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Freestyle Squash
In this game you game play a single game of squash, or, if you have more time, a tournament. Select your player and the computer will generate an opponent for you.
8 / 10
Super Handball
Handball is a little like squash. Bat the ball against the wall with your gloved hand and collect the power ups that appear in the field during the game.
0 / 10
Play a game of squash in this sports game. Move your character into the right position to hit the ball with the racket. Take turns to hit the ball. When it's your turn to serve, press space once and wait.
0 / 10

You can play online squash here!

Hit the rubber ball hard into the front wall in one of these squash games. Play against the computer or against a friend. Hit the ball in turns one after the other after the service. You no longer need to find a squash court to play squash. Now you can play squash games online!

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