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Phantom Mansion 8: Black Sanctum

This is the last room of the Phantom Mansion. Push the crates through the maze, grab the keys and dodge the monsters.

2 / 10
Phantom Mansion: Black Sea

Hector the supernatural detective is sailing the seven seas in search of mystery and treasure. Push the boxes and find the keys to open the doors.

6 / 10
Phantom Mansion 7: Violet Vault

After the indigo dungeon Hector the Spectre Detector must make his way through the violet vaults. Grab the skulls and dodge the monsters!

0 / 10
Phantom Mansion 4: Green Gallery

You're back in the Phantom Mansion with Hector. Enter the different rooms and collect all the skulls and other items in the Green Gallery.

0 / 10
Phantom Mansion: Arabian Sea

After escaping the Phantom Mansion Hector seeks out new puzzle adventures at sea. Explore the Seven Seas, starting with the Arabian Sea.

0 / 10
Ninja Vital Treasure

Ninja Vital Treasure is a fun and challenging sokoban game! Use the little ninja to move the boxes over the stars

0 / 10

Roll the ball across the tiles and push ice blocks and crates in the right positions to create a path to the blue vortex. Watch out for the golden spheres, and don't fall in the water. Push crates towards the X-shaped claws to make a vortex appear, and push the ice block into the blue claws.

8 / 10
SVG Sokoban

Help the pengiun push the crystals onto the green bottons in this Sokoban game designed with scalable vector graphics. Can you solve the puzzles?

8 / 10
Funny Quest

Push the keys to the locks to open them and move on to the next level. There's just one tiny problem: You can only move two steps at a time... Good luck!

8 / 10
Phantom Mansion: North Sea

Hector is searching for treasure in a cave on a secret island somewhere in the North Sea. Can you help him find the keys and open the doors?

0 / 10
Sokoban 3

A sokoban game with only one level. Can you get all of the orbs into the green field. You can push them but you can't pull them.

8 / 10
Sokoban 2

Want to try a different vesion of sokoban? Here is a Polish version. Push all of the blocks to the squares marked X. You can push the blocks, but you can't pull them.

8 / 10

Play sokoban with a bug. Push all of the balls to the holes in the field. Once all the balls are in place you can go on to the next level. Be careful because you can push but you can't pull the balls.

8 / 10

Help the man push all of the blocks onto the X marks in this sokoban game. Once all of the blocks are in the right place you can go on to the next level. But beware! You can push the stones but you can't pull them.

8 / 10

Help the dragon push the boxes to the right squares in this simple sokoban game. Look carefully, because the right squares are marked in very light red. You can push the boxes, but you can't pull them.

8.5 / 10
Open Doors

Move the square through the maze and open the doors to get to the X mark. You can push the doors open, but you can also pull them open in this game. Open the doors in the right directions and in the right order to get to the X.

8 / 10

Play one of the 30 levels in this sokoban game. To complete the level, push all of the boxes to the right squares. You can also design your own sokoban levels in this game.

8 / 10
Gold Panic

As mine worker you have to drop lumps of gold in your cart. Dig around the gold so that you can push it in the right direction. Watch out for the spiders!

8 / 10

Push the boxes to the squares marked with a diamond. When all the boxes are in place you can continue to the next level. Be careful, because you can push the boxes but you can't pull them.

8 / 10
Wooden Path

Rearrange the bridges to complete them and discover new parts of the map. Some of the bridges can be tricky, so check out the tutorial first.

8 / 10
My House

Try to get all the little crabs safely to their houses at the same time. You control all of the crabs at the same time. Use the walls to create the right distances between them. Don't step onto the hot sand.

8 / 10
Need a Hero

Help the hero mouse release all the trapped mice. Collect the cheese and the keys, push crates and plates, and launch yourself to the next level with the catapult after you've set everyone free.

0 / 10
Puzzle Boy

Push blocks out to the way and turn the switches so that you can get past. Divide tasks between two Puzzle Boys and find the way through the maze and to the staircase to get to the next level. Lots of puzzle fun in this great puzzle game!

8 / 10
Isometric Sokoban

Push all of the red blocks onto the green areas. When a red block is on a green area it turns green. Can you figure out how to get all of the blocks to the right spots?

8 / 10

Make your way through the levels by pushing the blocks out of the way so that you can reach the exit. Place dynamite by facing the block you want to blow up and pressing A or B. You'll have to find some dynamite first though.

8 / 10
Sokoban HD

The fun game Sokoban HD is originally a Japanese puzzle game. Your task is to help the warehouse worker solve a challenging set of puzzles. He must move the heavy crates to the areas marked with a green dot. The problem is that the crates are so heavy, you can only push them forward. You can't pull them, and you can't move two crates at a time. Good luck!

0 / 10
Master Miner

Dig around in the mine and grab all of the diamonds. Make sure you watch what you're doing though, or a big stone might just fall on your head. Don't get trapped. Find the diamonds and the way to the exit.

0 / 10
Galactic Sokoban

Figure out how the astronaut can push all of the space spores to the nodules. When you've managed to push them all into place you can go on to the next level. Watch out, because you can push the spores but you can't pull them!

7.4 / 10

Push the diamonds to the right places in the maze, indicated by a square, in this sokoban game. Be careful, because you can push the diamonds but you can't pull them.

8 / 10

Find a way through all of the mazes in MILO. Avoid being caught by the security bots and discover the hidden bonuses. Try to reach the door marked EXIT in every level.

8 / 10

Sokoban games!

Sokoban is a puzzle in which you must push blocks, boxes or crates through a maze to get them in a certain position. Watch out! You can only push one box at a time, and the boxes can\'t be pulled, so when you work them toward a corner you have to be very careful not to get stuck. Think carefully, and have fun with these challenging sokoban games!

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