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Gopher It
In this variation of Boulderdash you're a mole and you must try to grab all of the diamonds. Watch out that the falling stones don't squash you, and also watch out for the monsters circling your field.
8 / 10
Crypt Raider
Place the blue orb in the transporter to charge it up. It will then bring you to the next level when you stand om it. Sometimes the transporter will need more than one orb to charge. Watch out for the mummies and the poisonous insects!
7.9 / 10
Gold Panic
As mine worker you have to drop lumps of gold in your cart. Dig around the gold so that you can push it in the right direction. Watch out for the spiders!
8 / 10
Aqua Energizer
An addicting puzzle, like Supaplex. Dig through the sand and roll the orbs in the right direction. Find the exit by rolling the right orbs into the right tunnel.
8 / 10
Treasure Caves
Try to grab all of the snacks in the maze with Kirby. Watch out that during the digging around for food none of the stones fall on Kirby's head.
2 / 10

Supaplex games!

Who hasn\'t come across these classics before? In Supaplex games you can move all kinds of stones and blocks by pushing them or removing sand from under them. This way you can collect al kinds of valuable objects such as diamonds, but watch out these stones don\'t fall on top on you or lock you in. You can download and install this great DOS-game here. For Windows PCs you can download and install Megaplex. The same game developers also created the new game Igor. Below you will find all kinds of games that resemble supaplex which can be played online. Extremely addicting!

We like these games:Gopher It, Crypt Raider, Gold Panic, Aqua Energizer, Treasure Caves