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Winx Club: Sirenix Surfers

Winx Club: Sirenix Surfers is a fun surfing game! Select your surfer and her board, and go on a quest to collect emeralds and coral under the sea. Just don’t bump into any rocks! You can unlock more equipment!

2 / 10
Street Kiter

In this game you can kite-surf over the streets of the city. Jump in the air and perform all kinds of stunts while dodging the traffic signs, boats and sharks. Grab the K-Swiss logos for extra points.

8 / 10
Legend of Surf 2

Go to the beach to surf! How good are you? Let's see it! Glide over the waves and make great jumps. Watch out for the rocks in the sea, and don't fall!

7.3 / 10
Big Wave Dave

Surf across the waves and try to make really high jumps. that way you can do all kinds of great stunts. Make sure you don't lose your board though!

10 / 10
Surf's up

Do you know how to surf? Get on your board to master the waves and show off your hottest moves. Can you keep your balance and stay standing on your board instead of falling into the sea? Have fun with this beach game.

8 / 10
Legend of Surf

Surf the biggest waves with Big Wave Dave. Do some great stunts for extra points. It's comforting to see that Dave smiles his way through every near-fatal crash.

8 / 10
Stream Fighter

In this game you're in an indoor pool. There are artificial waves. Can you surf on them with your bodyboard? Try it and make all kinds of cool tricks and stunts while doing it.

8 / 10
Goofy Ride

Stay on your surf board with Disney's clumsy character Goofy. How long can you help Goofy keep his footing steady? It's not easy, because the waves are pretty high.

10 / 10
Big Wave

Catch penguins while surfing the big wave in the sixth part of the legendary Yeti Sports games. Catch the penguins but don't surf out of bounds!

8 / 10
Surf or Sink

Go surfing on these high waves and makes sure you don't fall off your board. While you surf, you also have to dodge all the obstacles floating around in the sea.

8 / 10
Surfer Girl Dress Up

This surfer girl want s a complete makeover for the new season. Can you help her pick out a nice outfit or two? Try the clothes on and see what you think looks best.

8 / 10
Surf Quest

Surf to the other side in this Frogger game. Like in Frogger, you will have to dodge some obstacles while you cross the waves. Try it now. You will have to cross over a couple of times per level.

0 / 10
Paradise Island

Race across the water with your wakeboard. Try not to fall and to finish the level as fast as you can. Can you make it to the finish in one piece?

0 / 10

Show off how good you are at surfing!

Go surfing in one of these surf games. Look out for the biggest waves and ride them on your board. In these games you can also surf with penguins, you can try to do all kinds of stunts, or just try to keep standing. Ride the biggest waves to score the most points! Surf the waves in one of these fun surfing games!

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