Supermarket Manager

Run your own supermarket in this managing game. Stock up on the right items, make the right decisions, and sell your products to your customers at the right prices.

8.1 / 10
Naughty Supermarket

Capture the attention of the pretty girls and make their boyfriends look silly in Naughty Supermarket Click on items to make events happen and use items you've collected for combos. Click on the Hints button if you've run out of ideas.

8 / 10
Shop Til You Drop

Roll your cart around the shop to catch the falling products you need. Check your shopping list and see how many products you can catch.

8 / 10
Mall Mania

Build your own shopping centre. Make sure there are enough shops. Create a nice mall that will attracts lots of happy shoppers.

8.4 / 10
Shopping Cart Hero 2

Climb into your shopping cart and launch yourself as far as possible. You can increase the distance you cover by buying all kinds of upgrades to fly further.

8 / 10
Shopping Cart

Race down the aisle with your shopping cart in this Gemran supermarket. Grab as many products as you can, but watch out for the other customers and try to dodge them as best you can!

7.6 / 10
Shoplifter Defence

Guard the shop by shooting the shoplifters with bows and arrows. Check people out with the secutriy camera to see if they are innocent or shifty.

8 / 10
Zombie Mart

In this game you run a supermarket specially made for zombies. You have to keep you customers happy, because who knows what happens when they decide they don't like the customer service at your shop...!

8 / 10
Shopping Cart Hero

Stunting with a shopping cart is possible in this fun shopping cart hero game! Run downhill behind your shopping cart and jump in on time to fly as long in the air as possible. A cool trick and great distance will earn you money to pimp you cart.

8 / 10
Shopping Marathon

Try to hit the number or numbers closest but equal to or below the number you've got in your coin shooter. That way your investments will be of most worth.

8 / 10

Play games in the supermarket!

Play all kinds of games that are set in the supermarket. Ride your shopping cart through the aisles of foods, drinks, and household products. You can shop in a supermarket in these games, but you can also run one. In this kind of game you are the manager and you must help you company survive and grow. Check out our overview of supermarket games and find out which games make shopping more fun for you!

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