Galaxy Invaders

Shoot all of your enemies in Galaxy Invaders. Try to get past the aliens by dodging them or shooting them. Shoot all of your opponents and finish the level.

8.2 / 10
Space invaders

The legendary Space Invaders. Need we say more? Kill all the invaders by shooting at them! Act fast because they are coming down to earth quicker and quicker. Can you stop the invasion?

8.1 / 10
Star Defender 4

Shoot down whole hosts of alien invaders in this well-designed space invaders shooter. Collect power ups for your cannons, dodge hostile fire, and destroy the enemy fleet.

8 / 10
Captain Mayham

Help Captain Mayham defend himself by using his space cannon. Can you dodge the lasers, grab the golden coins, and shoot back with accurate laser bolts? Try to complete all nine levels of this exciting space invader game.

0 / 10
Battle for the Galaxy

Play the epic space war game Battle for the Galaxy for free! Download and play together with friends and defeat all space enemies!

0 / 10
Highway Pursuit

In this world of high speed pursuits only one person can save the day: You! Race over the highway and arrest the driver of the red car. But watch out: Nobody is on your side. Everyone will have to make way for you, or feel the consequences!

8 / 10
Orbit Blaster

Shoot down all the UFOs that are trying to invade the earth. Shoot them all to pieces and destroy the mothership at the end. Watch out you don't get hit too often.

0 / 10
Moon Defender

This is a 3D game in which you drive across the moon landscape in a space tank and have to try to shoot down the enemy UFOs. Try to stay alive to hit as many aliens as you can.

8 / 10
Tetris Charity

In this tetris game you can play in classic tetris mode, or you can choose to play a mix and mash game of tetris and space invaders. Whichever you choose, you'll have fun with these games. In addition, for every player who reaches level three, Charity Tetris will donate one dollar to a charity organization!

2 / 10
Asteroid Burst

Asteroid Burst: Play a free online bubble shooter game set in space!

0 / 10

Make your way through the space arena together with the other players in the fun multiplayer .io shooter game! Shoot items to earn upgrades for your ship!

0 / 10
Uncle Sam

In this game you have to help Uncle Sam defend his farm against the alien invaders by shooting down their UFOs. You can choose whether you want to play this game in easy, medium, of difficult mode.

8 / 10
Atomic Betty

Shoot everything you come across as you explore space with Atomic Betty. From rocks to alien squid. You have a raygun and a shield for protection.

8 / 10
Protect the war

Try to shoot through the paratroopers' parashutes so that they fall into the water. You have a plane, so you can fly between them and shoot bullets at them.

8.4 / 10
Space Blaze

Zigzag between the enemy spaceships in Space Blaze, an addictive shooter game in which you must dodge the bullets fired by the alien fleet. Grab the power-ups and collect stars to upgrade your ship between tries. Can you make your own ship very big and powerful?

0 / 10
Uniwar The Lost Civilization

Play this game from the cabin of your space ship. Shoot down all the other spacecraft, but make sure you don't get blown up. If you're looking for a challenge, try playing it in survival mode.

8 / 10
Mars Encounter

You have to try to shoot down the descending aliens forces in this arcade shooter. You can duck behind the shields to stay clear of the bullets.

2 / 10

Fly through space while steering clear of all the larger spacecraft. You can defeat your enemies by collecting the upgrade gems you will need to make your own spaceship more powerful!

0 / 10

Nice space invader variety. Try it! Fly around in your spaceship and try to shoot down the other spaceships and get past them. Take them all down!

8 / 10
Earth Invasion

Save the world from the aliens! In this game the earth is under attack. Shoot all of the UFOs with your tank and prevent the destruction of earth. Use your special weapons to shoot the UFOs.

8 / 10
Allied Assault

You're flying through space in your spacecraft. Shoot down your enemies by using your lasers or by dropping bombs on them.

8 / 10
War Machine

Shoot down all the enemies that come for you in this game, and try not to get hit. You play a robot in this game, and your objective is to win the war.

8 / 10
Zoyaz Attack

Try to shoot down all the aliens flying overhead with you cannon. The UFOs are coming down fast, so shoot them as fast as you can. Also try to hit the big UFO at the top for bonus points!

7.2 / 10
Comet Buster

Fly around in the boundaries of the field and shoot all of the space junk and comets coming at you. Collect power ups, but make sure you don't get hit, because your ship is breakable...

0 / 10
Hybrid Fighter

An addicting remake of the classic game Space Invaders. The aliens have a much more distinctive design, and there are many neat extras you can win, such as rapid fire and extra speed.

