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In this game of Jenga you'll never have to clear up the mess afterwards. Build a tower as high as you can, but watch out you don't unbalance it, or it will topple.

7.7 / 10
Jenga 2

Pull the blocks out of the Jenga tower and try to stack them on the top of the tower. Make the tower as high as you can without making it topple over.

9.2 / 10
Shoe Hammer

In this game you have to reduce the size of the lady's shoes. Hammer away a section of the platform soles of the shoe each time, but make sure not to knock her over.

8 / 10
The Wizard of Blocks

Stack all the items up properly in every level. Make sure everything stays balanced and doesn't fall down. Pay attention to the colour of the stuff you're stacking. If you've stacked it right you get to go to the next level.

8 / 10
Magnet Towers

Build little towers with the coloured magnets. Build them as high as you can, but submit them before the whole things blows up because you hit the wrong colour magnet. Drag your magnet over the other ones of the same colour.

8.4 / 10
Bus With Suitcases

The bus is crammed full of suitcases in the puzzle game Bus With Suitcases. You can't let them pile all the way up to the ceiling or new passengers won't be able to load their stuff on board! Slide the suitcases across the screen to drop them down into the gaps. Complete the rows to clear the cases and create more space. For each move you make, new suitcases will appear at the bottom of the screen, so make sure not to waste any moves!

0 / 10
Happy Stacking

Can you stack up all the happy blocks neatly. Make sure your tower, however high it gets, doesn't topple over. And don't lose any blocks over the edge of the platform.

0 / 10
Save the Tofu

Make sure the tofu stays afloat on rafts of meatballs and fries and fish fingers so that if doesn't fall into the boiling oil. Can you keep the tofu from getting fried?

8 / 10
Box Tower

Build a tall tower with the flying blocks in the free game Box Tower. Stop the blocks to stack them on top of each other. Make sure you don't miss, because the overhang will be chopped off. The surface of the blocks will shrink down pretty quickly after a couple of misses!

0 / 10
Tower Blaster

Swap the blocks to form smart sequences and use your skills to defeat the Vikings! Will you be able to select the right blocks to trade and pick up to build a good tower.

8 / 10

Spookiz is monstrous fun to play. There are all kinds of ghost and monsters coming down. Stack them up and try to make as many combos as you can.

4 / 10
Tower of Blocks

Try to make a high tower of blocks. The blocks come falling down, and you have a small plot of land which you must stack them up on.

8 / 10
Tower Bloxx

Build as many high towers as you can. Every time your city surpasses a certain number of inhabitants you will be allowed to build different sorts of towers. Can you turn your town into a megapolis?

8 / 10
Icy Candy

A compelling game in which you alternate between catching and stacking the Icy Candies. The game design in cute and the format appealing. It's very addicitive!

0 / 10
Super Stacker 2

The blocks with the funny faces are back in part two of Super Stacker. Can you stack up all the blocks so that they stay in position for long enough to move on to the next level?

8 / 10
Body Ladder

The cloning experiment has gotten out of hand and the clones are flooding the city. You control the stickman in the top hat. Shoot the clones, or beat them to death with your cane, and stack the bodies as high as you can.

8 / 10
Cash Machine

Drop the coins into the Cash Machine and try to make combos of three or more. But the coins don't quite clear as usual. Figure out what combinations result in what coins and try to get your bank as full as possible by maximizing the amount of combos your can make.

8 / 10
Helicopter Rescue

In order to be saved by the helicopter the people in the ravine have to build up a huge tower. Stack the people as high as possible. Watch out, it's very wobbly.

8 / 10
Cake Topping

Stack the new layers on top of the cake. Click at the right moment to drop the new layer on top of the cake and make it really tall. Don't miss!

0 / 10
Totem Destroyer 2

Blow up the blocks in this game so that the totem figure lands on the iron block and no other blocks are left. Sometimes your success depends entirely on your timing.

