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Twilight Colouring

Colour in this picture of Bella, Edward, and other members of the Cullen family from the Twilight films. You can choose whatever colours you want.

8 / 10
The Sun for the Vampire 2

Help the vampire get through the castle and find the witch. She can help you safely see the sun. Collect the coins and grab the key to get through the door to the next level.

8 / 10
The Vampire's Crypt

Help Houdini escape from the Vampire's Crypt. Untie yourself by working out the right combination of moves with the arrow keys and dodge all the monsters you meet along the way.

6.9 / 10
Vampire Girl

This girl is a vampire. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what kind of clothes vampires would wear. Can you create your own ideal vampire look?

8 / 10
Cowboy Vampires

Build towers to stop the attacking forces from taking over. Build up your defence by adding enough towers to stop the incoming waves of enemies. Can you do it?

8 / 10
My Vampire Sweetheart

Find all the items on the list to find the vampire. Search the spooky graveyard and look for all the lost items to track down the vampire. Can you find all the lost objects?

8 / 10
Draculaura's Real Haircut

Can you give Draculaura, the friendly vampire from Monster High, a whole new look? Give Draculaura's hairstyle a complete makeover. Cut and colour it, blow dry or curl it, and add lots of glitter.

0 / 10
Draculaura and Clawd Wolf Dress Up

In this game you can dress up the two Monster High students in all kinds of pretty and funny clothes. Dress up Draculaura first, and then you get to dress up Clawd Wolf.

0 / 10
Like Vampire Like Son

The other vampires in vampire town have discovered you are human, and now your life is in danger. Go on a quest to find a solution to this difficult situation.

8 / 10
Vampire Skills

Find out how best to use all your vampire skills. You learn a new skill every couple of levels. Can you figure out which ones to use to survive every level?

8 / 10
Draculaura's Perfect Teeth

In this game you are a vampire dentist. Draculaura hasn't taken good care of her teeth at all. Can you polish them up and save her fangs?

8 / 10
Town of Fears

You're a detective and you've been called out to a small town. There's a lot of weird stuff going on there. Zombie animals and scary monsters stalk the streets. Team up with the left-over villagers and figure out how to stop the evil creatures.

8 / 10
Vampire Academy

In this game you're a vampire and you have to bite all the humans. The priest will block your way. Can you still turn everyone else into a vampire? Place the vampires strategically.

8 / 10
Elissabat Dress Up

Draculaura has an older sister who also used to go to Monster High: Elissabat the vampire princess. Can you dress up Elissabat and choose a great outfit for her? She's got lots of clothes!

8 / 10
Draculaura Hand Doctor

Draculaura, the friendly vampire from Monster High who just keeps talking and talking, has hurt her hand. Can you take good care of her and heal her hand?

8 / 10
Snow Bite Draculaura

Draculaura is going to a fancy dress party with a fairytale theme. She is going as the vampire version of Snow White. Can you help her choose a pretty costume?

8 / 10
Monster Ear Paramedic

Draculaura has an ear infection, and it looks pretty gross. You're the doctor. Can you help her flush all the gunk and the bacteria out of her ear?

0 / 10
Elissabat Haircuts

Elissabat is a famous actress and known by everyone in Monster High. Can you give this Monster High star a great new haircut?

0 / 10
Draculaura Hairstyles

Draculaura is the biggest chatterbox in Monster High, but she wants to try a new hairdo and is willing to sit still for a bit. Can you help her do her hair?

0 / 10
The Sun for the Vampire

You have to help the vampire escape the castle in this game. You can't fly, but you can hover a bit. Collect the coins, open the gates, and reach the door.

0 / 10
Vampire Nose Doctor

This vampire girl has a very bad nose infection. You are a doctor in this game. Can you find out what's wrong with her nose and make it better again?

0 / 10


Vampires are blood-sucking creatures from folklore. Vampire stories have been around for centuries, but they only really became popular in Western Europe in the 18th and 19th century. Because of the popularity of books such as John Polidori\'s The Vampyre and Bram Stoker\'s Dracula, we tend to have a very particular idea of what vampires are like: charismatic and smart creatures that look just like human beings, only as pale as a corpse. Actually, the appearance of vampires differs widely across various folk tales. In some vampire stories they are beautiful and seductive, while in other folk tales they are described as hideously bloated rotting corpses! Nasty!

Vampire Games

Vampires have remained very popular monsters within the horror genre. Just think of the popularity of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood, or even the Twilight series. They also feature a lot in online games. Just like in the games we\'ve collected for you on this page. In some games you are a vampire and you have to bite humans, while in other games you have to hunt the vampires! Are you a real fan of the vampire genre? In that case, these are just the games for you! enjoy!

We like these games:Twilight Colouring, The Sun for the Vampire 2, The Vampire's Crypt, Vampire Girl, Cowboy Vampires, My Vampire Sweetheart, Draculaura's Real Haircut, Draculaura and Clawd Wolf Dress Up, Like Vampire Like Son, Vampire Skills