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United States

How good it your topographical knowledge of the United States. Do you think you can name all 50 states on an unmarked map? Prove it with this fun online topography game!

5 / 10
States of America

Have you had enough practice already with these topography games? Find out if you can get a 100% score on the States of America with this fun topography game. Can you name them all?

8.2 / 10
Test Your Patience

In Test Your Patience your patience is really tried to the max by this annoying game. The first test should give you an idea of what the rest of the test is going to be like. Except it'll be worse.

7.7 / 10
World Map Game

This game is somewhere between a topography quiz and a jigsaw puzzle. Drag the countries on the right to the right place on the map. Though you can often tell by the shape of the country where it ought to go on the map, it helps a lot especially with the smaller countries if you already know approximately where it is.

8 / 10
US Capitals

Find out how well you know the United States and their capital cities. Take the quiz. You can choose between three levels of difficulty, so if you think you know the States pretty well this game might still prove a challenge.

7 / 10
Africa Countries

Are you familiar with all the locations of the countries of Africa? Test your topographic knowledge in this great map game!

8 / 10
Periodic Table of Elements

Are you good at chemistry? Put your knowledge of the periodic table of elements to the test in this online game. Find the right element to match the given atomic mass. Can you get them all right?

6.9 / 10
Typing Speed Test

A test to see how fast and how accurate you can type. Type out one of Aesop's fables written out for you in the window. If a letter turns red that means you typed the wrong key. The game will calculte what type of typist you are based on your speed and your accuracy.

8 / 10

Do you know Australia well enough to be able to name all of the Australian territories and states? Find out with this fun online topography game.

8.2 / 10
The Impossible Quiz 2

Part two of this legendary game! If you thought The Impossible Quiz 1 was difficult, try this one! Beware of this quiz, because once you start you can't stop! Good luck!

8 / 10
Benelux Cities

A tricky topography game. Can you link all of the cities of the Benelux with the right dots on this map? Have fun and good luck!

8 / 10
Ultimate Idiot Test

Test your skills with The Ultimate Idiot Test! Click on the right buttons, circles, squares, and more, but don't be deceived by the tricky questions!

7.4 / 10
The National IQ test

Test yourself with the national IQ test 2009 and check your IQ.

8 / 10
Middle America

How well do you know the countries of Middle America? Can you name them all? Find out with this fun topography game.

8 / 10
The Idiot Test 4

Kan you come out of the fourth version of the infamous Idiot Test unscathed? Watch out, because the same kind of tricks apply in this version, and words and colours are switched around here and there.

8 / 10
South America

How good is your topographical knowledge of South America? Can you point out all the countries on the map? Give it a try with this fun online topography game.

8 / 10
Map quiz

How well do you know your world? Take the map quiz and find out! You must select the places where famous cities and sights are located. The game will show you how close (or far away!) your estimate is. It starts off with capitals, but in higher levels the game asks you really tough questions... Can you pinpoint all of them and reach level 12?

8 / 10
European Capitals

Can you link all the European capitals to the right dots on this map of Europe? Test your topographical knowledge in this fun map game!

8 / 10

How well do you know Asia? Can you point out the right place on the map for every country that is named? Test your knowledge with this fun topography game!

8 / 10
Element Matching Game

Find the right chemical elements to match the descriptions. You can also read up on the properties of each group as they come by to learn more about them.

7.5 / 10

How well do you know your way around Europe? Can you name all the European countries? A name will appear above the map. Can you find the matching country?

8 / 10

A great game! What you can't see simply doesn't exist in Closure. Carry the light bulbs with you to light the way, or put them down in strategic positions, to get past walls for instance. Try to find the door in each level.

8 / 10

Direct an alien invasion. Send the aliens to the right locations on the world map.

8 / 10
The Map Quiz

This is a short 10 question quiz about six of the world's continents. Can you give all ten correct answers? Click on the continent you think is the right answer.

8 / 10
South Central American Countries

Do you know the locations of all the countries of South and Central America? Learn them here and test your knowledge with this fun map game, or can you already score 100% correct?

8 / 10
The Impossible Quiz

Legendary! The Impossible Quiz! A quiz where one has to answer difficult questions. Sometimes you have to think again to find the right answer, but nothing is impossible...right? Good luck!

8 / 10
European Countries

Can you point out all the right locations on the map for every European country that is named? Test your topographical knowledge of Europe in this fun map game!

8 / 10
IQ Test

Answer 39 IQ test questions in this Beta version of an IQ test. Even if you don't think an online IQ test can be accurate, it's still a fun test to try.

8 / 10
Brain Test

Play all kinds of fun mini games. The points that you get for playing the game will be added up and count towards reaching a new level. For every new level you reach you will unlock a new game!

8 / 10

How good is your topographical knowledge of Africa? A name will appear above the map and on the banner behind the little plane. Can you match that name to the right country?

8 / 10
Taxi Driving School

Get your drivers licence in this Taxi game. Drive the car, it ain't easy to do it properly.

8 / 10
Unique IQ Test

Finish these 81 sequences with the right shapes and colours in order to find out what your IQ is in this online test. Even if you don't believe any online test can be accurate, it's still a fun challenge to play this game.

8 / 10

Can you name all the countries in the Middle-East? Find out with this short quiz. A name will appear above the map and in the banner. See if you know which country it is.

8 / 10
Love Tester

Find out how you and your crush (or you and your celeb-crush) will fare in love with this love test. Fill in your names in the love meter and click on the heart to find of if you're really meant for each other.

8 / 10
Mystery IQ Test

Think carefully before you click. try to solve all of the tests and score a big amount of IQ points. Look carefully though, before you start!

8 / 10
25 Cities France

Can you find the 25 biggest cities on this map of France. A city name is given, and you have to find it on the map. Do you know where all the cities are?

8 / 10
The Vision Test

This is a test a little like the tricky Impossible Quiz. Here you'll see a number of words scrambled, blocked out, jumbles, hidden, etc. Identify the right answer in the multiple choice menu.

7.7 / 10
South American Capitals

Can you point out all the right dots on the map and locate all the capitals of South and Central America? Go for the 100% score!

8 / 10
European Mountains and Rivers

Was naming the countries of Europe not enough of a challenge for you? Try this map game! Can you point out the location of Europe's biggest mountains and most important rivers?

8 / 10
The Idiot Test

Click through a series of simple but sometimes misleading buttons to complete the tasks and prove you're not an idiot.

8 / 10
Mind Feed

A strange but funny test in which your personality is assessed. We suspect this assessment is mainly hinges on whether or not you like bagels.

8 / 10
Be Quick or Be Dead

Keep the bandits away from you by typing their names as fast as you can. That will make them disappear. Can you keep them all at a distance?

8 / 10
Map of Africa

Test your topographical knowlegde of Africa. Drag all of the names in the box to the right territories and see how many you got right. Have fun!

8 / 10
Fluffy Egg

Take a personality test and discover what kind of egg you are. Break the egg over the pictures you like best to select them. This will reveal your personality type.

4 / 10
Unofficial IQ Test

Test you IQ with this unofficial IQ test. The questions are funny, but don't be fooled! Read them carefully...

8 / 10
Skill Test

Complete all five tests and let's see how good you are. They will test your reaction speed and dexterity above all else. Try to get the best score on each test.

8 / 10
Distraction Game

Eat the fruit and avoid the rockets, but don't be distracted by all the creatures who come to toy with the screen you're playing in to distract you.

8 / 10
Timewaster Ultra

In Timewaster Ultra you have to press all kind of buttons to complete the different stages and reach the checkpoints. All you need to do it get it right within the time limit.

8 / 10

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