8 / 10
Totem Destroyer

Blow up whole towers of blocks until only the black iron blocks are left. Make sure the golden idol lands and remains on the black blocks, otherwise it will break.

8 / 10
Stack da Police

The riot police have fallen out of the transportation unit in their containment boxes. Stack them up in the tractor beam, but watch out, because they're feisty.

8 / 10
Perfect Balance

Rotate the blocks so that everything remains in balance on top of the gray beam. It's not that easy, especially not when you need to find a place to drop a couple of orbs too! the first 40 levels are in Harmony mode, then comes Inferno...!

8 / 10

Build the highest tower possible! You'll have to build carefully and give your tower a stable base, otherwise it'll go pretty wonky very soon.

8 / 10
Animal Stackers

Stack up all of the animals and make a big tower. Don't let them fall down or the tower fall over. Choose the animals and when they drop down. Good luck!

8 / 10
Crossword Puzzle Premium

In this fun puzzle you have to stack up the tins offered by the monkey. Make a stable tower with the highest numbers at the bottom and the lowest at the top. Stack your tins more cleverly than your opponent does. For numbers that follow upon each other stacked in the right order you will receive bonus points.

8 / 10
Pack for Holidays

Before you can go on your holiday you have to make sure all the luggage is stacked on top of the car properly. Can you figure out how to stack it? Good luck!

8 / 10
Shipping Blox

Use your crane to stack as many crates on the boat as possible. Make sure the blocks are stacked neatly or they'll come crashing down. They won't fit if you don't stack carefully.

8 / 10
SKill Stack

Stack your blocks with as much precision as you can. You get bonus points for stacking as fast as possible, but with every misplaced stack your row of blocks diminishes until there is nothing left. Try to get the highest score in Skill Stack.

8 / 10
Redstar Fall

Make sure the red star stays on the platform. Click away the right blocks and keep the star in balance. Make sure it doesn't fall down.

8 / 10
Fun Mice House

In this stacking puzzle you must help the mice build a tower of cheese that runs from the lowest numbers on top to the highest numbers on the bottom of the stack. Try to finish your stack before your opponent's stack is completed.

8 / 10

Build a towering block on loudspeaker boxes on this truck. The higher you build the more points your score for each louspeaker added to the structure. Drop too many off the truck and it's over though...

0 / 10
Fastone Pyramid

A fun and addicting game in which you get a number of rocks with which you have to build a tower. That tower has to excced the line in height, but you have to be fast too, because the plank on which you're building keeps on getting smaller.

8 / 10

Build a tower that is as high as possible, but make sure it doesn't fall down. You have to use the blocks in the field. Pick the right ones and start building up.

8 / 10
Stack Up Fever

Stack as many blocks on top of each other as you can while making sure the stack doesn't topple over. At first it's very easy, with only 4 blocks, but in every level you get more blocks to stack. Can you do it?

8 / 10
Jungle Jello

Help the monkey stack the jello pies on top of each other. How high can you stack them before they wobble apart and fall down?

8 / 10

Build a tower with the monkeys. Stack them all up but don't let them fall over. For bonus points you can try to collect the bananas.

8 / 10

Can you stack the boxes into a really high tower? How high can you get, Stackmeister? Use the crane to grab the boxes and stack them all the way up.

8 / 10
Tsunami Wall

Build a wall out of random blocks, planks and orbs to withstand the force of the tsunami. Make sure your house doesn't fall over by blocking the wave with your Tsunami Wall.

8 / 10

Stack up the animals to build up different totems. The more you stack them and feed them the right food the higher your totem becomes. When it's very big you can drop a different animal on it to collect the entire totem.

6 / 10

Complete the puzzle by putting all the blocks in the right place in the field. Boven the field you will see the example you must copy. Can you do it before the time is up?

8 / 10
Balance Fury

Build a tower of blocks. Try to build it as high as possible, but keep the balance, because otherwise they'll all fall down.