8 / 10
The Seeker

Learning to control this space ship is a tricky feat to master, but once you do it's an addicting game. Shoot the alien spaceships and collect the weapons floating through space for extra firepower.

8 / 10
Xmas Invaders

Shoot at the Christmas presents and Christmas stockings coming down to invade the earth. Ungrateful? That won't stop them from shooting you! Have fun with this Christmas edition of the arcade classic.

8 / 10
Space Bugs

Shoot down everything the appears on the screen. The more alien space bugs you shoot the better, because they'll also attack you. Try to dodge all of their bullets.

8 / 10
Vector Boom

In this game you have to defend your spaceship. Fly around so that you dodge the enemy fire and shoot all of your opponents in this galactic battle.

6.7 / 10
Linear Assault

In this fun and addicting 2D shooter you have to shoot down the alien space crafts before they invade earth. Defeat the boss at the end of every level.

8 / 10
Fierce Twilight

Shoot all the enemies with your space ship's laser guns and dodge all enemy fire. The further you get the more difficult it becomes. Try to get as far as you can every time.

8 / 10
Alien Attack Game

Shoot all the aliens down in as little time as possible. Try to hit everything and get hit as little as possible. Shoot down all of the aliens to go on to the next level.

6 / 10
Flying Pizza Kitty Attack

In this Space Invaders lookalike the point of the game is to help Flying Pizza Kitty to shoot down the Jetpack Lizards down. The pizza slices are your weapons.

6 / 10
Evil Invader

Shoot everything that appears in your path with your space ship in this game. Make sure you don't get hit by the fireballs or the aliens. Use your rockets to blast everything in one go.

2 / 10
Doom Runner

Try to shoot everything in sight with your space ship. You can fly in all directions with your space ship and you have multiple options for shooting your opponents, like using one or multiple bullets at the same time.

2 / 10
Starship Ranger 2

Go on your way with your space ship and try to shoot everyone who crosses your path with your laser guns. Try not to get hit.

2 / 10
Outpost Dedlaw

In this game you have to shoot the opposing forces that appear flying in from the top of the screen. They'll try to hit you with lasers which you'll also have to dodge.

2 / 10
Alien Anihalators

Make sure the aliens coming at you don't get you or hit you with their shots. Use your own guns to shoot them down and dodge all the hostile fire to make it to the next level.

2 / 10
Battle Star Ace

In this game you have to dodge all the lasers and bullets the enemy craft shoot at you. Try not to get hit while you shoot down all your opponent.

2 / 10

Shoot down everything you encounter in outer space in this game, and make sure you don't get hit. A simple but fun shooter game.

2 / 10
Naruto Invaders

In this Naruto space invaders game you have to use your throwing knives to hit all the invaders coming down, including Kakashi and Rock Lee.

2 / 10
Space Commander

Try to finish every level by defeating your opponent. Dodge all of the lasers and bullets fired at you and hit your enemies with your own weapons.

2 / 10
Notepad Invaders

Of course you can't really play Space Invaders in your notebook, but it does look like a lot of fun. Try playing the videogame classic in notebook format!

0 / 10
Star Serpent Sigma

In this game you take on spacecraf that come at you with lasers and cannons at the ready. You can also use both weapons. React fast, because otherwise they'll trash your spaceship!

0 / 10
Mars Fighter

Sty to keep your space ship intact for as long as possible in this game. Shoot the opposing spacecrafts on Mars and dodge all enemy fire.

0 / 10
Slingshot Picnic Defender

Shoot at the animals with your catapult to defend your picnic. All the creatures are attacking it. Make sure you don't get hit by the waterballoons.

0 / 10
Gallaxhar Invades

Defend the world against the fleet of alien invaders. Control your monster and shoot the incoming aliens. They can get to moving very fast, so stay focused and don't get hit.

0 / 10

Can you make it to the end of each level and defeat the boss? Collect credits from defeated opponents and save up for great upgrades.

0 / 10
Fire Element

Collect all the upgrades to power up your fire element. You have to use the fire element to shoot down all the other elements. They grow increasingly powerful as you go!

0 / 10

Fly through space and try to shoot all the other space ships. Make sure you don't get hit by the debris either!

0 / 10

Space invaders games

Space Invaders is an arcade game developed by Toshihiro Nishikado in 1978. In these games hostile aliens come at you in a formation and you must shoot them without being hit. Save the earth from an alien invasion! You have your own ship in which you can fly about and dodge their fire. In some games you can also upgrade your cannons for more firepower. Some of these games will stick to the classic layout, others are very different. Which ones do you like best?

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