Warriors

Defeat the Roman army with your band of Vikings. Can you defeat them all and grow stronger each round? The levels get more challenging as you go, and you can up the difficulty to earn more upgrade stars. Keep the Romans away from your camp.

8 / 10
The Viking's Revenge Level Pack

Try to take over all of the islands. Send out your viking ships to take over new lands and make sure to drive out all of your enemies.

8 / 10
The Viking's Revenge

Make sure all the islands on the map end up belonging to you! Drive out all the other armies. Send out your boats to conquer all the islands!

8 / 10
Viking Valour

Help the Vikings retrieve the stolen gem from the bad king. Can you keep the soldiers away from your boat. Fire your cannons and build traps so they can't get to you.

0 / 10

The Ice Queen is back to terrorise the village of Shingård. King Björn the Awesome has chosen you to crush the enemies of the realm. Lead your band of heroes through all kinds of magical and beautifully designed regions and defeat your opponents in thrilling battle scenes and epic boss fights. Can you collect a team of mighty heroes around jou and banish all the forces of evil that obey the Ice Queen? Good luck!

0 / 10
Viktor the Nth

Help generations upon generations of Viktors make it through the level. Flip the switches to make the going less tough for the next Viktor. Defeat monsters and wolves. Each next Viktor can get a little further than his predecessor.

8 / 10
Vikings: War of Clans

Play Vikings: War of Clans for free!

0 / 10
Viking Warfare

Can you defend the coast of Britain against the Viking invasion? Build towers for your sorcerers and archers, and station your soldiers inland to protect your treasures.

9 / 10
Age of Vikings

Send your Vikings out to fight off the Romans. Can you keep them out of your camp til the reinforcements come or until you can push them back far enough to destroy the Roman camp? Upgrade your warriors in between battles.

8 / 10
The Viking

In this very simple Viking game all you do is walk around the screen and collect money by killing knights. Dodge the cannonballs. Ham restores your health.

8 / 10
Click Battle Madness

In this game you have to help the army of wizards protect the castle against the vikings. Click on large colour combinations to shoot at the vikings and collect gold.

0 / 10
Click Battle

Click on the wizards to make combinations. They will fly out and hit the Viking invaders. Try to make bigger combinations for more power.

0 / 10
Ice Breaker 2

You have to try to get the viking into the boat. Break the ice so that the viking will tumble straight into the waiting barge.

0 / 10

The Viking WulfGar is surrounded by hungry zombies. Help him wield his weapons to defend himself and survive the attack of the undead.

8 / 10
Naked Viking

The stormwind stole your clothes while you were bathing! Chase it down with the naked viking to get them back. Watch out for the thistles and other prickly plants. Mow them out of the way!

8 / 10
Magic Smash Hammer

Whack all the magical monsters with your giant hammer to protect your castle. Hit them until they vanish. You can also throw smaller hammers at them.

8 / 10
Adventures of Valentin the Viking

Valentin is a Viking. Or rather, Valentin wishes he was a Viking. Can you help him save the princess to win some Viking credentials and earn his place among the burly Viking warriors?

0 / 10
Run Viking Run

Run away from the dragon with the viking. Can you clear away the obstacles and grab the coins? Try to stay ahead of the dragon.

0 / 10

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The Vikings or Normans were Scandinavian inhabitants of South Norway, Denmark and Sweden. They have become known as fearsome warriors in horned helmets. Play a Viking game here with these tough Viking warriors and their large Viking ships. Take over other boats or invade villages. There are all kinds of Viking games to play!

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