The Great Cheese Chase

Tom as boarded up the entrance to Jerry's house. Help Jerry collect enough cheese to become strong enough to breake through the boards and escape Tom.

8.2 / 10
Tom's Trap-o-Matic

Help Tom build a trap to catch Jerry. Maybe with youe help he'll succeed for once? Use the craziest inventions from Tom's device library and link them up to create a working contraption.

7.9 / 10
Tom and Jerry Jigsaw Puzzle

Solve the jigsaw puzzle of Tom and Jerry. Sort through all of the pieces and lay them out in the right places to see the picture. When you put the right pieces together they will melt together.

8 / 10
Run Jerry Run

Collect the cheese while running away from Tom. Jump over all of the obstacles you encounter on the way. Don't bump into things and fall too often or Tom will catch up with you.

8 / 10
What's the Catch?

Choose whether you want to be Tom or Jerry. With Tom you have to catch the plates Jerry drops from the shelves. With Jerry you have to run away from Tom which jumping over the obstacles.

8 / 10
Mouse About the House

Use the different objects in your toolbar to find a way past all of the obstacles Jerry will encounter on his way to the refrigerator. Drop the object onto the spots marked with the yellow targets and see if you chose the right one.

8 / 10
Tom and Jerry Puzzle

Put all the pieces of this puzzle together to see the picture of Tom and Jerry. Tom the cat always wants to catch Jerry the mouse. Will he succeed this time? Make the puzzle and find out!

8 / 10
Tom and Jerry Bowling

You can take ten turns to bowl down the pins in this indoor bowling alley at Tom and Jerry's home. Will you be able to bowl a strike?

8 / 10
Little Mouse's Prey

Help the mice secure dinner in this game. Use the suction cap to suck up all of the food. Your friend is waiting at the top to catch it.

8 / 10
Refriger Raiders

Choose whether you want to play with Tom or Jerry in this game. With Jerry the objective is to raid the fridge and drop the food down onto Nibbles. With Tom you have to try to stop the mice from getting away by hitting them with waterballoons.

8 / 10

Tom and Jerry online!

Who hasn\'t heard of this infamous pair and their cat and mouse games? Jerry is always after the cheese and other nice food, while Tom comes up with all kinds of sly plans and crazy contraptions to capture Jerry. Can you help Tom\'s mad machines to succeed for once? Try to build one in one of these other games. You can also play other games with Tom and Jerry, such as bowling, or making a jigsaw puzzle. Have fun!

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