Table Football
Play Foosball or Table Football against the pc or against each other! Nice graphics, and just as fast and tricky as the real thing!
7.8 / 10
Foosball HD
In the free game Foosball HD you can play a game of foosball against the computer. Move the bars up and down to get your players in the right position to block and intercept the ball. Slam the ball into the goal by shooting it past your opponent's defenses!
10 / 10
Play Mooseball, foosball with mooses. Can you win thie match against the other moose team? They're not half bad, so you will need to play well.
7.2 / 10
Table Top Football
In this game of table top football your placers are placed by the ball. It's not so much about reaction time and speed, but about how well you kick the ball. Aim and score!
8 / 10
Premier League Football
This is a table football or foosball game with a nice design. For a little bit of extra speed, press the space bar while moving around with the arrow keys.
8 / 10
Retro Football
Play American Football as a foosball game. Pick starting formation, click on vibrate to make the table shake, and pass the ball to the player who seems to be moving forward successfully.
8 / 10
Shoot the peanuts into the goal. The squirrels are the goal keeper and they will try everything to stop you from scoring a point.
8 / 10

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Table football or foosball is a game of football player on a table with a team of miniature plastic football players attached to rotatable bars. Rotate the bars hard to make the players kick the ball across the field, pull them side to side to block your opponent\'s shots. Playing table football with friends often becomes a loud and crazy rout, with onlookers shouting encouragement and players jerking the bars to and fro vigorously enough to shake the whole table. Don\'t get caught losing the game! Practice and hone your skills in one of these fun table football games!

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