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Train Traffic Control

You are in charge of the station and the trains passing through it. You can earn money by instructing the trains to stop at your station: flip the switches and change the signals to red in order to guide them to your platforms. After they have come to a full stop, you will start earning money. The stations you're in control of will become larger with each level, so good luck managing the trains in Train Traffic Control

8 / 10
Unstoppable Train

Lead the unstoppable train through all the different areas by laying down the tracks as fast as you can. Get it past all the chemical factories and other buildings without hitting any of them.

8 / 10
Polar Express Train Adventure

You're in charge the Polar Express Train in this train adventure and you need to guide this train to pick up all the wagons! You'll need to click on the switches to manoeuver the train through town. After you've collected all the wagons you need to get to the tunnel! This game is based on the movie The Polar Express. Good luck!

8 / 10
Steam Train Challenge

Load the crates and the barrels onto the train. Divide them over the carts. Drive the steam train through the creepy forest and try not to lose your cargo along the way.

8 / 10
Railroad Shunting Puzzle

Can you get the locomotive to the station? You'll also have to switch tracks and pick up the wagons in the right order. Can you figure out how best to do it?

8 / 10
Rail Road

Collect the stray wagons with the train. Make your way through the levels and follow the rails to get to the end of the track.

8 / 10

Lay out the tracks for the oncoming train in this railway game. The rail should be finished before the train arrives.

8 / 10
Signal Switch

Watch the order in which the colored lights flash, then pull the levers in the correct sequence to add each new car to the train. You'll need a good memory for this one!

8 / 10
Viaduct Designer

An evil robot company has blown up all the bridges. Can you rebuild them so that the train can safely transport goods to the other side? You only have limited funds, so build clever constructions.

8 / 10

Drive your little tank through the Steamlands. Pick up blocks for extra protection and defeat all the other tanks by shooting coal at them.

7.8 / 10
Severe Road

Shoot all the bandits and robbers who want to capture the train. You've been hired to protect the train. Can you take them all down? The further you get the more bad guys will appear, so don't forget to upgrade your skills!

8 / 10
Runaway Train

Race through the levels with the train. Can you make it safely to the end? Try not to lose any of the trains wagons as you race along.

8 / 10
Back to the Future Train

Race through the level with the train and travel back in time with the car. Make sure you stay on the track. Don't forget to pick up your cargo at the start.

8 / 10
Crazy Train

Snake with trains. Drive the crazy train around the screen while keeping the locomotive and the wagons from colliding, running out of energy or leaving the screen.

8 / 10
Help the Railway

It's Autumn and the leaves are turning brown and falling on to the tracks. Too many leaves on the tracks means the trains can't pass, so help the railway service by keeping the rails clean and clear the leaves.

8 / 10
Gem Mania

Drive your train through the maze and collect the gems. For every gem you collect you get a new carriage, and that can become a little difficult after a while...

8 / 10
The Most Wanted Bandito 2

Someone is trying to take your family's land. Become the most wanted bandit and rob banks and trains in order to get it back. Become so infamous that nobody will ever dare steal your land anymore.

8.1 / 10
Rail of War

It is wartime. You are in charge of a train with weapons and need to deliver your load. You can expand your train with weapons and wagons. Build up your train and destroy your enemies. You can repair your damage and refuel at the stations. Good luck!

8 / 10
Paper Train

Can you manage the train tracks in this game so that the trains can move safely along them without any collisions? Make the train traffic run smoothly. Can you do it?

8 / 10

Ride your train along the rails and shoot everyone you run into. Anyone who's lurking around the rails is up to no good, so you have to get rid of them. There are soldiers and tanks you have to get rid of. Grab the bonus points to upgrade your weapons.

8 / 10

Lay out the train rails and make sure the tracks continue, so that the train can reach the finish without crashing. You get three bits of rail at a time to work with. Drag them into the field and try to make good use of them.

8 / 10
Train Shootout

Shoot the bandits on horseback in order to protect the train. Higher levels just seem to bring more Daakus, and so there appears to be no other end to this game that carpal tunnel syndrome.

8 / 10
Rail Nation

In this RTS game you can found your own rail company. Can your company survive six different eras of rail transport history? Try to connect all the big cities and transport supplies using your growing rail network.

8 / 10
Train Robber

Ride right behind the train on your horse (or cow or pig) and catch the bags of money that fall from the train after every bump. Don't let the sheriff catch you.

8 / 10

Collect points by jumping from one coloured wagon to the next wagon of the same colour. As long as you avoid the purple wagons it doesn't really matter what colour wagon you jump to, except that for every sequence of the same colour you get extra points. The longer the sequence the more bonus points you score.

8 / 10
Catch the Train

Can you get your car out of the parking spot and onto the train? Drive your car around all the obstacles - don't damage it too much! - and drive it onto the train platform.

8 / 10
Nuke Train

You have to protect the Nuke Train. Make sure it doesn't blow up by warding off all attacks and shooting your attackers!

8 / 10

Railway Lines

When was the last time you travelled by train? Was it a short distance track such as a commuter train, light rail, monorail or tram, or did you travel for a longer period in an intercity or high-speed train? Some trains even cross borders or channels and are called international trains. Did you know that the highest railroad in the world is the line to Lhasa in Tibet, China? Although public transport is not for everyone, the railway is the safest form of land travel.

Train games

Drive your locomotive with wagons and railroad cars over the train rails to the station in one of these online games! Or would you rather like to build your own railway and passenger terminal? The dutch railway company NS needs work on the track since the autumn leaves has covered it, can you help them out? Be the best train operator or train engineer in the world and win the train games we\'ve selected for you in this overview.

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