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Trampoline jumping

Jump on the trampoline. The time is running. You can do all kinds of fun stunts while jumping around. That way you can score extra points.

8.5 / 10
Love to Jump

Get on the trampoline and perform the indicted stunts. Jump up and then press the right keys. Check out the directions on screen and follow those.

9.2 / 10
Trampoline Stickman

Perform all kinds of outrageous stunts in the skill game Trampoline Stickman. Don't get too reckless though, because a bad landing can be fatal! Make sure your stickman lands on his feet and doesn't trip. He won't survive a cracked skull!

0 / 10
Woolly Jumper

Shaun the Sheep is a woolly animal who loves fun. In this game he is trying to jump around on the bed for as long as possible. Can you keep him balanced while he jumps?

8 / 10

Save the people who are jumping out of the burning building by bouncing them toward the ambulance. Collect coins and health points from all the people you save.

8 / 10
Monkey Jump

Let the monkey grab your apples from the tree by putting the trampoline in just the right spot with the space bar. Make sure you don't let the monkey drop onto the ground or it will get hurt.

6.4 / 10
Llama in your Face

Jump on the trampoline with the llama. All kinds of people want to take pictures of you and even climb into your cage. They don't respect your privacy at all! Keep them away by spitting all over them. Also try to hit the helicopter that flies over once every while to gain some great power-ups.

8 / 10
Super Tramp

Bounce the ball on the trampoline and collect all of the stars. Watch out for the spikes and the nuclear bombs. The moment you collect the last star you go to the next level.

4 / 10

Jump on a trampoline!

You can jump terrifically high on a large trampoline in these games. Trampoline jumps are a part of gymnastics, but they are also used in circuses to perform amazing stunts. Make somersaults and backflips for points. In some games you will need to catch people or objects with your trampoline and bounce them to safety. Have fun!

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