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Street Sesh

Skateboard down the street in this neat 3D skating game. Skate through the park, down the road, and over the tops of busses, all the while jumping, grinding, and showing off the best tricks.

8 / 10
Sewer Run

In this great game you can race against other people on your longboard. On your way you can do tricks and collect bonuses that make you faster. Try to cross the finish first.

7.8 / 10
Stan skates

Stan Skates is not on the top of his game with skating, can you help him out before he has an accident? Jump over the obstacles and collect the icons for special moves. These moves only work once for every icon you collect though!

8 / 10
Nesquik Quest

Clear a path for Nesquik while he approaches on his skateboard.

8 / 10
Lego Skater

Take on Brickter with the skater Pepper in this skateboarding challenge. Pull off all kinds of stunts and make sure you are best. If you defeat Brickster he'll have to go back to jail.

8 / 10
Skyline Skater

Jump over the rooftops with your skateboard and jump over obstacles. How far can you get without falling in this simple but fun game?

8 / 10
Roller Cactus

The cactus on skates will need to assume different poses quickly to pass through the wall. You'll have to be quick, because the wall is coming up fast!

0 / 10
Shrek Skating

Ride through the town on a skateboard with Shrek, the ogre from the comedy films. Dodge all of the obstacles and make it to the end of the level to save Fiona.

8 / 10
Pencil Racer Skate Park

Choose a mode of transport and go down the track you just drew. Keep going for as long as possible and try not to crash.

8 / 10
In the Crib With Rob and Big

Go skating with professional skater and producer Rob Dyrdek. Jump over all the obstacles and perform stunts for extra points. When Rob gets into trouble his best friend and bodyguard Big steps in to clear the way.

8 / 10
Scooby Doo Big Air 2

Master the halfpipe with the cowardly detective dog of Mystery Inc., Scooby Doo. Jump higher and higher and see if you can set a new record.

8 / 10
Uphill Rush 2

Play Uphill Rush 2 now! There are lots of new features like choosing an outfit for your driver. Pick different vehicles and make it to the end!

8 / 10
Sonic Skate Glider

In this game Sonic in speeding along on a skateboard and you have to help him keep his balance. Try to grab all the items you need along the way.

8 / 10
Stoneage Skater

Skate through the levels with this skate from the stone age. His skateboard is made of a big dinosaur bone. What kind of tricks will you me able to do, and will you make it to the end?

8 / 10
Extreme Taz Skateboard Halfpipe

Enter the halfpipe with Taz. This halfpipe is really highg and you can do some extreme stunts to score points. Buy better boards to do even more different stunts with for higher scores.

8 / 10
Sewer Skater

Skate all over this great skate park on your skateboard in Sewer Skater. You have to make as many jumps and tricks as possible to score points. Make sure you don't hit the green water!

8 / 10
Beach Blaze

In this game you must try to stay ahead of your opponent. You also have to mind the obstacles you'll encounter on the way. Jump over them or duck under them. Throw your bikini to hit and stun your opponent.

8 / 10
Skate Park

Go to the skate park and skate around a bit. You have to dodge the objects cluttering the park though. Do some great stunts for extra points.

8 / 10
Skateboard Ed-streme

Thee levels full of fantastic skateboarding with Ed. Make the most impressive jumps! Jump high in the half-pipe and do all kinds of spectacular stunts for your audience.

8 / 10
G-Max Skateboarding

Show off your best tricks in the half pipe! Pick your board and make the nicest moves! Make sure you don't fall on your head though, because that's not going to score you any points!

8 / 10
Street Burglar

Speed down the road as a burglar on skates. Grab the money and jump and duck over or under the obstacles on the road. Collect as much cash as you can but watch out for the cops!

8.1 / 10
Kick Flip

Kick Flip is a great skating game in which you must perfrom all kind of tricks on your skateboard in order to score points. Enjoy the great graphics and don't fall over!

8 / 10
Bum Rush

Go out with this stickman om a skateboard and rush by all the bums. Kick them over and hit them. Try to score as many points as you can before your time runs out.

8 / 10
Masters Seaon

Go skateboarding with your bear in Masters Season. Try to dodge all the obstacles on the road. You can also switch to riding a bike or a quad if you like!

8 / 10
Penguin Skate

Lead your penguin over the ice. Go through the red arches. If you miss them you will lose some life. Make sure you don't hit a lump of ice or fall into the water.

8 / 10
Rooftop Skater

Pick an outfit and a character and skate over rooftops in timed games, practice games, and skill games.

8 / 10
Xtream Skate

Skate across the side-walk with the mouse. Of course there's all kinds of rubbish lying around that you must leap over. Do all kinds of stunts for extra points.

8 / 10
Graveyard Skateboarding

Skate across the graveyard and stay ahead of the zombie bride. Jump over all of the obstacles, or she'll catch up with your and give you the kiss of death.

8 / 10
Skate Dog

Go out on a skateboard with skate dog and collect bones and stars. Collect them all to finish the level. Make sure the dog doesn't fall down. Good thing it has a parachute though!

8 / 10
Bratz Ice Champions

Play an ice skating game with the Bratz girls. Click on the tricks to be performed and your character will perform those tricks and you will receive your points.

8 / 10
Jump 'n Grind

Play the different levels on snow and on asphalt. For the road you have your skateboard and for the piste a snowboard. Make cool jumps for extra points and make sure you don't hit the flags.

0 / 10
Skate Tokyo

In this skating game you have to make it to the end of the level before the time is up. Watch out for the manholes, the cars, and the pedestrians crossing the road. Grab the sunglasses the gain speed. Skating in Tokyo!

8 / 10
Pogo Panic

Go skating with Pogo. Try to jump over as many of the road block and pylons on the sidewalk as you can. Make sure to collect the power-ups and enough money to make it to the next level.

0 / 10

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No inline skating but online skating in these online skate games. Roll around town on wheels, on your skates, skeelers, or skateboard. There are lots of skating games, since the sport is so popular, and we\'ve selected some of the best for you in our overview below. There are games in which you have to perfrom stunts and collect points, but also skating games with lots of different levels. Try one of our skating games now! Have fun!

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