Princesses Boho Beachwear Obsession
Princesses Boho Beachwear Obsession is a sweet and fashionable makeover game with your favorite princesses! Help them pick out their looks for their stylish day at the beach. Choose their hairstyles, clothes, and trendy boho accessories!
0 / 10
Creamy Ice
In this game you work at al ice cream stand. Can you serve your customers delicious ice cream cones and cups and earn enough money to buy new flavours and toppings? Have fun!
8 / 10
My Sunny Resort
In My Sunny Resort you can build your own beautiful holiday park and summer paradise. Build the best holiday homes and make sure there is lots of keep your guests entertained. Keep the park running smoothly and keep your customers happy. Check out all the beautiful things you can build to become a 5-star holiday resort! Have fun playing My Sunny Resort!
0 / 10
Holiday Kissing
All around the world, couples are unhappy because they can't kiss in peace. Each time people will interfere, or your mother will call you on the phone. Can you deal with all the distractions? Give the girls gifts to impress them, and then kiss to fill the love meter. Can you click away all the distractions quickly? Have fun playing!
8 / 10
Lovely Dock Vacation
James and Lily are on vacation together. But this is anything but a relaxing getaway. They want to go fishing, but all the other guys are after Lily. Can you help ward off their flirty advances? Help James kiss Lily to fill their love meter before the time runs out. In the meanwhile you also have to catch fish! Phew!
0 / 10
Vacation Coloring Book
Colour in the pictures. You can choose between lots of different colouring pictures. Once you finish a picture, click on NEXT to move on to the next stencil. Have fun!
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Summer holiday games

Play the best summer holiday games at! Here you\'ll find all kinds of great games set in sunny summer holiday locations! Enjoy the beach and all the warm foreign countries. Can\'t wait for the next summer holiday so that you can get a long time away from school or your regular job? Check out our collection of summer holiday games to get in the right mood for your summer escape!

Online summer holiday games

On this page you can play our summer holiday games and get ready for the summer! In these fun games you have to solve summer puzzles and help the characters get ready to go on their holiday by packing their suitcases and getting the car ready. Help them enjoy their hard-earned holidays. You can also dress up cute boys and girl in summer fashion and beach wear. Are you dying to try out a great new summer outfit? In other games you can get started working a fun summer job and earn money selling ice cream, lemonade, and cocktails at your summer stand or the beach bar. Sun, sea, sand, and blue skies! What more could you possibly need this summer? Have fun playing these great summer holiday games!

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