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The Smurfs Handy's Car

Help Handy Smurf piece his car back together. You have to take the car parts and put them in the right places. Make sure to put down the parts in the right order.

8 / 10
The Smurfs Mix Up

Complete the Smurfs Puzzle. Bear in mind though, that once you have a piece in the right place you won't be able to move it anymore.

9.2 / 10
Brainy Smurf

Brainy Smurf is always a little high in the instep, so the other smurfs are having fun pestering him by throwing balls through the mouth of a painted picture of Brainy. If you manage to hit Brainy himself when he walks behind the panel you get extra points.

8.2 / 10
Baby Smurf Doubbles

Help baby smurf clear up all the toys. Click on two matching toys when they land next to one another in the playing grid.

9 / 10
Sport Smurfs

Can you figure out which smurf is practicing what sport? Find the right sports equipment and match it to the right smurf.

8 / 10
Dress up Smurfette

Help the only girl smurf, Smurfette, get dressed nicely. Pick the nicest clothes for Smurfette. There's her original white dress, but also lots of other nice outfits to mix and match.

8.2 / 10
Baker Smurf

Help Greedy Smurf catch all the baked goods that Bakery Smurf baked for you. Dance around with a tray to catch all the falling goodies. For every goodie you drop you lose a life.

8 / 10
Handy Smurf's Car

Help Handy Smurf assemble his car. Put all of the parts onto the car in the right order by dragging the right car parts to the right places. Handy Smurf will shake his head when you get it wrong, and give you the thumbs up when you get it right. Good luck!

8 / 10

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