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Student Sim

A simulation of your academic life. Can you balance study and play and gain enough social skills to get yourself a girlfriend, or will your mates only laugh at your attempts?

8.1 / 10
Sims 2 Nightlife

Repeat the scratch sequence in the right order and make the dancers go wild on the dance floor in this Sims 2 Nightlife game.

8 / 10
SIM Day and Night

Go on adventure in the extensive SIM - Day and Night. Work in the hotel and go to school to increase the level of your charm and personality, but in the meanwhile save money to buy guns and meet up with shady characters at the local club...

8 / 10
Operation Youth Club

Manage your own youth club. Employ staff and buy furniture, pools, and other fun items to help your club attract more members. Ask around to see what your customers want, become the more customers you keep, the more money your club gains to buy new decorations and equipment.

8 / 10
Mini City

Can you run a city? Build a residential area, or factories for the people in your mini city to work in. Make sure the population grows and that there are enough local job opportunities for your people. You can upgrade the different buildings you've built.

8 / 10
Celtic Village

Make your villagers collect resources and build houses to increase their population and sustain it. Assign jobs to your peasants such as farming, collecting wood or rock, and saying prayers so that your village can grow.

8 / 10

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Sims are stategy and simulation games comparable to games such as The Sims, SimCity, SimEarth and SimLife. In these simulation games you must take certain real life human needs into account, such as eating and sleeping. You will alos need to earn money by finding a job. In other sims games you will have to build a city or a neighbourhood, and take care of the people who move in. We\'ve collected a number of Sims games in the overview below. Have fun!

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