8 / 10
Puzzle Core

Click on the blocks to remove them from the field. You can only click them away if three of the same colour are touching. Once the stack gets too high they end up in the right screen. Stop them from getting to the top.

8 / 10

Try to build a tower with the orbs that keep on falling out of the sky. Stick them to one another and place them in the right spot to keep the tower in balance.

8 / 10
Keep the Balance

Try to stack up all the shapes. Build a tower that won't fall over. When a shape falls down you will have to restart the level and try again.

8 / 10
Imperfect Balance 3

Stack up all the different shapes in this game. Usually their shape will be a little awkward. Can you make sure nothing tumbles down though?

8 / 10
Thor Towers

Build a tower with blocks in Thor Towers. Drop the blocks at the right moment so that your tower can grow taller and taller without falling over.

8 / 10
Cat Cat Watermelon

Build a tower with cats and watermelons. It's and odd combination, but you must make your tower as high as you can. Make sure your tower doesn't topple over! That way you get to go to the next level.

8 / 10
Stacking Fun

Stack up all the segments of the column to make it as high as possible. You have three lives. Each time you miss you will lose a life. How high can you get?

0 / 10
Figure Fix

Build a high tower of blocks that the little man can stand on top of. The tower you build will have to be quite sturdy, otherwise it might fall over!

0 / 10
Love Blox

Stop the moving blocks at just the right moment to make a tower out of them. If you miss, you will lose those blocks that fall and will have to do with fewer blocks in the next rounds.

0 / 10
Critter Cubes

Stack all the different shapes and items on top of each other to make a big tower of junk. The items are difficult to stack, but make sure your tower doesn't topple over!

0 / 10

Can you flip the tiles across the level so that they end up stacked into one pile? In later levels you will also have to flip the tiles over to make them the right colour. A fun and challenging puzzle that gets more and more tricky the further you get. Can you complete all the levels?

0 / 10
Happy Square Blocks

Can you figure out how to stack the blocks in the right order? You will have to stack them up right to complete the levels in this game.

0 / 10
Joy Stacker

Stack all the blocks and other shapes as high as you can. Especially when you get slightly awkward shapes this can be tricky! Because what you build has to stay upright too!

0 / 10
Army Stacker

Stack up all the blocks and make a big tower. Then put the soldier on top. Make sure the tower stays standing and isn't too wobbly.

0 / 10
Tower Mania

Play Tower Mania, a nice Skill game for free!

0 / 10
Super Sticky Stacker

Play Super Sticky Stacker, a nice Skill game for free!

0 / 10
Tower of Monsters

Stack up the blocks in Tower of Monsters. Each block has a funny monster face. Try to drop the blocks at the right moment so that they land on top of each other. Try to build straight up, or your tower will become very wobbly and unstable!

0 / 10
Heap Up Box

In Heap Up Box, you have to stack up the boxes to reach the dotted line before the last seconds on the timer run out. Watch out though, because wild and hasty movements can knock over your structure, or - even worse - slam your blocks out of the level! Can you figure out these challenging puzzle levels?

0 / 10
Super Scary Stacker

In the fun stacking game Super Scary Stacker you have to carefully place one monster on top of the next and build a tall tower. You have to use all the monsters shown in the bar above, and none of the monsters is allowed to fall down! Can you do it?

0 / 10
City Blocks

Play City Blocks, a nice Skill game for free!

0 / 10
Box Stack

Box Stack requires timing and strategy as you stack falling boxes on a tower without letting them fall. Release the swinging box at just the right moment. If it drops off the stack, you lose a life. Once you’ve dropped a box onto the stack, check the balance meter and calibrate the landing of the next box to keep the tower upright. If it collapses, you lose.

0 / 10

Can you build a stack?

stack up the blocks or other items in these stacking games. Make sure the tower you build satys stable, otherwise everything will falls down and you\'ll have to start over again. Stack buildings, cars, or blocks. You can even stack monkeys in these games. The higher the better, but down get too hasty and make your stack topple. Stack away!

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